School’s Out For Summer!!! 😎

The boarding house is now closed for summer, bringing a well-deserved break. We hope the girls relax, enjoy their time off, and have lots of fun. Wishing everyone a wonderful vacation. We look forward to seeing you all in August!

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Splash, Games, and Ice Cream: The Ultimate End-of-Year Bash!

Last Sunday, boarders celebrated the end of classes with a fun-filled day of games, laughter, and treats. Exciting activities like bungee jumping, foosball, foam in the garden, swimming, Sumo wrestling, and more provided a lovely break from studying for their exams and kept everyone entertained. The pool and water slide provided thrilling, cooling fun, while an ice cream stand offered a variety of refreshing flavors.

This end-of-year celebration was a perfect reminder of the importance of community, fun, and making the most of every moment.

Lots of love,
Aida & Yewande


From Our Home to the World ❤️

As a house parent, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless moments of growth, joy, and discovery within the walls of our home. Throughout the year, I watched these young individuals grow, facing triumphs and struggles with resilience and determination. Late-night study sessions, heart-to-heart conversations, and even the occasional disciplinary talk — each of these instances was an opportunity for growth and learning.

Our house became more than just a place to sleep and study; it became a home. We shared meals, celebrated birthdays, and supported each other through thick and thin. The bonds formed within these walls are strong and lasting. We laughed together, cried together, and ultimately, grew together.

Seeing my students walk across the stage to receive their diplomas is a testament to their hard work and perseverance.While I am excited for the adventures that await them, I will miss their presence, their laughter, and even the occasional chaos that comes with living in a house full of young energy. Our home will feel different, quieter, but I know it’s all part of the beautiful cycle of growth and change.

To Gia, Martina, Melissa, Stacy, Zia and Zoya: thank you for letting me be a part of your journey. You have taught me as much as I have hoped to teach you. I have no doubt that you will continue to inspire and achieve great things. Remember, you always have a home here, a place where you are loved and supported unconditionally.

As you step out into the world, carry with you the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the confidence that you are capable of achieving your dreams. The future is bright, and it is yours for the taking. Congratulations, graduates—go out and shine!

With love and pride,

Aida & Yewande

Home Sweet Home: How We Snapped Our Way to Victory 🏆

We are beyond excited to share that our house has won the boarding photo competition! The theme, “Home at CDL,” challenged us to capture the essence of what makes this campus feel like our second home. Our goal was to highlight the places and moments that embody comfort, belonging, and a sense of family.

In our photo, we showcased the warmth and togetherness that define our life at Louis Yung. Winning this competition is a testament to the unique bond we share. It’s about more than just the image; it’s about the collective spirit, the friendships that feel like family, and the strong sense of belonging that turns our campus into a home

A huge thank you to everyone in our house who participated and contributed their creativity and enthusiasm. Your efforts have beautifully captured what “Home at CDL” means to us. Let’s continue to make every day memorable and uphold the wonderful spirit that led us to this victory.

Here’s to more moments of joy, unity, and success!

Lots of Love,


Fit and Fun: Last Week’s Hilarious Fitness Challenge Recap

Welcome to our recap of last week’s May Fitness Challenge! Here’s a quick look at the fun and engaging activities we tackled:

Tuesday: Held a one-leg pose with a partner, testing balance and teamwork.

Wednesday: Catch and clap challenge, where we tossed a ball, clapped, and caught it again.

Thursday: Keepy-uppys with a football, juggling it as many times as possible without letting it touch the ground.

Friday: Jumping jacks challenge, counting how many we could do in 30 seconds.

Saturday: Timed squats with a twist—10 squats with a water bottle balanced on our heads.

Sunday: Finished the week strong with a 5K run, testing endurance and stamina.

Great job to everyone who participated! Get ready for another week of fun challenges. Stay fit and keep moving!

May Fitness Frenzy!!! 💪

Here’s a quick recap of the heart-racing action:

Tuesday: Hand-Tap Showdown! Teaming up with a buddy, the girls tapped their way through a lightning-fast minute, testing their coordination and teamwork. High-fives all around for the epic energy!

Wednesday: Burpee Blitz! Midweek madness hit hard with the burpee challenge. Gabi went all-out, jumping, squatting, and sweating through a minute of pure intensity. Phew, talk about a workout!

Thursday: Ballin’ Figure 8 Spectacle! Today, Gabi and Sonia took agility to new heights with the figure 8 ball challenge. It was like a dance with the ball as they weaved through their legs, racing against the clock. Who knew fitness could be this fun?

Bring on the next challenge! 🚀💪

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Fitness Challenge day 6

Today has been day 6 in our challenge, we have had 2 brave girls trying to hold a squat. We probably won’t be the winners but we have tried hard! Well done and good job to Zia and Martina.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Day 3 & 4 Showdown: May Fitness Challenge Fun!

Day 3 of the May fitness challenge brought us face-to-face with a quirky yet engaging task: jumping over a pillow as many times as possible in one minute. Gabi, despite feeling full and possibly facing a less-than-ideal outcome, bravely took on the challenge.

Fast forward to Day 4, where the challenge morphed into an “around the world” affair. Zia, Martina, Melissa, Gabi, and myself eagerly took up the gauntlet, discovering that what seemed simple was, in fact, surprisingly challenging.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Chop ‘n’ Chat: Cooking Up Fun 👩‍🍳

Tonight was awesome! We all got together in the boarding house kitchen to cook dinner. With our aprons on and utensils ready, we dove into cooking. There was laughter, chopping, and stirring as we shared stories and worked together. The kitchen buzzed with energy and the smell of delicious food.

Gathering around the table, we dug into the meal we made together. We shared jokes, exchanged stories, and maybe even gave some questionable advice, but it was all part of the fun. These spontaneous moments of connection are what make cooking together in the boarding house so special.

After dinner, some of the girls decided to keep the fun going with a spontaneous game of badminton. Kaia was a formidable opponent while laughter filled the air as they rallied back and forth. It was a spontaneous burst of energy and excitement, a perfect way to unwind after a delicious meal together.
Lots of Love,
Aida & Yewande


Twist & Shout: Day 2 of May Fitness Challenge

Today marks the second day of the May fitness challenge. The challenge du jour? None other than the invigorating Russian twists, testing not only strength but also agility and endurance. As the clock counted down, laughter and determination filled the room as the girls tackled the challenge of completing as many Russian twists as possible in sixty seconds. Amidst the fun, a competitive spirit emerged, driving them to push beyond their limits in friendly rivalry.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

May Fitness Challenge!!! 🏋🏽🔥💪🏼

I’m excited to introduce our May Fitness Challenge organized by Ms. Perrine and Ms. Iola! This initiative aims to provide our students with a brief break from their studies and a chance to engage in some stress-relieving activities as they prepare for their upcoming exams.

The first challenge, the Water Flip Challenge, saw enthusiastic participation from the girls.

We’re eagerly looking forward to taking part in the upcoming challenges!

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Happy Birthday Melissa!!! 🎂

On Monday, Melissa marked her 18th birthday and spent it with her family. Today we commemorated the occasion with a cake. Her friends adorned her room and gifted her 18 presents, each accompanied by a heartfelt note symbolizing each year of her life. Melissa was visibly delighted and deeply moved by their gesture.

We wish her many more years filled with joy.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Second Place, But We’re Still Number Fun!

As their house parent, I’m immensely proud of our girls’ journey to second place in the boarding talent show. Their dedication, teamwork, and resilience were remarkable. Despite challenges, they embraced rehearsals with determination. On stage, their performance radiated talent and unity, captivating the audience.

While the judges may have awarded them second place, from my perspective, their achievement goes far beyond a ranking. It’s about the growth they’ve experienced and the memories they’ve created together. I’m honored to witness their development and look forward to supporting their future successes.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Boarding Talent Show Gets a Dash of Disney Delight!

As the curtains parted the girls, prepared to lip sync and dance their way through a Disney melody at the annual boarding talent show. With synchronized movements and expertly timed expressions, they brought the magic of beloved classics to life on stage. The audience’s cheers fueled their enthusiasm as they danced through familiar tunes, transporting everyone to enchanting realms. Their hand painted custom shirts not only unified them visually but also symbolized the dedication and teamwork that fueled their performance, making the magic of Disney come alive on stage.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande


Maslenitsa in LY7

Today we have celebrated in the house Maslenitsa, a Russian tradition which celebrates the waking of the earth, banishing winter and welcoming spring. We have shared in the House a nice moment together, as tradition says, we have cooked pancakes and written down something to leave behind, which normally will be burnt, but we will plant in our garden to grow nice flowers from them.

