Pillar 5: Making Safe and Responsible Choices


Key take-away point: Time inhow do you connect with inner world?

Self-awareness enables you to more objectively see what you are doing. It shows you why you think what you think and feel what you feel. It gives you a moment of pause in any situation, before you react. Without looking inside yourself and understanding your own patterns, no real change can happen, and you will continue to make the same mistakes.

Self-awareness is developed by reflection, meditation and honest self-examination.

Now, once you look inside yourself and you see the beliefs and emotional patterns that are not constructive, the habits that are non-empowering, what do you do?

Time in is the time we can take – one minute a day, ten minutes a day or throughout the day – to intentionally focus our attention on our inner world, which is composed of our thoughts, feelings, memories, beliefs, values, desires, instincts, intuition etc

Developing the habit of connecting regularly with your inner world will strengthen your self-awareness and help you to see, explore and develop your moral identity.


The ability to connect regularly with your moral identity will inevitably force to question yourself whether or not the choices you make are safe and responsible ones.


Will you commit to take one minute time in each day for a week?

An Evening at the Ballet

Yesterday evening a few CDL students had the opportunity to go to the Ballet.

The Béjart Ballet of Lausanne is a true reference in the choreographic world and in this Performance, created and set by Maurice Béjart, as a tribute to Jorge Donn and Freddy Mercury to the music of Queen and Mozart. 

A hymn to love, passion, a fight for life and a snub to the coronavirus. 





Climbing is in fashion

Climbing is an exciting activity which requires coordination, balance and dexterity. This is what Hamza and Jeff found out while they spent the Saturday morning going up and down the climbing walls with some of their peers.

Their satisfaction is visible in their faces and we are positive they will repeat this again.

Making responsible choices

Our 5th Pillar of the Wellbeing programme was now formally launched in the May Boarding Assembly.

Making responsible choices works as a sum up of all the contents we have discussed in previous pillars and wraps up all that we try to help our students with. All we do in life is based on the decisions we take and it is our part to ensure that the ones we take are the best possible, for us and for those around us.

Looking back, this links directly with the way we take care of ourselves and our health. In our Pillar 1 we have worked on it.

It also links in the way we live together, respecting our differences and finding strength in what brings us as a big family. In our Pillar 2 we have discussed that.

We also need to establish positive connections with the people around us, positive links that need to be cherished and preserved. That was the topic of our Pillar 3

In a virtual world as the one we have today, it is even more important to take our precautions online and establish limits to how much we share and what we share. That was our Pillar 4.

So, in this pillar, our approach will be to ask for reflection from our inner selves and find out the strategies and motivations behind each choice we make: our background, motivations, fears… and with this, be able to get to the core of ourselves and better identify who we are and what leads us to the ways we follow in life.




Volleyball tournament

Once again our Léman 2 boys and the rest of their team have enjoyed playing volleyball, this time they played a tournament at the Panthers house and got a second place, but most of all they had a great day as you can see in the picture.

Congratulations to all of them!!

Good Weather, Sports and Fun

This weekend some of our Leman 2 boys participated in a few clubs to keep fit, healthy, gain knowledge and help energize for the upcoming exams. Have a look at some captures of the moments during this amazing weekend:

Quique and Parga or should I say Nadal and Federer ?


Justin Oliver


Quique and Parga Woods







Happy Birthday Justin

Justin, turned 17 today and his friends gathered for some chocolate cake and some funny pictures of the “Man of the Day”.

We believe that having friends around you is a great gift for your birthday and in that sense we think Justin felt quite privileged.

We wish Justin, lots of happiness and wonderful memories from his time at CDL.

All the best and 生日快乐 🙂

Boarding Football Cup

As the weather improves we try to be outside as much as possible. Our boys have signed up for the Boarding Football Cup winning their first match and going through to the next knock-out round. Its great to see also many kids of all ages playing, having fun, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful weather together.



Los Manitos FC