Musée Collection de Art Brut


Another week in College du leman after Easter holidays has brought new activities and tasks to keep boarders focused and busy. This week has brought us dire and grim news as well as celebratory. We went to an art museum “Musée Collection de Art Brut”, the art which is made by people who had a mental disorder but not all of them though, most of them had a mental sickness such as Paranoia or Schizophrenia, you might think it’s crazy, but he thought that where creativity comes from. The weather has also been turning for the best recently, the sun is finally shining and students are finally able to use the lake at their leisure, being able to wakeboard and swim again, as well as other outdoor activities such as bike riding and tennis. In other news the boarding house tutors of leman one and two, Thomas, Ricardo and Morgan are planning a cross country bike ride from Geneva to Barcelona in aid of the premature baby unit! And I always thought taking the train was tiresome enough.







Geneva Motor Show



There was a lots of different cars that you will not see around or maybe you will in future if the public liked the car concept or maybe never. They had simply everything there from Dacia to Bugatti


Today we went to Artgeneve. They were some really bizarre inventions like this bath, just look at it, it’s crazy, but I wouldn’t mind to have one of them for sure, but I don’t know wether it’s going to fit in my room



 Those stripes are so beautiful, simply masterpiece, which costs around 50,000 euros.I think I know the meaning of this picture – The quality of colorful erasers

Ski Weekend Crans-Montana


What probably you can do in Switzerland during the winter? Skiing or Snowboarding of course! Last weekends we went to Crans-Montana and no one really were excited about this event, but everyone loved skiing there! Beautiful mountains and large open area, it was breathtaking and memorable experience. We can’t wait to go there again and we will upload our video soon!

Christmas Market


Today we went to Christmas Market in Montreux. It was a good experience for a short time, because suddenly you get bored really quick there But still it was a fun experience, there was tons of homemade food and not only Swiss chocolate, caramel and coffee there, there was a lots of  things from other countries, including Chinese tea, German sausages, American barbecue sauces etc. So, yeah..There is a Christmas ahead.

Swiss Tour


We traveled around the Switzerland

Switzerland just simply span all of Earth’s landscapes and resonate within the human heart

Switzerland is a remarkable beauty of gorgeous alps, unspoiled old buildings and amazing green nature

Lausanne Olympic Museum


A few days ago we went to Lausanne, to the Olympic Museum. The most interesting part was torches, because torches design showed the culture of the country and the revolution of modernistaion its countries, for example if you look at the very first one that was back in Berlin 1936 that was very simple and the last one in Sochi 2014 that was over styled shows it all.