An active weekend

Even though the weather has become a bit grey and wet, our weekend has been very active. Our girls have participated in different activities, such as running club, tennis or golf. Of course, we have also been delighted by our Sunday’s brunch to recover.

Wellbeing Session

Today in the Wellbeing Session, we had discussed how to have a healthy balanced diet and how it could help in our lives. Also, the girls had enjoyed a very relax meditation to help them to regulate stress.


Helping our community

We had had a very solidary weekend. Our girls have had the opportunity to help in different initiatives. Thank you girls for this important mission and give your time to the community.

Martina and Zia joined the lake cleaning in Geneva

Gia and Zia helped to clean our neighbourhood and School area.

Mexican Night

Every Wednesday we enjoy our International Night and we have the chance to taste different flavours of different countries.

Tonight we have had the Mexican Night!! It was delicious and the girls have enjoyed so much!!

Incredible Mountain Weekend Orientation

First Mountain Weekend in Verbier. Our girls did Rope Course, Rock Climbing, Overnight Hiking, Multi- sports and they had a lot of fun while doing it. The girls enjoyed that there was a wide variety of activities to choose from. The experience bounded them closer . In addition, they had more time to spend with their classmates and got to know their them a bit better.

Overall, each one of the girls enjoyed the trip very much. All of the girls are looking forward to the future mountain weekends with CLD

House Competition

Our brave girls have fought today to win the Sport Competition. It has been amazing to see how this group is becoming a family and how the House spirit has united them today. The result doesn’t really matter, but they have proved they will be great competitors this year!

Full house and loads of fun

These days we have been busy, receiving our girls, getting to know each other, having fun and having loads of emotions. We have asked the girls to think of one word to describe these first days… “Awesome, exciting, cozy, new, home….” were some of them. This is just the beginning of the new adventure in Louis Yung 7 Boarding House. Welcome to the new School year 22/23!

Our first Brunch together

Going out together

Some time to relax and use the Wellbeing welcome package

Some responsible studens already studying

Louis Yung 7 closes doors for the year

Today the House closes the door with loads of memories of the year. Our girls are already part of the story of this House and we hope they have take valuable lessons and great memories! We wish you a great summer and we will be opening on the 24th of August! Enjoy holidays!

Last weekend of the year

This has been our last weekend in Boarding for this year. We have had our last brunch and celebrated the CLD International Family Day, with a great success despite the high temperatures. Kate volunteered to help and was presenting her stage performance! Well done!!

Fun Day for all Boarders!!

What a day it has been for all our students in Coll√®ge du L√©man, the weather was splendid, the school organised various wonderful activities, beverages and endless yummy ice creams for us all to enjoy. It was lovely to see everyone taking part and making the most of this event ūüôā

Graduation Day!

An early start this morning for our girls in LY7 to get ready for their very special graduation day, we watched this ceremony live from our boarding house, it was an amazing moment to see them in their beautiful dresses and graduation gowns. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Sophie Bernardo, Varvara Timoshkina, Petra krizkova and Polina Ryzhuk for their achievement and we wish them the very best in the future.


A special dinner

Tonight, we have celebrated a very special event. Tonight the grade 12 girls returned and we have had the opportunity to have a last dinner together. Even though it is not raclette session, it was girls’s choice. And we made virgin cocktails. We share laughs news and a very nice evening once again all together for last time this year. After dinner we played a very special Kahoot that make girls laugh and cry of emotion for our farewell.





Long Weekend at CDL!!!

A wonderful long weekend at Coll√®ge Du L√©man,¬† so many things were organised, a trip to Copenhagen, Montreux Castle, golf, biking and much more…¬† We were delighted to have the on-site pool open with a lifeguard for our students to enjoy! At LY7 we had a sound bath meditation in the lovely outdoor garden. As always brunch was exquisite. Varya made us some homemade frozen drinks this afternoon, they were just yummy ūüôā overall it was an enchanting weekend.


