Life is a lot better with chocolate 🍫

Polina and Sakura took the initiative to make some delicious chocolate treats for today’s meeting.
(hot) Chocolate milk, topped with whipped cream, and home-baked brownies – NJUUUUUMIEEEE !!! Afterwards we wrapped up our 4th wellbeing pillar: Online safety –
We discussed the question: “Why would I not want to live a day without my phone?
Here are some of the answers that came up
– It is a way to stay in touch with my friends and family on the other side of the world
– It helps me to disconnect to watch some funny video’s
– It is my alarm to wake-up
– My schedule and planner are in here
– I have apps that gives me daily reminders of important things that I cannot forget

Of course, the girls realize there are alternatives, and they all agreed that one day they could do without a phone, but at this point it is just very convenient as a phone is an everything in one device/tool 📱

And what about you, could you live a day without a phone? 

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