It was a nice moment of sharing, and the pancakes were delicious.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Farewells & Flashbulbs

The girls had their official graduation photoshoot on Wednesday. As the house parent of these incredible young, witnessing their official graduation photo session filled me with a mix of pride and nostalgia. From their tentative beginnings to this moment of radiance and promise, I’ve had the privilege of watching them grow, supporting each other through challenges, and forming bonds that will endure. As they posed for their photos, I was reminded of the countless memories we’ve shared within the LY7 walls – the laughter, the tears, and the quiet moments of reflection. Though saddened by the thought of bidding them farewell, I’m grateful for the lessons they’ve taught me and the enduring connections we’ve forged.

As they stepped away from the camera, poised to embrace their futures, I was filled with hope for the adventures that lie ahead. May they carry with them the resilience, compassion, and love they’ve cultivated during their time here. And while they venture into the world beyond, they’ll always have a home in the hearts of those who’ve journeyed alongside them.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Off-Key Shenanigans 🎤👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

In the cozy confines of the LY7, Marusya, Melissa, Gabi, and Gia decided to inject some liveliness into their evening by hosting an impromptu karaoke session. With makeshift microphones in hand and a playlist filled with classics, they transformed the common area into their own private stage. Martina, though a reluctant participant in the background, found herself amused by the exuberance of her housemates’ performances. As each belted out tunes with varying degrees of skill and enthusiasm, laughter filled the room, creating a harmonious blend of camaraderie and merriment. Long after the music stopped, the echoes of their karaoke chaos lingered, a testament to their epic night of off-key fun.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande


A Heartfelt Welcome Home: Celebrating Marusya’s Success 🎉

In a touching display of affection, Gabi, Gia and Melissa surprised Marusya upon her return home after passing the Swiss Maturité exams. With a freshly baked tart, balloons, and her favorite snacks laid out, Marusya felt overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness.

In celebrating Marusya’s success, we celebrate the power of friendship, the resilience of the human spirit, and the beauty of coming together to lift each other up. And as we raise our glasses to toast to her accomplishments, let us also raise our hearts in gratitude for the bonds that unite us and the joy that fills our lives.

Welcome home, Marusya. Your journey may have been long and challenging, but with friends like these, the destination is always worth it. Here’s to your success, and here’s to the beautiful journey that lies ahead. Cheers!

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande


February break

February break is here! Time to unwind, recharge, and indulge in some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Enjoy every moment, recharge your batteries, and return refreshed for what lies ahead!

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Building Bridges: The Heart of Global Citizenship

At our boarding house, nestled within a diverse community of individuals from various corners of the globe, we recently engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on what global citizenship truly means to us. The insights we gathered were as enlightening as they were inspiring.

Taking care of the world emerged as a cornerstone of our understanding. Beyond geographical boundaries, we recognized our shared responsibility to nurture and preserve our planet for future generations. Whether through sustainable practices or advocating for environmental stewardship, embracing global citizenship compels us to safeguard the precious resources of our Earth.

Internationalism resonated deeply within our dialogue, reflecting a commitment to fostering connections beyond national identities. We celebrated the richness of diversity, acknowledging that our differences serve as catalysts for growth and understanding. Through embracing internationalism, we cultivate empathy and forge bonds that transcend borders, bridging divides with compassion and curiosity.

Open-mindedness emerged as a guiding principle, essential for navigating the complexities of our interconnected world. As global citizens, we embrace diverse perspectives, challenging our own preconceptions and embracing the beauty of cultural exchange.

In the end we settled for this as our definition of global citizenship.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Love and Laughter: Valentine’s Day in Boarding

Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic love, chocolates, and roses exchanged between partners. However, within the cozy confines of our boarding community, this day takes on a unique and heartwarming twist. Far from family and hometowns, boarding house residents come together to celebrate love in all its forms – friendship, camaraderie, and the bonds that make their shared space feel like home.

In the dining hall, dinner is a delightful affair. Tables are adorned with heart-shaped treats and roses. Residents exchange roses, cards and small gifts, expressing gratitude for the support and companionship they’ve found within these walls. Laughter and chatter fill the room as stories are shared and memories are made.

Valentine’s Day in boarding may not always involve grand gestures or extravagant displays of affection, but it’s a celebration nonetheless – a celebration of the love and friendship that make this place feel like home.

Lots of love,
Aida & Yewande


Embracing the Year of the Dragon 🐉

As we welcome the Lunar New Year, excitement fills the air with anticipation and joy. This vibrant celebration, also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, marks the beginning of a new lunar calendar and is observed by millions around the world. Families gather to honor age-old customs, from cleaning their homes to prepare for good fortune to savoring traditional dishes bursting with symbolic meaning.

The Year of the Dragon heralds a sense of renewal and optimism, as vibrant red decorations adorn doorways and lanterns light up the night sky. It’s a time for reflection, gratitude, and coming together with loved ones to embrace the promise of a fresh start.

I will leave you with the legend behind the red decorations.

Lots of Love,
Aida & Yewande

Pillar 3 Wrap up!!!

Today, we wrapped up our exploration of the third pillar, which centers on cultivating positive relationships. We reflected on our progress and shared insights gained throughout our journey. Our discussion delved into the topic of microaggressions, and we explored feedback received. The girls and I thoroughly enjoyed preparing for and presenting this pillar. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated and hope they found the experience rewarding.

Lots of Love,
Aida & Yewande

Spotting Toxic Ties – Red Flags, Green Lights, and Real Talk! 🚦

This is the final week of our wellbeing pillar 3. We delved into the world of toxic friendships and relationships, exploring the warning signs that often go unnoticed.

Through Kahoot scenarios, students were presented with various situations commonly found in friendships and partnerships. Each scenario prompted them to choose between red, yellow, or green flags, creating a visual representation of the dynamics at play. This interactive approach allowed for a deeper understanding of the subtle nuances that can indicate toxicity.

What made the session truly impactful was the openness with which students shared their personal experiences. Students discussed strategies they employed to navigate toxic situations and highlighted the importance of setting boundaries. By sharing personal experiences and insights, our community demonstrated resilience and a commitment to cultivating relationships that contribute positively to our well-being.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Navigating Cultural Diversity in International Friendships

Entering the third week of our focus on building positive relationships, we delved into the realms of international friendships and microaggressions. The boarders, enjoy a distinctive experience at international schools as they have the incredible opportunity to build connections with peers hailing from various corners of the globe

International friendships enrich their lives by exposing them to diverse perspectives, cultures, and traditions. These connections foster mutual understanding, breaking down barriers and promoting global harmony.

However, even with positive intentions, international friendships may inadvertently give rise to unintended microaggressions due to cultural differences and misunderstandings. To navigate this potential challenge, it’s essential to approach these relationships with an open mind, cultural sensitivity, and a genuine willingness to learn. This proactive approach not only helps steer clear of unintentional microaggressions but also cultivates a deeper and more authentic understanding between individuals from diverse backgrounds.

They learned how to spot microaggressions and what to do in such situations. It was educational for the students and sparked a lot of conversations. ion proved impactful for the students, sparking numerous meaningful conversations. Feel free to join the dialogue by scanning the QR code below – your input is highly valued!

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Chasing Snowflakes ❄️

This weekend, the boarders turned the snowy slopes of Leysin into their playground, with choices ranging from skiing and snowboarding to tobogganing, ice skating and a cool excursion to Glacier 3000.

Gabi and Gia, glided effortlessly through the freshly fallen snow, and carved their way down the slopes with skill and precision. Laughter echoed across the hills as the students embraced the thrill of speed and the joy of mastering the slopes. For Zoya and Stacy, tobogganing offered a delightful alternative. Clad in warm winter gear, they raced down the tracks, wind in their hair, and smiles on their faces.


The highlight of the weekend for Melissa, Martina and Zia undoubtedly the excursion to Glacier 3000. A short journey brought the students to an otherworldly landscape of ice and snow. The panoramic views from the top were nothing short of breathtaking, with the Alps stretching out in all directions like a majestic white carpet.

Until the next winter adventure,

Lots of Love

Aida & Yewande

Week 2 of Building Positive Relationships 👯‍♀️ 👯

Positive friendships are an important part of the journey to adulthood. They help children and teenagers learn important social and emotional skills, like being sensitive to other people’s thoughts, feelings and wellbeing.