Our garden is growing

We have planted several vegetables and flowers and it is already visible how soon we will have some results. Today we have seen our first bean!! Our main gardener is Varya who is excellent with plants and loves to spend time taking care of the garden.

Sunday Brunch at CDL

The girls and house parents enjoyed a magnificent selection of food for brunch today, we all look forward to Sunday to indulge with this wide selection of delicious food catered for us but our amazing team of chefs. Thank you so much


Raise awareness and self-reflection

Last academic Pillar 5 will focus on TIME IN!

This pillar allows students to reflect on what they experience in their own inner world, which includes their feelings, thoughts, perceptions, memories, beliefs, hope, dreams, desires, motivations, longings ect… these feelings can occur even without them being aware of it. The lack of self-awareness entails the failure to see the patterns in our behaviors and thinking. As a result, we risk making choices that are not aligned with what we really are and with what we really want. When we develop the habit to pay attention to these inner experiences we become more self-aware. This can help us have more control over the decisions and choices we make preventing us from being at the mercy of our own feelings, desires and external negative pressure.

This is a very powerful exercise that will support students to make safe and responsible choices.

Homemade virgin cocktails

This sunny weather has inspired Varya today to collect some mint and flowers in our garden to create a refresh and beautiful virgin cocktails for us in the House. Varya is very creative and she has prepared this lovely drink tonight. Thank you Varya!

Weekend @ Louis Yung 7

A busy weekend for our students studying hard and preparing for the approaching exams! however, we managed to find some time to enjoy the weather in our amazing outdoor garden, the girls joined in this Sunday, the sound bath workshop to unwind the stress cumulated throughout the week. We also took part in May fitness challenge highest score of jumping jacks performed by Petra 61 jumps in 30seconds Sophie scored 47 jumps and Rym 43 jumps. It was a nice moment shared with the LY7 girls, creating lots of memories before end of term.

Wellbeing Pillar 4

We are finishing our Wellbeing Pillar 4 based on Online Safety.

As conclusion of the Pillar the girls have decided to create a Poster with their own ideas and great reflections on it that we also discussed during our last meeting.

We couldn’t make the Phone Detox, but it was very nice to make them aware of the little accomplishments they can do to don’t be so dependent on devices. Each of the girls checked their daily and weekly activity on the phone and we had some surprises! It was great to reveal and share all together putting some attention on our Wellbeing.


Dinner at Home

Lovely dinner at home, the lasagna, salad and desert were delicious!!! we truly enjoyed sharing this moment together. Thank you to our great chefs and to our boarding staff for organizing this meal.

Rehearsal and Sound Bath

Wonderful afternoon LY7 girls & LDG had a rehearsal for their talent show performance, I was very impressed with the rhythm!! I won’t say more. Check our blog on Tuesday or Wednesday evening to watch their act. The girls also enjoyed a sound bath experience to unwind, release and reboot. It was a very relaxing moment.


Brunch Today

We had a lovely shared brunch this morning, as always we were not disappointed by the lovely selection of food to choose from. We happily chatted and discussed our plans for the day. The weather was fabulous, a taste of spring was very much welcomed:)

CDL day

Today we have celebrated CDL day, an amazing event where the staff and students have participated to create a special atmosphere on Campus. We have run the annual Grand Prix, we have enjoyed several concerts and performances. A lovely day to celebrate CDL spirit!

Spa Day

What could be better than a Sunday in a Spa?…. Probably share it in family with the LY7 girls! A great opportunity to relax together, have some laughs and a small excursion to Geneva with a stop for a dinner included.

The girls have enjoyed and we all are going to sleep pretty well tonight, ready for a new week.


Pillar 4 Online Safety, Think before you post!

A very important topic is being discussed with students to raise awareness about online safety, sharing pictures and personal details on social media.

