Charity Bike Ride and Recent activities

190432This has been one of the busiest weeks in CDL so far, especially considering the fact that school is on the verge of coming to an end. Recently the tutors from the Leman boarding house have achieved a big win for their fundraiser; they managed to get 2000 euros in donations in just under a week! If you are not aware of the event, House Parents Mr Tom, Mr Ricardo and Mr Morgan are cycling 900km in six days from Geneve to Barcelona to raise 4,000 euros to buy a new Ventilation machine for a Premature baby unit where one of their good friends children was just born, two months premature. This Machine saved this child’s life and the hospital is in
urgent need of a new one. I wish their cause all the best and hope they raise more money in the future to come.

There was also another charity bike ride, organized by Cdl called “Tour du lac” supporting SOA (Serenje Orphans Appeal). On Saturday staff from CDL cycled the 160km round the lake to raise awareness and Money. Every two years, there is a CDL High School trip (with up to 14 students) to the Zambian orphanage. The students participate in various projects when at the orphanage and get to know the children and the staff.

On the boarding side of things, this weekend there were two major activities that the boarders attended. The lion king musical in Basel, which was praised an applauded by the boarders who went to see it, and are advising others to go in the future. The boarders also got the chance to go wakeboarding in a wake park in France. Many boasted of their triumphs in the park since the majority of them managed jumps and rails, also recommending others to attend in the future, although they mentioned that the water was still a little cold.

And at last it is finally time to say good bye to the twelfth graders, who are finishing their exams and leaving CdL by the end of this week, they will be missed and good luck to them in there future!

Musée Collection de Art Brut


Another week in College du leman after Easter holidays has brought new activities and tasks to keep boarders focused and busy. This week has brought us dire and grim news as well as celebratory. We went to an art museum “Musée Collection de Art Brut”, the art which is made by people who had a mental disorder but not all of them though, most of them had a mental sickness such as Paranoia or Schizophrenia, you might think it’s crazy, but he thought that where creativity comes from. The weather has also been turning for the best recently, the sun is finally shining and students are finally able to use the lake at their leisure, being able to wakeboard and swim again, as well as other outdoor activities such as bike riding and tennis. In other news the boarding house tutors of leman one and two, Thomas, Ricardo and Morgan are planning a cross country bike ride from Geneva to Barcelona in aid of the premature baby unit! And I always thought taking the train was tiresome enough.







Cinema – Avengers Age of Ultron



In other news, a large amount of boarders went to watch the long awaited sequel to The Avengers Age of Ultron!! And according to the boarders it was a great movie, it was also partially due to the fact that going all together with your friends makes the activity all the better. After the movie the students returned to campus satisfied with their choice in film and advising anyone who had not seen it to watch it, the fact that it was 3D made it all the more exciting, as if the film itself wasn’t exciting enough. Also in sports news some of the boarders went of to witness a football match in Geneva, from what I heard it was a very exciting match, BTW if your interested the score was 2-1 for servette.

Wakeboarding Spring



As usual during this week in Leman 2 the boarding house bustled getting from one activity to the next, and of course doing their designated homework assignments for the week. The previous weekend was quite exciting, because for the the first time in a long time, the boarders could finally go wake boarding. It was hoped the lake had finally warmed up and would be warm enough to wakeboard but after some brave attempts Wakeboarding ended up being called off, but the the sun was shining its beautifully warm glow, the boarders were very excited over this activity. Sadly enough on the day of the activity the sun went down and the boarders couldn’t go, oh well, there is always next week, and there is always tennis, swimming, horse back riding and much more, the activities vary almost every week!! 


Today we went to Artgeneve. They were some really bizarre inventions like this bath, just look at it, it’s crazy, but I wouldn’t mind to have one of them for sure, but I don’t know wether it’s going to fit in my room



 Those stripes are so beautiful, simply masterpiece, which costs around 50,000 euros.I think I know the meaning of this picture – The quality of colorful erasers