Healthy friendship and relationships occur when both people:

* Care about each other.

* Understand and respect each other and are responsible for each other.

* Solve problems together and communicate with honesty.

* Share at least some of the same goals and values.

In the previous week, we delved into the qualities we value in our friendships. Now, in the current week, we’ve taken the opportunity to inquire with our friends about how we come across as friends ourselves.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Bonding Over Dinner 🍽️

We love when we get to have dinner together in the house . We swapped stories about the day’s adventures, discussed classes, and simply enjoyed a moment of respite from the IB mock exams.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Building Positive Relationships

Today marks the starts of our third well-being pillar, centered around fostering positive relationships with a particular focus on friendships. As a house, we are taking the lead in championing this pillar.

We understand that friendships are some of the most important relationships we build in life. Our friends are the families we get to choose therefore it is essential to introspect on the reasons behind our friendships, ensuring that these bonds contribute positively to our lives

This week our emphasis is on identifying the qualities we desire in our friends. We have created a brief video to delve into this topic, aiming to inspire students to contemplate their friendships more deeply.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Happy New Year!!! 🎊

We’ve returned to campus for the start of a fresh semester, and to mark our comeback, we indulged in a galette des rois (king’s cake). This delightful pastry is typically baked for Epiphany on January 6th but is commonly savored from Christmas through the entire month of January. Each galette contains a hidden surprise—a small porcelain figurine known as a fève. The fortunate person who discovers it is crowned king or queen for the day.

As we savored the galette, we gathered to share stories about our holidays. It was a delightful way to kick off the new semester.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Happy Holidays!

The Boarding House now is quite as all the girls are around the world enjoying a well deserved break. We wish all of you a nice holidays, full of joy and looking forward to be back well rested and full of energy for 2024.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Secret Santa 🤫🎅

At the boarding house, we kicked off our Secret Santa with tons of excitement. There were giggles and surprises as we exchanged quirky gifts under the twinkling lights. With everyone playing detective to figure out their Santa, the holiday vibes got even cozier in our shared space.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Winter Dance

Attending the annual winter dance was a magical experience, as the venue was transformed into a winter wonderland with twinkling lights and festive decorations. The boarders, adorned in gorgeous dresses and sharp suits, created a glamorous atmosphere that added to the enchantment of the evening. The dance floor buzzed with laughter and graceful movements, accompanied by the  tunes of our very own Dj Zia. As the night unfolded, it became a cherished memory, filled with warmth, joy, and the spirit of celebration.

A special thank you to Ms. Lucelia for organising such an amazing event.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Fête de l’Escalade: A living tradition.

Each year, the citizens of Geneva take part in the tradition of smashing a chocolate marmite (cauldron). Decorated with the city’s colors — red and yellow, the cauldron also features its coat of arms. There is a specific ritual that accompanies this process, the youngest and the oldest join hands and recite the phrase, “Ainsi périrent (or périssent) les ennemis de la République.” This translates to something like, “Thus perished (or perishes) the enemies of the Republic!” Then, they smash the chocolate cauldron with their clasped fist.

Martina (the oldest) and Gabi (the youngest) performed this ritual with successfully? Have a look at how they did.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Boarding Award Ceremony

Yesterday, we honored our boarders at our yearly Award Ceremony, presenting medals to individuals who demonstrated exceptional dedication to Boarding Life, Activities, and Academics.

Gabi received the award for Boarding life for embodying the qualities  we look for in a global citizen. She has truly taken to boarding like fish to water.

Martina was awarded both the activities award and an academic award for having the highest GPA in the IB2 class. Her dedication to her activities and charity work is very commendable.

Gia was also awarded an academic award for having one of the top grades in her IBCP2 class and we are all very proud.

Lots of Love,
Aida & Yewande

Why did the gingerbread house go to therapy? It had frosting issues.

Building a gingerbread house is a festive and creative holiday tradition that brings joy to everyone. The process itself fosters a sense of togetherness and bonding, making it an ideal activity for families and friends during the holiday season. Zoya, Gabi and Melissa had a fantastic time decorating together and the finished product was great.


Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

White LY7

Our beautiful garden has been the setting for an afternoon of games in the snow. the girls have enjoyed themselves and have created a new neighbor in the garden that may not be around for long. It was a unique moment to remember and we enjoyed it together.

International Day of Persons with Disability

Today is the International Day of Persons with Disability. We have made a bit of reflection and a small exercise in the house be aware of barriers that people with disabilities suffer in their daily routine, and see where they can find difficulties. Girls were quite involved on this and a great moment to share experiences and make a reflection.

An active weekend

A very active weekend for the girls. Our 3 brave girls, Martina, Zia and Gabi have run l’Escalade, Well done girls, we are so proud of you and your courage.

But there was also time to enjoy the Montreux Christmas market, a wonderful ocasion to visit this amazing place by the lake and enjoy the Christmas ambience already. The girls enjoyed so much and had the chance to buy some presents.

🍰🏆 Sweet Victory in the Bake-Off! 🏆🍰

Thrilled to announce that we clinched the top spot in the annual Bake-Off competition! Our winning creation? A divine triple-layer japanese sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream. The girls then iced the cake with a swiss meringue buttercream in the design off a christmas tree with cake pops as presents.

Shoutout to the girls for turning the kitchen into a party zone. Winning tastes even sweeter when you’ve got an awesome team by your side! 🥳🍰 #BakeOffWin #DreamTeam

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Seasonal Cheer

We got all festive this week, diving into the seasonal decorations with a mess of lights and ornaments. Unboxing the good stuff, we’re laughing, sharing stories, and jazzing up the house with funky decorations. It’s a full-on Christmas transformation, and it’s all hands on deck, making memories as we go.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Gift Box Appeal

Today we have participated in a very special event which creates a very special environment in our community. In this occasion, Zoya and Stacy representing our house, helped to wrap the present that will bring joy to other kids this Christmas.

Its very nice to see the enthusiasm in our students when doing such a lovely iniciative to help others. Well done to all the students who participated.


House Dinner

We had dinner together in the house last night. As we passed plates, swapped stories, and probably spilled a bit of rice (oops!), we laughed and enjoyed spending time together.

Here is where we tried (a little unsuccessfully) to take a group picture with us all in front of the ipad.
Have a great weekend.
Lots of Love,
Aida & Yewande

Exploring the Charms of Lyon: A Memorable Boarding House Trip

In the spirit of spontaneous adventures, our boarding house recently embarked on a day trip to Lyon, and let me tell you – it was nothing short of magical! From the early morning excitement to the laughter-filled train and bus rides, our day in Lyon was a delightful escape, offering a taste of the city’s charm in just a few short hours.

Lyon, nestled in the heart of France, is a city renowned for its rich history, delectable cuisine, picturesque landscapes and amazing shops. Our first stop was the heart of Lyon – the Old Town. Narrow cobblestone streets, charming boutiques, and the scent of freshly baked goods in the air greeted us. Lyon, famed for its culinary prowess, beckoned our taste buds and we had a lovely lunch in the old town.

No trip to Lyon is complete without a leisurely stroll along the riverbanks. The Rhône and Saône rivers provided the perfect setting for relaxation and reflection. We then spent the rest of the day shopping till we literally almost dropped.

As the day unfolded, our boarding house family shared laughter, stories, and the joy of exploring a new place together. Our day trip may have been brief, but the connections forged and the experiences shared made it a chapter in our boarding house story that we’ll cherish forever.

A special thank you to Melissa for planning the trip. Until the next escapade, Lyon – merci for the memories!

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

In our journey towards fostering a culture of wellbeing, this week’s focus is on a fundamental aspect of human interaction – respecting diversity, specifically in terms of race and ethnicity. Building a community that values and celebrates differences not only enriches the lives of its members but also plays a crucial role in preventing bullying.

To combat bullying and promote a culture of respect, we must actively foster inclusivity. We’re creating a space where everyone feels valued, no matter where they come from.

This week, Mr. Iker and Ms. Ana have introduced a challenge for the students. The objective is to encourage them to recognize and appreciate the commonalities that they share.

The girls in the house had a lot of fun with this challenge. There were many takes of the audio recordings due to the sheer amount of laughter. The challenge proved to be fun and educational to an extent.

Till next time.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Spooky Season

Pumpkin carving is a cherished tradition that brings people together during the spooky season of Halloween. On Tuesday evening we sat together and enjoyed this creative activity.

