Gift Box Project



It’s not about what or about who… It’s about helping and being solidary.

Leman 2 and CDL Boarding have compiled 58 gift boxes to be distributed to children in need, in eastern Europe.

It’s inspiring to see the sense of humanitarian spirit that runs among our community and that we want to keep fostering.

Thank you to everyone involved.



Volleyball fever!!!!

Volleyball is extremely popular among CDL students. The Volley Club and the Extracurricular practices are a mine of talents at this sport.

Léman 2 was well represented in the first internal tournament. Taichi and Kotaro did very well and had a great time all morning competing with their peers.

A special word to our Mateus who got injured in the last practice and could not play. A twisted ankle will stop him from practicing for some weeks but he will be back stronger and hungry for some action 🙂

How do we get to bullying?

Bullying is the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. It can happen face to face or online.




Despite being a famous and common phenomenon, “bullying” and its causes are still sometimes neglected and we believe it’s worth reflecting about its origins.

As human beings, we tend to identify ourselves with the people who share the same features as us. It can be a language, an history, a background, a physical trait or a personal experience. As we create bonds and links among people of the same group, instinctively we start defining defense strategies against those who do not share the same features or values. That is the principle of stereotypes.

A definition of stereotype can be “to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same.” With it we assert our dominance, our power. We express jealousy or disagreement.

And this leads to discrimination because we wrongly believe that we are protecting ourselves by keeping apart from people different from us. It is a mechanism of defense who ends up causing more harm than good.

Bullying then happens as a result of this. We get blinded by our values, our features and we close our eyes to those who are different from us and ignore that so much more could bind us together.

Among many other things, bullying is then a form of discrimination. In the video below you can hear some testimonials about this and the effect on the people being discriminated.

It is interesting to see how discrimination, bullying and racism work very tightly together. It is therefore essential we tackle them all in order to eradicate such hurting behaviors.

Below we can also watch the Bullying Experiment. It’s worth having a look and question where would we stand in those case scenarios and what our actions would be? Would we intervene? Would we let go and ignore?

Finally, it is important to be able to identify bullying. One of the  messages of this pillar is that Bullying happens in different settings. It changes its context and frame in society and evolves around common day situations we face on an ordinary day.

Wellbeing Pillar 2 – Protecting against bullying and promoting diversity

We have formally introduced today, to the whole Boarding Community, the 2nd Pillar of our Wellbeing Programme.

As the title indicates we will be discussing about Bullying and how to protect us from it while we will work in promoting diversity not just here at CDL but also in our lives outside school, as a core value which is dear to us.

There is plenty of scope for discussions and debates but certainly there is no debate or discussion on the gravity of bullying. Yearly, thousands and thousands of people – young people – are victims of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, this is not just a matter of displaying a sense of discrimination towards someone. Unfortunately, the bullies sometimes go way too far in their unawareness and lack of tolerance. Bluntly speaking, thousands of people die because of bullying: either as a direct consequence, either because their self-esteem is so low that they end up ending their days themselves.

We can’t be indifferent to that. We are not.

The solution, is all in the hands of education. Promoting tolerance, diversity and respect are the key elements to this social therapy. The world needs it and we promote it as the source of better days.

Being open to diversity is being open to learn, to understand, to be flexible and receptive to perspectives. It is important and healthy to debate, to have different points of view and to deepen our reflection on who we are. But it is simply not acceptable to simply condone or discriminate just based on stereotypes.

As an international school, we pride ourselves in the sense of community we have. Realistically, there is so much more that links us than whatever differences we may have. So why focusing on the latter?



Our efforts in Community Service and Charity aim at bonding people and allowing them to see the world in the eyes of those in need of help. It allows us have a glimpse of a reality that it is quite often unknown to us, and with this, we can open our eyes to visions and feelings that we probable have never heard of.

CDL Boarding is working together, as a big family, and our projects in the coming weeks will focus in getting tighter together as a force aiming at uniting the world a little more.


Welcome back!

Our students are back after a well-deserved holiday, it’s time to tell us stories about their holidays and share our beautiful photos with the other members of Léman.

Some have gone travelling to a new country, Portugal, Italy or Spain have been some of the chosen ones, others have visited their families and some have discovered new places in Switzerland.

All options are good to recharge your energy 100% and to restart the course!

Fall break

Our first break of the year has arrived. Time to relax and enjoy for a week before coming back, slightly refreshed for a push until Winter break.

Quite a lot to celebrate but quite a lot to prepare too so we wish everyone a wonderful time and we looking forward to seeing you all soon next week.

Enjoy your break.

Drama performance

Show day… for weeks Aryan, Justin and Albion have been rehearsing for the drama show.

It was nice to see them on stage. Albion and Justin brought to stage a poem while Aryan was part of the cast of “The Prophet”. The boys did great and it was even more interesting that the audience was invited to discuss with all the actors after their show to discuss ideas and ask questions about how they built their characters or how they felt on stage.

Well done to everyone and thank you for a nice evening 🙂