Also to remind them about the serious impact posting particular pictures of them or friends can have in the long run! This Online Safety Pillar is extremely important as teenagers use social media frequently to maintain friendships, share interests, and connect with people. It has become a key part of their day-to-day life but they need to be aware of what NOT TO POST!! Unfortunately, it can not be removed.

Chinese New Year

2022 the year of the tiger the dining hall transformed beautifully to celebrate and welcome the Chinese  New Year, the students and staff enjoyed tasting some scrumptious Chinese food and desserts. Xiè Xiè

Crans-Montana ski weekend

Collège du Léman students spent a long weekend in Crans-Montana, they had an amazing ski experience with breathtaking views! The ski resort of Crans-Montana offers suitable pistes for all levels to make their ski experience unforgettable. All students enjoyed many activities on offer during their stay for skiers and non-skiers from snowboarding, skiing, snowtubing, ice skating, a day trip to Sion, escape game, board games, and trampoline. They liked their free time in town with friends exploring and dining in several restaurants.

Making Foccacia

Today we have made a delicious Foccacia, participating in the NAE Focaccia Art project. 

Petra has been so motivated and has done a great and tasty job also trying to make Hummus for first time with a secret recipe!! Thank you Petra! It was a great success and we have shared all together in a nice evening meeting.


Happy Holidays

We wish you a cheerful holiday with lots of fun, rest, and memorable moments with family and friends.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022

From Aida and Rym                 


We have celebrated L’Escalade this weekend. It is an annual festival in Geneva, held each December in celebration of the defeat of an attempt to conquer the Protestant city by the Catholic Duchy of Savoy. We have had fun in the House with the traditional ritual of breaking the “Chocolate Marmite”.

Christmas Dinner

This weekend we have enjoyed our traditional Christmas dinner. It was lovely to share a special night together before the holidays and have all the girls together for this special event. We have tasted a delicious dinner and had a great time.

Awards night

Tonight we have celebrated our traditional Awards Ceremony.

Congratulations Sophie and Polina for the Academic Award, Petra for the Activities Award and Varya for the Boarding Life Award. We are so proud of you girls! Well done!


Happy Thanksgiving!
Tonight we have enjoyed a special meal together to celebrate this traditional dinner. A delicious pleasure and a nice evening! Thank you, very grateful ūüôā

Wellbeing Night

Tonight we have shared a nice dinner in the House. We have enjoyed a raclette and the girls really enjoyed it.

After during our weekly meeting, we have received Miss Jody’s visit who has talked to us a bit about Empathy, in relation with our Pillar 2 of our Wellbeing Program – How to fight against Bullying. We have talked about diversity and respect. It has been a lovely evening.

About our weekend

We have spent a lovely busy weekend in Louis Yung 7. We have had time for a bit of work in the House, keeping clean our lovely house. Also time for baking muffins. And we have been helping in the Gift Box project, which will bring a lot of joy to some kids in the East of Europe for Christmas. Thank you girls for your help and solidarity!

Halloween Night

Today we have celebrated the scariest party of the year. The girls had made a great effort to be creative and achieve a nice result to participate in the pumpkin carving. We have enjoyed a nice dinner and every girl has participated in the costume contest. It was a great experience sharing the night all together ūüôā

Time for a break

It is time for a well-deserved break. Our girls have been working hard since the beginning of the year. We have enjoyed Boarding life and all the activities we had the opportunity to share in our community. It is time for October break, a perfect moment to recover energy and come back full of positivity. Enjoy the holiday! See you soon!

Bake off

Today we have had the first House Competition of this School year!

Our participation with Varya’s work and effort was on a very high level. Well done for this cake!!

Hobbies to de-stress

This week in our Wellbeing program, we have discussed ‘How can we use our hobbies to de-stress?’¬†

The girls have talked about what help them to de-stress and how they use their hobbies to relax and keep their balance. We have identified our hobbies, which is the first step to afer use them as beneficial activities and positive form of relaxation or destressing.

Art, music, sport, crochet were some of the ideas we came up with.