We hope you enjoyed this spooky holiday.
Lots of love,
Aida & Yewande

Welcome back

Welcome back everyone. We hope this finds you refreshed and recharged after the break! We’re excited for the learning and memories ahead this term.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Happy Holiday!

we would like to wish you happy holidays. may they be days to enjoy with family, friends and to recharge your batteries. We look forward to seeing you back with lots of activities and events to enjoy. Happy holiday!

Home is Where the Burrito is

Tonight we had dinner together in the house. This time, our humble abode turned into a festive fiesta with a hint of Mexican flair – because we had burritos for dinner. Taste-wise, the burritos were a hit. But what elevated the meal was the sprinkle of shared jokes, the garnish of collective effort, and the sauce of companionship. Dining in together is as much about the moments created as it is about the food consumed.

As always here are our morning pictures.
Lots of Love,
Aida & Yewande

Celebrate this win; you’ve earned it!

I am thrilled to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Gia, Zia and Martina on their outstanding achievement of being inducted into the National Honor Society (NHS). This recognition is a testament to their dedication, hard work, leadership, and commitment to both academic excellence and community service.

Being a member of the NHS is no small feat. It means that they have not only showcased academic prowess but also embodied the core values that the society holds dear: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. Each of these pillars represents the best in student achievement, and their induction signifies that  they’ve met the rigorous criteria set by the national organization.

To my girls, I am confident that with the foundation you’ve built and the recognition you’ve now received, you’re poised for even greater successes ahead. Cherish this moment and take pride in your accomplishment.

Lots of Love,
Aida & Yewande

Movie Night Magic

Last night we decided to have an impromptu movie night. A movie night, in essence, is more than just about the film. It’s about dimming the lights just right, making sure the snacks are in easy reach, and wrapping yourself up in your favourite blanket or snuggling next to your loved ones.

Stacy and I made some Nigerian beignets, which are aptly named “puff puff”. We pulled out our leftover snacks and got down to the business of picking a movie. We eventually landed on Grease. Zia had never watched it before and her reactions were priceless. The best part was the off-tune sing-alongs, and of course, the emotional rollercoaster that is “Hopelessly Devoted to You.”

Till the next movie night! Stay groovy! 🕺💃🎤🍿📽️

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Taco Thursday!!!

This week we decided to cook dinner and eat as a family. Eating together is more than just sharing food; it’s sharing life. It’s about laughter, stories, and building memories.

Taco Thursday is a testament to the idea that while traditions are comforting and wonderful, there’s always room for flexibility and change. Whether you’re a Taco Tuesday purist or ready to adopt Taco Thursday , there’s no denying that any day with tacos is a good day.


Have a fantastaco day!

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

A great weekend!!

This weekend we had so much fun. On Friday we celebrated at school the traditional “Welcome bbq”, where our girls had the change to help in the diverse charities. Well done!

All the girls attended different activities, bodyshaping, stretching, and tennis. Some of the girls went to the amusement park Walibi where they had so much fun, and Gabi joined our Boarding trip to Disneyland Paris.

No doubt it has been a great weekend for all of us, and we have got energy for the week!!


Lots of love,

Aída and Yewande

French Connection

One of our aims this year is to improve our overall level of french as a house. We have fluent speakers and absolute beginners in the house. We decided that the fluent speakers will write out phrases throughout the week for the non french speakers. Learning a new language can be intimidating, but this method takes the pressure off and can boost confidence. This increased confidence can have a profound impact on their overall language learning journey.

The girls have taken it a step further and have started adding translations of their native tongue as well. This was not the plan at the start but it is amazing to see how it has grown organically. We live in this international environment and by sharing the beauty of language, students aren’t just sharing words, they’re sharing worlds, experiences, and a piece of themselves.

And as always I have included our daily pictures.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

Welcome Wednesday

This week’s pictures are a little early but that’s no harm. We had 2 special guests make an appearance . We were very happy that Regina and Michelle came over for a cup of tea and to spill the tea. Their university adventure has begun and we can’t wait to hear all about it.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Fun Weekend

This weekend the girls participated in a wide range activities.

Zia and Martina volunteered to clean up the lake.

Stacy went to the gym and got her workout on. Gia and Gabi had a great time racing on the go kart course. Gia came 1st and Gabi came 3rd.

Zia, Martina and I made some cinnamon rolls for the house. They went down a treat and we got positive reviews.

Zoya had an amazing workout in her body shaping class. Sofja went to stretching and released some stress.

Melissa brought back some canelés from Bordeaux and Gabi made a brazillian dessert called brigadeiro. We concluded our Sunday by sharing the desserts and chatting.

We hope you also had a great weekend.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande

That Thursday Feeling

Rituals are an important part of human life, steeped in beauty and significance. They provide a sense of order and structure in an otherwise crazy world, they promote feelings of safety and that wholesome feeling of groundedness.

Our daily picture is our little ritual that has come to provide comfort and adds a little magic to our day. We finally have one photo with all the girls.


We had our dinner in the house today and the girls really enjoyed it. We sat and talked about our day, jokes were made and ideas flowed. It was truly a warm and refreshing atmosphere.

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande



Mountain Weekend

Henry Ford once stated that “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” I believe that the main goal of the mountain weekend is to spend time together and bond.

During this weekend, the girls participated in a myriad of activities from zip lining to rock climbing and a sprinkle of some good competition. The girls genuinely had fun together therefore I think the weekend was a success.


Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande


Picture Time

Thank you to Marusya and Melissa for spearheading our goal to get a daily picture. We usually take these in the morning before breakfast and this has integrated nicely into our routine. The next step is getting every single girl to make an appearance.

We even had a familiar face come back to visit.  The girls were pleasantly surprised and thrilled that Ms. Irini came to visit.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

Sport Competition

Today we have had the first House competition of the year!! The girls have participated in the games and had so much fun. It has been a pleasure to see them trying hard to beat other Houses and gain some point for the House Competition. They are already winners for us!! Well done girls!

Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande


Thursday in LY7

“Being part of a family means smiling for photos.” –Harry Morgan

We started off the day with a selfie which Marusya has wants to become a daily routine. Some love the camera and others don’t but we all have a good time together. We hope you enjoy these snapshots of our day.


Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande


First week

We have come to the end of our first week of school. We had our welcome back assembly and a welcome dinner. This weekend, the girls participated in some activities, did some shopping and spent time together.


Lots of love,

Aida & Yewande


“A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery.”
— Sarah Ban Breathnach

This quote sums up the yearly experience for all our students but especially our new ones. This is Gabi’s first year in CDL and we are certain it will be a memorable one. She has already participated in a range of activities and is making new friends. Gabi has fit right in to our little family and we are all excited to see what the year brings

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande


Ready for the new School Year!

We are happy to announce that Louis Yung 7 Boarding House is open and ready to receive the girls. We are excited to start a new year full of new things to experience, learn and live in Boarding. We are ready to welcome you all to this year 2023-2024!

End of year event!!

As the school year comes to an end, it’s time to celebrate and bid farewell to the year. What better way to do so than with an epic end-of-school event that promises a day filled with laughter, excitement, and an abundance of fun? Our students had so much fun and some of our gils were brave enough to try a scary jump!!  We got some energy with popcorn, ice cream, and burritos for dinner.

👩‍🎓 Graduation Weekend 🎉

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

Congratulations, dear Eva & Regina!

As this momentous chapter of your lives comes to a close, we bid you a heartfelt farewell and celebrate the remarkable journey you have undertaken this far. Throughout this past year, you have experienced growth, formed deep friendships, and gained invaluable experiences. We have immense pride for the individuals you have become, as your resilience, determination, and positive spirit have made a lasting impact on those around you. From the early mornings and late-night study sessions to the shared laughter, tears, and significant support, you have embodied the true spirit of sisterhood, forming lifelong bonds that will extend beyond the walls of this House. Equipped with passion, and a strong belief in your abilities, embrace the challenges that lie ahead, as they will shape and strengthen you further. As we bid you farewell, our hearts are filled with joy. The future holds even greater adventures for you! Remember, your potential known no bounds, and we have every confidence in your ability to shine brightly! We believe in you, and will forever hold you in our hearts.

Eva – Graduation video clip

Regina – Graduation video clip


A Fun Afternoon in the Garden: Crêpes, Socializing, and Exam Relief! 

