2021 Graduates

Dear Léman 2 Graduates,

Congratulation and well done for getting your first degree! A bitter sweet moment in the lives of a new generation ready to start their new adventures with full steam ahead!

We are proud of you, and wish you only the best in your future adventures!

Keep in touch 🙂

More Volleyball!

Another great game was played today between New Portena and Léman. Although Léman won, the Ladies from NP put up a great fight as the match was won only in the 3rd set, making it very close.
Well played to both teams!! 🙂

A little bit of Chocolate

Today, a group of Boarders, including Ayam, visited the Cailler Chocolate factory near Gruyères, part of our discovering Switzerland trips; a sweet and delightful experience might I add… Although it was a bit rainy, chocolate can fix any bad mood…

We are super lucky that Ayam has brought some back for the House, thank you Ayam! 🙂

What a difficult choice…