Today’s session is linked with what we have been talking about these days:¬† ‘How can we identify¬†personal¬†stressors‘.¬†The girls discussed the different things they associate with stress and how they deal with it. It was nice to learn from each others ways of dealing with stress.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Tonight we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with moon. Each September, Chinese families gather to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon’s roundness symbolizes harmony and prosperity, and the festival celebrates the harvest, often bringing together family members from near and far. This is an opportunity for cultural exchange which the girls have enjoyed this evening together in the House.

Wellbeing Pillar 1 – Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds

We are now entering the second week of the first Pillar of our wellbeing programme ‚ÄstNurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds.

One of the takeaway points from this pillar is¬†‚ÄúHow important is sleep?‚ÄĚ. We find it a crucial topic for the students to explore when discovering how to take care of themselves and how they can maintain a healthy body and mind.

This week during our House Assembly we watchted the TED-Ed video “The benefits of a good night’s sleep” from Shai Marcu which has generated interesting discussion about this important topic.

For the next weeks we will keep discussing about our sleeping habits and how we can improve them.


Weekend in LY7

We have spend a nice weekend together, there was time to study, but also to have fun together. Some of the girls joined the Baking Club this weekend and we have had a movie night on Saturday. It is a great feeling spending time together!



Welcome Assembly

We are happy to see all of our students back and finally, we have had the opportunity to share a moment together and celebrate our first Assembly of the year. We proudly had Sophie on the stage sharing with the entire Boarding Community her Goals for the year.

For dinner, we have enjoyed our traditional Swiss welcome dinner. We are ready for the new School year!

Great news: Louis Yung 7 is open!

We are happy to let you know that Louis Yung 7 Boarding House is open and ready to receive our girls. We are sure this is going to be a very important year for all of us and we will be happy to share every moment of it. Looking forward to welcome you back!

Switzerland is the safest country in the world right now for COVID-19 . Collège du Léman is there !!







Click on the links below to read more about the COVID situation in Switzerland:

#collegeduleman #internationalschool #staysafe #backtoschool #socialdistancingwithkids



Well-being Session : Manage Covid-19

This week in our Well-being Tutorial, Isabela made a presentation focused on Covid-19 and how to feel and manage this phase.
We have to remember that no one is alone in this situation, so there is no need to feel scared because we are all in this together. Let’s try and focus on ourselves and the ones we love and not to panic. Be thankful for what you have. We should be eating well looking out for each other, being healthy and stable exercise. Our bodies experience new things. Remember to be clean while we all are stuck in this quarantine. Let’s figure out a way we can make our world a better place and cleaner so that we don’t have a problem like this in the future. At this moment we cannot forget who we are. We can’t let this get to us. We shouldn’t give up when we are so close to our goals. Let’s not lose hope because there is always a little good in a bad situation and we should accept that. And sure, enough things will eventually get better very soon. We just need to be patients, and we will get there.



Happy Spring Holidays!!

We wish you a very restful, joyful and peaceful holiday with your loves one. Here in Louis Yung 7, we will be looking to see all of you, Alina, Laetitia, Ruijin, Aruzhan, Lulu, Louise, Johane, Isabella after the holidays. ūüôā We miss you!

Dr.Malberg Talk

Tonight we had our beloved Dr.Malberg in CdL answering our question about COVID-19.

When in situations like this, it’s important to educate ourselves rather than panic for no reason. Keep a good personal hygiene, stay calm, we will get through this!

























Fun week in the mountain skiing. Ruijin had a lovely time in Crans Montana. She had been skiing everyday and also going out during her free time in the village.

Ruijin had won a helmet playing Bingo one of our nights in this beautiful place.






Wellbeing 19. The Purpose of Friendship

As our friendship wellbeing is coming to an end, we discussed the purpose of friendship.

Firstly: Networking

Secondly: Reassurance

Thirdly: Fun

Fourthly: Clarifying our Minds

Fifthly: Holding on to the past

the list goes on and on…

As we go on with our lives, friends are the ones who are by our side.