On Monday afternoon (Pentecôte), our boarding house garden transformed into a vibrant and cheerful gathering space where the girls had the chance to bond, make delicious crepes, and temporarily set aside their books. With both Aida and Eirini present, it was an event that fostered a sense of community, relaxation, and shared laughter. At LY7, we are strong believers of the power of breaks in fostering a positive mindset and building a strong support system!

With the help of Regina, our pastry chef, and Melissa, the French crêpe master, we all embraced the opportunity to indulge in delicious crepes. Each girl had the opportunity to choose her own fillings and toppings, ranging from classic options like Nutella and fresh strawberries to more adventurous combinations like lemon zest and powdered sugar. Laughter and friendly banter accompanied the crepe-flipping process as the girls tested their culinary skills.

End of Year – ‘No-Stress Campaign’

It might seem like there’s no time for exercise during the exam period, but it is widely believed that taking time to fit in some movement can have immense benefits!

  1. Exercise relieves anxiety and stress
  2. Exercise improves memory retention
  3. Exercise increases focus and concentration
  4. Exercise boosts your energy

For this reason, ‘May Fitness Challenge’ was back again this year! Since the beginning of this month, we have had daily fitness challenges for the Boarding community. Each day, students were encouraged to take part in various exercises and compete against fellow boarding students.

The winners of the daily challenges in each House were rewarded with privileges, and there was also a prize for the student who participated in the most challenges throughout the month. The main goal of this initiative was to provide our students with a chance to have fun and briefly disconnect from the pressure and stress they may be feeling due to their exams. Congratulations to all those actively engaged in this campaign!

In addition to the daily fitness challenges, our girls have been regularly attending the weekly “Fitness,” “Bodyshaping,” and “Stretching & Relaxation” sessions on campus, which also take place on weekends.

International Day

Today we have celebrated International Day in CDL. A very important day for us to celebrate in our community. The girls have volunteered to help and had so much fun. Thank you girls for your support in this important day.

Study Breaks: The Delightful Escape of Baking and Cooking

Taking a break from studying to indulge in some culinary adventures can be a refreshing and enjoyable way to recharge someone’s mind and nourish their soul. Not only does it provide a much-needed escape from the stress of studying, but it also offers a creative outlet and a chance to explore new healthy flavors and recipes. The act of baking is a multisensory experience. It allows our girls to focus on the present moment immersing themselves in the task at hand. Not to mention, the rewards of their culinary efforts are simply delightful. Whether it’s enjoying a warm slice of homemade blueberry pie or sharing a meal with the rest of the House, the joy of creating something with their own hands is unparalleled. 

A big thank you to Ms. Sarah for sharing her passion for baking with our girls during the two weekends she spent in our House!

The highlight of our cooking adventures in these past two months was our pizza making session, led by Martina, our one and only Italian cook of the House! 


                       Our last family-style dinner in the House with Regina and Eva!



Celebrating the End of Grade 12 Exams

Congratulations to all our boarding students of Grade 12 on completing their exams! 

As the curtains draw to a close on the Grade 12 end-of-year exams, we want to extend our warmest congratulations to Eva and Regina who have both persevered through countless hours of studying, faced challenges head-on, and demonstrated unwavering determination throughout this academic journey.  

Dear Eva and Regina,

Now that the exams have come to an end, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on how far you have come. Regardless of the outcomes, know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. The knowledge you have gained, the skills you have honed, and the personal growth you have experienced are all invaluable. You have shown immense growth not only academically but also as individuals ready to tackle the challenges of the world. As you await the results, remember that they are just one part of your journey. Embrace the valuable lessons you have learned, cherish the memories made, and hold your head high knowing you have given your best! 


Eirini & Aida


“We keep this love in a photograph”…

Dear girls,

It was such a privilege for me to be your House Parent for a few months, and it has been an incredible journey! Watching you grow, mature and work hard to achieve your goals has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I remember the day I came into the House and I met all of you. It was such a big adventure for all of us to learn to know each other after a few months with another House Parent. Thankfully, we became a wonderful team and I enjoyed each moment with you… Even if living every day together was not always so easy! I am proud of you and the progress you have made.

It is time now for me to say goodbye. I know that transition might be challenging, but I am confident you will handle it easily.

Please, remember all the values we have instilled in this House. Always be kind, compassionate, and respectful towards others. Pursue your dreams and your goal with determination as you did for the past few months! And above all, never forget that you are strong and capable!


What if happiness was just a slice of pizza?

Tonight was a special night. It was my last night as Louis Yung 7 House Parent. We decided to celebrate our last evening together with a pizza party! Because… Who doesn’t love pizza?

As you may see, we had so many choices and it was nice to spend a good moment together! It was the opportunity to forget about the stress and the anxiety of the exams that are coming soon.


March Weekend Recap: Boarding House Fun and Activities!

Weekend activities are an integral part of the CDL boarding experience, offering our girls a chance to unwind and explore their interests outside of academic pursuits. In March, a diverse range of activities were offered on and outside campus that catered to a variety of interests and hobbies. The weekend activity schedules with all the options can be found below.

‘Bodyshaping’ and ‘Stretching & Relaxation’ have been by far the two most popular ones for the girls in our House this month. It appears that they have come to understand that physical fitness is essential for a healthy lifestyle and that attending such activities on a weekly basis helps them stay active and maintain their physical health. These classes are taught by Ms. Linda, an experienced instructor who guides students through various exercises and stretches that help improve their flexibility and muscle tone.

As we head into our two-week spring holiday, here’s a look at some highlights of our past few weekends at Louis Yung 7.

Ice Skating – Marusya & Gia

Talent Show

On Tuesday, the girls took part in the Boarding Talent Show, a special event that brings together the entire Boarding community and showcases diverse skills and talents of our students, such as dancing, acting, singing, doing magic tricks, or playing instruments. The girls had the chance to perform, as well as enjoy the performances and acts of their fellow boarders. The Louis Yung 7 unicorn dancers came 4th place, after receiving 100 points, based on three criteria: creativity, participation and performance!


Behind the scenes: Due to their academic commitments at this time of the year, finding time to rehearse and putting a performance together was definitely a challenge, but we are very proud of the girls for having managed to do so, with success. During our rehearsals in the House, not only did we have a lot of fun, but it was a great opportunity for them to bond even more, by collaborating, exchanging ideas, and helping one another. Thank you, Stacy, for taking the lead. Your enthusiastic spirit was much appreciated!

A big WELL DONE to everyone! It surely was a memorable and enjoyable experience for the entire boarding community!

Wellbeing Pillar 4 – Online Safety

The fourth pillar of our wellbeing programme is concerned with Online Safety. For this particular pillar, Regina, our advocate, has been leading the discussions during the wellbeing meetings in the House. 

1.Online Life vs Real Life 

Our first takeaway point for this pillar was Online life vs Real Life. So, during the first wellbeing session, Regina hosted a quiz in the House to get the girls thinking about their internet and social media usage. How much time do we spend online daily? How do we choose to interact with friends? Do we live in the moment, or through a lens? Do we use our phone at night?’ etc. Also thinking about the balance we have in our lives between time spent online and the elements of Pillar 1. Once the girls completed the poll, the results were shown and an interesting discussion followed, with the girls agreeing that finding a balance between online and offline activities can help them have meaningful relationships and maintain good mental and physical health. The last part of the first session included signing up for a Phone Detox challenge that Regina proposed, and the girls agreed to give it a try for a week! 

2. Scams, Security, Identity theft  

The topic of the second session on Online Safety was ‘Scams, security, and identity theft’. Regina delivered a presentation on how to safely navigate the worldwide web and how to protect ourselves by identifying scams. In this digital age we all live in, awareness of the different types of online scams is absolutely necessary. Taking precautions means that our online personal information can be protected to a greater extent. The girls were engaged in a Kahoot quiz on online safety.

Some of the questions they had to think about were: ‘What is the strongest password? When shopping online, which payment option is generally the safest? What does “Accept all cookies” mean? What is catfishing? What is the best way to know if a website is secure? How can you be found online?

Regina then shared some videos with the rest of the girls related to Social Media Safety Tips and how to prevent identity theft,  


Sunday Brunch! 🥞

At CDL, our Sunday morning tradition is to enjoy a delicious brunch! As can be seen in the photos, our famous Sunday brunch has endless options for all of our girls’ preferences. We are very thankful to our kitchen staff for ensuring that our Sundays always begin like this! 

Wishing you a great week ahead!

Happy International Women’s Day! 🌷

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a day on which the achievements of women are recognised. It is celebrated every year on the 8ᵗʰ of March. It is also a day to come together and remind each other that we need work towards equality for women all over the world. The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is #EmbraceEquity.

It gives us great happiness and pride to see our girls flourish into compassionate, ambitious and extraordinary young women. Girls, may you always be Dreamers, Believers, Doers and Achievers!

⛷️ Inter House Ski Competition 🏂

Today, Gia and Marusya represented Louis Yung 7 in the Inter-House Ski Competition. The competition took place at an amazing ski resort at La Tzoumaz this morning! Our two passionate skiiers were determined to do their best in the Race, but most of all, to enjoy a wonderful day in the mountains! 

They both returned to the House with huge smiles and an amazing surprise for us all… Louis Yung 7 is the winning House in this competition, as Gia managed to finish in first place and Marusya in fifth place, giving us a total of 220 points!! Way to go, girls! 


Let’s talk about… Lebanon!

During the monthly assembly, Gia and two of her friends decided to talk about Lebanon. They shared with us their cultures, foods, and why we really need to visit their country. Good news: they convinced us! It’s time to take our flight tickets now…


❄️Happy February Break!❄️

Louis Yung 7 has just closed for the February mid-term break. We are proud of all the girls for all they have achieved throughout this half term. We hope they get to enjoy this well-deserved break and return with their batteries fully charged! The boarding house will be open again on Saturday 25th February from 9am. We are already looking forward to seeing everyone in a week’s time!

Wood craft in the making..!

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Art comes in many forms. Woodcrafting is an underappreciated method of art with many benefits. Wooden objects may look simple; however, the creation process is intricate. Woodworking engages the brain system in a complex manner. It involves creativity, math, logic, memory, spatial reasoning, emotions, and hand-eye coordination. Every part of the brain operates while planning […]

Let’s celebrate a French tradition!

As an international school, it is important to share traditions. Today, the girls discovered the “Chandeleur”, a French tradition that takes place on February 2nd (yes we are a bit early). The Chandeleur is mostly known as “the day of the crêpes”, simply because we eat crêpes on that day!

In some French regions, people hold a coin in their left hand and need to hold the pan in their right hand. If you flip the crêpe on the first attempt, it means you will have financial luck for the rest of the year. It’s a very superstitious day The girls all tried to flip their crêpes and thankfully, none of them fell on the floor. But most importantly, they were delicious!


Wellbeing Pillar 2 : Positive friendships.

Tonight during our well-being tutorial, we focused on the reflective question: Do you embrace the international community, or do you prefer the convenience of building friendships within your own culture and language? 


Celebrating with cake and bubble tea

Here is the answer from the girls: “At Louis Yung 7, we are all from different nationalities. Sometimes, we share the same languages but that’s it. It is something very positive and amazing in the House because it helps us to embrace other’s cultures and to discover new countries! Also, we believe international friendships helps us to be a better open-minded person. Sometimes, having some friends from the same country is easier, but when we make friends at Collège du Léman, it is not because of their nationalities, it is because of their personalities.”


Lunar New Year!

Today, we celebrated the Lunar New Year (a little bit early!), one of the most important events in Asian countries. It’s a time of joy and happiness!

Did you know over 2 billion people celebrate the Lunar New Year? Now, they can add all of our students to their statistics!

2023 is the year of the Rabbit (兔), starting on January 22nd and ending on February 9th. The year of the Rabbit is supposed to be a year of luck as it is considered the luckiest of the 12 Zodiac animals! Here is a little recap of the Rabbit story :

To celebrate it, we had a nice Chinese dinner with the girls!

But… What are the girls’ Zodiac signs? Let’s find out!

Gia, Marusya, Melissa, Zia (born in 2006) :  Dog () : honest, amiable, kind, cautious, prudent, loyal etc.

Stacy, Ameli, Martina, Regina (Born in 2005) : Rooster () : talkative, outspoken, frank, open, honest, loyal etc.

Eva (Born in 2004) : Monkey () : creativity, curiosity, cleverness, confidence etc.

So… Is their Zodiac signs match their personality? I have to admit some of them are real!







La Fête de l’Escalade

In 1602, Geneva was coveted by the Savoyards. Chales-Emmanuel I intended to make Geneva his capital north of the Alps. On the night of 11-12th December 1602, a troop of 2000 soldiers launched a surprise attack. Arriving in Painpalais, the mercenaries climbed the walls surrounding the city. Armed with nothing more than courage and halberds, the citizens of Geneva, men and women alike, ran out of their houses to defend the city. They fought off the enemies using any means to hand. A number of stories recall the courage of La Mère Royaume, who scalded one Savoyard with her pot of soup. Since 1881, chocolate cauldrons decorated with the coat of arms of Geneva have been sold and eaten at this time every year in honour of the bravery.
Following the tradition, Zia and Eva, the youngest and oldest girls in our house, smashed a chocolate ‘Marmite’ and we all enjoyed eating the chocolate afterwards!

Winter Ball

This gallery contains 3 photos.

The anticipated special night of this term was finally here on Saturday! Our annual Winter Ball! The girls were certainly very excited for this celebration, especially because it had been two years of not being able to celebrate it outside school due to the restrictions. The event was a great success and the girls seemed […]

Santa is here!

Santa decided to come early this year to bring us a present!

But first, we ate a delicious apple pie, which is the perfect cozy winter dessert. It was so good, that is why I made two for the girls! Nothing was left…

Then, it was time for Secret Santa. Everyone was part of it and it was a lovely moment with the girls. What a pleasure to have those moments of joy in the House! I hope everyone was happy about their present!


Busy weekend!

What a weekend full of fun and sports!

Stacy, Martina, and Zia went to the famous “Course de l’Escalade” on Sunday and did well! Look at them, smiling and focusing on their objective!

While Regina, Ameli and Gia went to Europa-park to have some fun too!

Bake-Off House Competition

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Today, Louis Yung 7 took part in the inter-house Bake-Off competition. With Regina being the master pastry chef, and Ameli, Eva and Marusya being excellent sous-chefs, the girls spent a really fun afternoon in the kitchen preparing our carrot cake. The result certainly impressed our judges, but what is more, is that we all enjoyed […]

Weekend activities in Louis Yung 7

Apart from ‘Samedi du Partage’, today the girls took part in several on-campus activities of their choice, such as Woodcraft, Stretching, Bodyshaping and Running. They also helped out in decorating the dining hall Christmas tree. It’s always great to see them being this active and trying their best to keep a balance between academics, fitness and hobbies!

Samedi du Partage

As every year, CDL participated again in the Samedi du Partage initiative with a lot of our students volunteering during the day on Saturday to promote the activity. The aim of the food collection of Samedi du Partage is to help all people in need in Geneva, whatever their difficulties, their age or their situation. From our House, Stacy, Zia and Martina took on this volunteering role with a huge smile and a great sense of responsibility! Thank you, girls, for all that you do to be active members of the broader community!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The Wednesday assembly was a little bit different today. December is coming soon which means… Christmas too! It was time to decorate the House! Everyone helped!

But first, the girls prepared some delicious popcorn to give us the energy to decorate the whole house.

Then, Martina put Christmas songs to get us into the Christmas spirit and… LET’S GO!

To conclude this beautiful evening, we had a show from our new Christmas trio. A round of applause for them please!





Weekend is here… Let’s go outside!

Louis Yung 7 was quite empty this weekend because the girls went outside to enjoy the sunny weather.

Martina decided to be part of the running activity…

While Ameli was enjoying her Interlaken’s trip…

And Stacy did some shopping for Chritmas at Montreux!


Pillar 2 : Diversity.

Noticing differences is normal but there are many ways to be an ally.
While last week we reflected on how the sense of diversity is part of a global world, this week we will reflect with the students on the notion of diversity itself. It’s easy to label diversity as something uniquely linked to ethnicity, creed or sexuality… However, there are many, many other forms of diversity.
Simple things such as personal tastes or hobbies are a source of diversity, and these are at least as visible as the above-mentioned ones.
Therefore, why do we bear a judgement towards someone who doesn’t have the same religion or the same beliefs and not towards someone who doesn’t listen to the same music or supports another sports team?
The video below gives a simple explanation on the real notion of differences and diversity.

We all want to be allies in this crusade and all our work in terms of charity and community service does pay a great service to bring us together, acknowledging the differences but strengthening our similarities. That should be the key and that is the way that as a school we’re paving.
On a more individual level, we believe the answer lies in the following video.