Here is an interesting video of in-depth discussion about the purpose of friendship:

Amazing Laetitia and her new friendship

Recently, Laetitia has been helping out in old portena to take care of the two little ones, Karina and Elsa. She made so much effort to get them ready for bed and play with them during social hours. The girls and Laetitia enjoy each other’s company very much.

Friendship isn’t about age or nationality, as long as you genuinely put in your time and energy, it will grow beautifully.


Week 18. Wellbeing Session with Ms.Jody

Tonight, Ms.Jody came to LY7 to check how are things going after our recent room change. All the girls have shown their satisfaction with our current rooming arrangement which is extremely important to our wellbeing.

Ms.Jody showed us a  picture of a flock of birds flying in the sky, and she explained why the birds flock.  It improves a bird’s chance of survival against predators because a large group of birds is stronger and better protected and with many eyes, the flock is far more likely to spot a would-be marauder. Also, the predator will find it harder to concentrate on a single victim, increasing the individual member of the flock’s chance of survival. Flocking also enables birds to fly further using less energy because when the strong leader bird flaps its wings it creates uplift for the birds behind. Living in the same house is just like flocking, in order to fly farther, faster and safer, we need to work as a team, support each other uplift each other.

World News Committee

The brand new World News Committee, led by students and guided by Mr.Rob, Mr.James, Ms.Terri, was introduced in today’s assembly.

Students who are interested in journalism, writing or just love to put their focus on what is going on in the world at the moment are welcome to join. They will discuss current affairs and relevant world news and then present in the future boarding assemblies.


La réforme du Bac se met en place avec succès au CDL…

Les √©preuves communes de contr√īle continu (E3C) qui concernent les √©l√®ves de 1√®re, dans le cadre de la r√©forme du Bac 2021, se sont mises en place sous les meilleurs auspices au CDL, qui devient centre d‚Äôexamen. Les enseignants ont re√ßu leurs convocations et les √©preuves ont d√©but√© le jeudi 30 janvier , avec l‚Äôanglais, dans des conditions optimales. Avec la d√©mat√©rialisation, autre nouveaut√© de cette r√©forme, les copies, anonymes, sont num√©ris√©es, les corrections se font en ligne et chaque √©l√®ve pourra consulter sa copie corrig√©e sur son propre compte‚ĶUne remarquable avanc√©e‚Ķ.Prochaines √©tapes : les √©preuves de LVB et d‚Äôhistoire-g√©ographie‚Ķ.Merci √† toute l‚Äô√©quipe p√©dagogique et administrative pour son engagement sans faille et plein succ√®s √† tous nos √©l√®ves pour cette premi√®re √©tape du Bac‚ĶEmmanuel Coigny Executive Principal 1er et 2nd cycles¬†#collegeduleman¬†#ecoleinternationale¬†#baccalaureat

Week 17. Wellbeing Session. Of Course We Mess Up!

Friendship, like all other things, isn’t always smooth sailing. It will be tested throughout the years, and only that will make it stronger!

In this session of wellbeing, we discussed how to deal with conflict and disagreement in friendship. First of all, we have to admit people aren’t the same, but it doesn’t change the fact different minds can have similarities here and there. Secondly, communication is key when we have disagreements with friends, we all agree that misunderstanding oftentimes is just lack of communication.

Mountain Weekend 2

Last weekend, boarders of CDL had our Mountain Weekend Vol.2 in Crans-Montana

We had all kinds of fun in our winter activities such as skiing curling and ice-skating

Can’t wait for the next one!

Week 16. Wellbeing Session. Are you a good friend?

How can you make good friends if you’re not one yourself? The definition of a good friend¬†varies from person to person, but there are certain traits, characteristics, and¬†qualities that most people would agree make someone a good friend.

In this week’s wellbeing session, we are asking ourselves are we good friends to others and what makes us a good friend?