University advising

Today, Eva and Regina had an important meeting with Mrs. Batey, our CDL University Advisor to discuss their plans for the future. As you can see, they are very focused and probably thinking about which university they should choose for next year!



Wellbeing Programme Pillar 2 – Fighting bullying and promoting diversity

Last week we started our 2nd Pillar of our Wellbeing Programme.

It is a very delicate topic but it’s good to be able to talk about it openly and objectively. As in pillar 1, we have two take away points. This week we discussed about Take Away point 1

Take away point 1 – Integration and diversity are part of the international agenda of the world’s most important institutions.  

We talk about it at a lower level, at schools, work and public places. However, that topic is at the heart of the identity of all the major international organizations and that is something that sometimes we overlook to consider diversity something to think of at an individual level. Beyond the political message on the importance of diversity, institutions like the UN have a policy of promoting diversity in their work force and enabling all types of people to access job position within their ranks and therefore setting the example on integration and teamwork.   

Globally what we want to achieve with this point is that students understand that Diversity and Integration are present far beyond the school environment or our individual background and that it’s a top priority in the world today. Sometimes, this might be overlooked, and we believe it’s important they acknowledge that the work and reflection being done here is echoed in the World Leading Institutions.

Welcome back to Louis Yung 7! 

Arrival weekend has just come to an end, with our girls returning from all over the world, after having spent an enjoyable week away with family. From our side, we are definitely glad to have them back and to hear them share their experiences with such enthusiasm! On another note, with Halloween being just around the corner, the atmosphere on campus is rather ‘spooky’ and so is our House! A big warm welcome back and Happy Halloween! 

Sharing is caring

Today we gathered around the kitchen and prepared a delicious meal for the whole house. All the girls from the house have cooperated, together, to prepare a salad, two omelettes and two lasagnas. They chopped the vegetables, fried and boiled the ingredients and also helped with the table set up.

In the end, we had the meal sitting all together and enjoying this valuable moment, laughing and chatting, sharing and caring because at the end of the day, that is what matters. Thanks to all of them for being so cooperative and helpful.



A Lebanese dinner in our House

Tonight we have improvised a House dinner, as we received a nice present from Gia’s family: local and homemade Lebanese food. It was delicious and we also enjoyed nice and intense conversations to get to know each other better and celebrate Aída’s birthday with a lovely cake. The “Happy birthday” song was sung in 8 different languages!! It has been a very nice evening with a great family ambience.

Wellbeing programe – First Pilar

Tonight at our weekly meeting we had the opportunity to reflect on paper about this first pillar of our wellbeing program. The girls have written about how their friends and the people around them have a positive impact on their healthy balanced lifestyle regarding nutrition and physical activity.

An active weekend

Even though the weather has become a bit grey and wet, our weekend has been very active. Our girls have participated in different activities, such as running club, tennis or golf. Of course, we have also been delighted by our Sunday’s brunch to recover.

Wellbeing Session

Today in the Wellbeing Session, we had discussed how to have a healthy balanced diet and how it could help in our lives. Also, the girls had enjoyed a very relax meditation to help them to regulate stress.


Helping our community

We had had a very solidary weekend. Our girls have had the opportunity to help in different initiatives. Thank you girls for this important mission and give your time to the community.

Martina and Zia joined the lake cleaning in Geneva

Gia and Zia helped to clean our neighbourhood and School area.

Mexican Night

Every Wednesday we enjoy our International Night and we have the chance to taste different flavours of different countries.

Tonight we have had the Mexican Night!! It was delicious and the girls have enjoyed so much!!

Incredible Mountain Weekend Orientation

First Mountain Weekend in Verbier. Our girls did Rope Course, Rock Climbing, Overnight Hiking, Multi- sports and they had a lot of fun while doing it. The girls enjoyed that there was a wide variety of activities to choose from. The experience bounded them closer . In addition, they had more time to spend with their classmates and got to know their them a bit better.

Overall, each one of the girls enjoyed the trip very much. All of the girls are looking forward to the future mountain weekends with CLD

House Competition

Our brave girls have fought today to win the Sport Competition. It has been amazing to see how this group is becoming a family and how the House spirit has united them today. The result doesn’t really matter, but they have proved they will be great competitors this year!

Full house and loads of fun

These days we have been busy, receiving our girls, getting to know each other, having fun and having loads of emotions. We have asked the girls to think of one word to describe these first days… “Awesome, exciting, cozy, new, home….” were some of them. This is just the beginning of the new adventure in Louis Yung 7 Boarding House. Welcome to the new School year 22/23!

Our first Brunch together

Going out together

Some time to relax and use the Wellbeing welcome package

Some responsible studens already studying

Louis Yung 7 closes doors for the year

Today the House closes the door with loads of memories of the year. Our girls are already part of the story of this House and we hope they have take valuable lessons and great memories! We wish you a great summer and we will be opening on the 24th of August! Enjoy holidays!

Last weekend of the year

This has been our last weekend in Boarding for this year. We have had our last brunch and celebrated the CLD International Family Day, with a great success despite the high temperatures. Kate volunteered to help and was presenting her stage performance! Well done!!

Fun Day for all Boarders!!

What a day it has been for all our students in Collège du Léman, the weather was splendid, the school organised various wonderful activities, beverages and endless yummy ice creams for us all to enjoy. It was lovely to see everyone taking part and making the most of this event 🙂

Graduation Day!

An early start this morning for our girls in LY7 to get ready for their very special graduation day, we watched this ceremony live from our boarding house, it was an amazing moment to see them in their beautiful dresses and graduation gowns. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Sophie Bernardo, Varvara Timoshkina, Petra krizkova and Polina Ryzhuk for their achievement and we wish them the very best in the future.


A special dinner

Tonight, we have celebrated a very special event. Tonight the grade 12 girls returned and we have had the opportunity to have a last dinner together. Even though it is not raclette session, it was girls’s choice. And we made virgin cocktails. We share laughs news and a very nice evening once again all together for last time this year. After dinner we played a very special Kahoot that make girls laugh and cry of emotion for our farewell.





Long Weekend at CDL!!!

A wonderful long weekend at Collège Du Léman,  so many things were organised, a trip to Copenhagen, Montreux Castle, golf, biking and much more…  We were delighted to have the on-site pool open with a lifeguard for our students to enjoy! At LY7 we had a sound bath meditation in the lovely outdoor garden. As always brunch was exquisite. Varya made us some homemade frozen drinks this afternoon, they were just yummy 🙂 overall it was an enchanting weekend.


Our garden is growing

We have planted several vegetables and flowers and it is already visible how soon we will have some results. Today we have seen our first bean!! Our main gardener is Varya who is excellent with plants and loves to spend time taking care of the garden.

Sunday Brunch at CDL

The girls and house parents enjoyed a magnificent selection of food for brunch today, we all look forward to Sunday to indulge with this wide selection of delicious food catered for us but our amazing team of chefs. Thank you so much


Raise awareness and self-reflection

Last academic Pillar 5 will focus on TIME IN!

This pillar allows students to reflect on what they experience in their own inner world, which includes their feelings, thoughts, perceptions, memories, beliefs, hope, dreams, desires, motivations, longings ect… these feelings can occur even without them being aware of it. The lack of self-awareness entails the failure to see the patterns in our behaviors and thinking. As a result, we risk making choices that are not aligned with what we really are and with what we really want. When we develop the habit to pay attention to these inner experiences we become more self-aware. This can help us have more control over the decisions and choices we make preventing us from being at the mercy of our own feelings, desires and external negative pressure.

This is a very powerful exercise that will support students to make safe and responsible choices.

Homemade virgin cocktails

This sunny weather has inspired Varya today to collect some mint and flowers in our garden to create a refresh and beautiful virgin cocktails for us in the House. Varya is very creative and she has prepared this lovely drink tonight. Thank you Varya!

Weekend @ Louis Yung 7

A busy weekend for our students studying hard and preparing for the approaching exams! however, we managed to find some time to enjoy the weather in our amazing outdoor garden, the girls joined in this Sunday, the sound bath workshop to unwind the stress cumulated throughout the week. We also took part in May fitness challenge highest score of jumping jacks performed by Petra 61 jumps in 30seconds Sophie scored 47 jumps and Rym 43 jumps. It was a nice moment shared with the LY7 girls, creating lots of memories before end of term.

Wellbeing Pillar 4

We are finishing our Wellbeing Pillar 4 based on Online Safety.

As conclusion of the Pillar the girls have decided to create a Poster with their own ideas and great reflections on it that we also discussed during our last meeting.

We couldn’t make the Phone Detox, but it was very nice to make them aware of the little accomplishments they can do to don’t be so dependent on devices. Each of the girls checked their daily and weekly activity on the phone and we had some surprises! It was great to reveal and share all together putting some attention on our Wellbeing.


Dinner at Home

Lovely dinner at home, the lasagna, salad and desert were delicious!!! we truly enjoyed sharing this moment together. Thank you to our great chefs and to our boarding staff for organizing this meal.

Rehearsal and Sound Bath

Wonderful afternoon LY7 girls & LDG had a rehearsal for their talent show performance, I was very impressed with the rhythm!! I won’t say more. Check our blog on Tuesday or Wednesday evening to watch their act. The girls also enjoyed a sound bath experience to unwind, release and reboot. It was a very relaxing moment.


Brunch Today

We had a lovely shared brunch this morning, as always we were not disappointed by the lovely selection of food to choose from. We happily chatted and discussed our plans for the day. The weather was fabulous, a taste of spring was very much welcomed:)

CDL day

Today we have celebrated CDL day, an amazing event where the staff and students have participated to create a special atmosphere on Campus. We have run the annual Grand Prix, we have enjoyed several concerts and performances. A lovely day to celebrate CDL spirit!

Spa Day

What could be better than a Sunday in a Spa?…. Probably share it in family with the LY7 girls! A great opportunity to relax together, have some laughs and a small excursion to Geneva with a stop for a dinner included.

The girls have enjoyed and we all are going to sleep pretty well tonight, ready for a new week.


Pillar 4 Online Safety, Think before you post!

A very important topic is being discussed with students to raise awareness about online safety, sharing pictures and personal details on social media.

Also to remind them about the serious impact posting particular pictures of them or friends can have in the long run! This Online Safety Pillar is extremely important as teenagers use social media frequently to maintain friendships, share interests, and connect with people. It has become a key part of their day-to-day life but they need to be aware of what NOT TO POST!! Unfortunately, it can not be removed.

Chinese New Year

2022 the year of the tiger the dining hall transformed beautifully to celebrate and welcome the Chinese  New Year, the students and staff enjoyed tasting some scrumptious Chinese food and desserts. Xiè Xiè

Crans-Montana ski weekend

Collège du Léman students spent a long weekend in Crans-Montana, they had an amazing ski experience with breathtaking views! The ski resort of Crans-Montana offers suitable pistes for all levels to make their ski experience unforgettable. All students enjoyed many activities on offer during their stay for skiers and non-skiers from snowboarding, skiing, snowtubing, ice skating, a day trip to Sion, escape game, board games, and trampoline. They liked their free time in town with friends exploring and dining in several restaurants.

Making Foccacia

Today we have made a delicious Foccacia, participating in the NAE Focaccia Art project. 

Petra has been so motivated and has done a great and tasty job also trying to make Hummus for first time with a secret recipe!! Thank you Petra! It was a great success and we have shared all together in a nice evening meeting.


Happy Holidays

We wish you a cheerful holiday with lots of fun, rest, and memorable moments with family and friends.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022

From Aida and Rym                 


We have celebrated L’Escalade this weekend. It is an annual festival in Geneva, held each December in celebration of the defeat of an attempt to conquer the Protestant city by the Catholic Duchy of Savoy. We have had fun in the House with the traditional ritual of breaking the “Chocolate Marmite”.

Christmas Dinner

This weekend we have enjoyed our traditional Christmas dinner. It was lovely to share a special night together before the holidays and have all the girls together for this special event. We have tasted a delicious dinner and had a great time.

Awards night

Tonight we have celebrated our traditional Awards Ceremony.

Congratulations Sophie and Polina for the Academic Award, Petra for the Activities Award and Varya for the Boarding Life Award. We are so proud of you girls! Well done!


Happy Thanksgiving!
Tonight we have enjoyed a special meal together to celebrate this traditional dinner. A delicious pleasure and a nice evening! Thank you, very grateful 🙂

Wellbeing Night

Tonight we have shared a nice dinner in the House. We have enjoyed a raclette and the girls really enjoyed it.

After during our weekly meeting, we have received Miss Jody’s visit who has talked to us a bit about Empathy, in relation with our Pillar 2 of our Wellbeing Program – How to fight against Bullying. We have talked about diversity and respect. It has been a lovely evening.

About our weekend

We have spent a lovely busy weekend in Louis Yung 7. We have had time for a bit of work in the House, keeping clean our lovely house. Also time for baking muffins. And we have been helping in the Gift Box project, which will bring a lot of joy to some kids in the East of Europe for Christmas. Thank you girls for your help and solidarity!

Halloween Night

Today we have celebrated the scariest party of the year. The girls had made a great effort to be creative and achieve a nice result to participate in the pumpkin carving. We have enjoyed a nice dinner and every girl has participated in the costume contest. It was a great experience sharing the night all together 🙂

Time for a break

It is time for a well-deserved break. Our girls have been working hard since the beginning of the year. We have enjoyed Boarding life and all the activities we had the opportunity to share in our community. It is time for October break, a perfect moment to recover energy and come back full of positivity. Enjoy the holiday! See you soon!

Bake off

Today we have had the first House Competition of this School year!

Our participation with Varya’s work and effort was on a very high level. Well done for this cake!!

Hobbies to de-stress

This week in our Wellbeing program, we have discussed ‘How can we use our hobbies to de-stress?’ 

The girls have talked about what help them to de-stress and how they use their hobbies to relax and keep their balance. We have identified our hobbies, which is the first step to afer use them as beneficial activities and positive form of relaxation or destressing.

Art, music, sport, crochet were some of the ideas we came up with.

Today’s session is linked with what we have been talking about these days:  ‘How can we identify personal stressors‘. The girls discussed the different things they associate with stress and how they deal with it. It was nice to learn from each others ways of dealing with stress.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Tonight we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with moon. Each September, Chinese families gather to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon’s roundness symbolizes harmony and prosperity, and the festival celebrates the harvest, often bringing together family members from near and far. This is an opportunity for cultural exchange which the girls have enjoyed this evening together in the House.

Wellbeing Pillar 1 – Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds

We are now entering the second week of the first Pillar of our wellbeing programme – Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds.

One of the takeaway points from this pillar is “How important is sleep?”. We find it a crucial topic for the students to explore when discovering how to take care of themselves and how they can maintain a healthy body and mind.

This week during our House Assembly we watchted the TED-Ed video “The benefits of a good night’s sleep” from Shai Marcu which has generated interesting discussion about this important topic.

For the next weeks we will keep discussing about our sleeping habits and how we can improve them.


Weekend in LY7

We have spend a nice weekend together, there was time to study, but also to have fun together. Some of the girls joined the Baking Club this weekend and we have had a movie night on Saturday. It is a great feeling spending time together!



Welcome Assembly

We are happy to see all of our students back and finally, we have had the opportunity to share a moment together and celebrate our first Assembly of the year. We proudly had Sophie on the stage sharing with the entire Boarding Community her Goals for the year.

For dinner, we have enjoyed our traditional Swiss welcome dinner. We are ready for the new School year!

Great news: Louis Yung 7 is open!

We are happy to let you know that Louis Yung 7 Boarding House is open and ready to receive our girls. We are sure this is going to be a very important year for all of us and we will be happy to share every moment of it. Looking forward to welcome you back!

Switzerland is the safest country in the world right now for COVID-19 . Collège du Léman is there !!







Click on the links below to read more about the COVID situation in Switzerland:

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Well-being Session : Manage Covid-19

This week in our Well-being Tutorial, Isabela made a presentation focused on Covid-19 and how to feel and manage this phase.
We have to remember that no one is alone in this situation, so there is no need to feel scared because we are all in this together. Let’s try and focus on ourselves and the ones we love and not to panic. Be thankful for what you have. We should be eating well looking out for each other, being healthy and stable exercise. Our bodies experience new things. Remember to be clean while we all are stuck in this quarantine. Let’s figure out a way we can make our world a better place and cleaner so that we don’t have a problem like this in the future. At this moment we cannot forget who we are. We can’t let this get to us. We shouldn’t give up when we are so close to our goals. Let’s not lose hope because there is always a little good in a bad situation and we should accept that. And sure, enough things will eventually get better very soon. We just need to be patients, and we will get there.