Some say we are there for our friends when they need help, others think they can lift their friends up when they’re down, we also agree that good friends should always stay true and honest to each other, respect each other’s individuality and accept each other for who they are.

There are many more qualities of good friends that we have discussed. Some qualities are more important to some people than they are to others. Each person must set his or her own criteria for what it means to be a good friend. And that means you, too, must possess those qualities in your interactions with your friends.

House Assembly

Today our usual weekly house assembly has a special guest, Ms. Jody, our boarding counselor.

The girls are very happy to get to know Ms. Jody, and very grateful for her to visit us.

First Boarding Assembly in 2020

Starting off 2020 with Good vibes and positive energy.

There are voices that have been telling us the world is getting worse, but through Mr.Usher’s recap of 2019, we realize there is so much progress that this world has made in the past year.

We tend to focus on bad things so that we overlook all the positive changes around the globe. Just like Mr.Usher said,  focus on good things, do good things and be a good example, good things will come to you.


Week 15. Wellbeing Session. Friendship

In today’s wellbeing session, we watched an interesting TED talk video about how human relationships affect our mental and physical health. We all know that friendships and more in general relationships are an essential part of a human being’s life, in this Ted talk a psychoanalyst shared the study of his team, that the key of living a happy long life is not about fame or fortune but to have good relationships with friends family and community.

Today our VIP Teachers visited our Boarding House

Merci aux professeurs qui sont venu nous rendre visite √† Louis Yung 7 aujourd‚Äôhui. C‚Äô√©tait un plaisir de passer du temps avec vous, et on esp√®re que vous vous √™tes amus√© autant que nous (non seulement √† cause de notre nourriture !)¬† ūüôā

Thank you to all the teachers that came to visit us in Louis Yung 7 today. It was a pleasure being able to spend time with you, and we hope you enjoyed yourselves too (not only because of our food!)¬† ūüôā







Fete de l’Escalade

L’Escalade, or F√™te de l’Escalade,¬†is an annual festival in¬†Geneva, Switzerland, held each December in celebration of the defeat of an attempt to conquer the Protestant city by the Catholic¬†Duchy of Savoy. Troops sent by¬†Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy, attempted a surprise attack during the night of 11‚Äď12 December 1602, but according to legend, were repulsed by a cook who dumped boiling vegetable soup on the invaders before raising an alarm. The celebrations and other commemorative activities are usually held on 12 December or the closest weekend.

After a short history lesson, we sure enjoyed smashing chocolate and eating it all

Week 14. Wellbeing Session. Charity Project.

Following our Pastoral program, Well-being and Charity Projects, today in our session we have addressed the theme of Charity, Solidarity and Illusion Projects. Girls wrapped the presents, wrote each child a personalised Christmas Card and prepared them all for collection.These gifts will be delivered this week. Thank you girls for your support !!

Winter is coming

As a wise man once said:

A lot of people have had a cold lately, to stop the cold spreading we need to always stay warm.

Luckily we got cozy winter starter pack  ! Thank you Mr. Usher for always taking such a good care of us.

Dinner at Home

In the spirit Christmas we made roast chicken tonight, paired with quinoa salad and french fries.

So sorry for the girls who weren’t home this weekend, we didn’t spare any food at the end of the night.

We are very pleased that Artem from Olympus joined us, I’m not saying he was the reason we finished everything, but he contributed a lot to devour the two whole mini chicken ūüėõ

Week 13.Wellbeing Tutorial.Community Service by Louise L.

This week in our Wellbeing session  Louise L  gave an excellent presentation focused on Community Service


What is Community Service?

Community service is work done by a person or group of people that benefits others. It is often done near the area where you live, so your own community reaps the benefits of your work. You do not get paid to perform community service, but volunteer your time. Community service can help many different groups of people: children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, even animals and the environment. Community service is often organized through a local group, such as a place of worship, school, or non-profit organization, or you can start your own community service projects.  Community service can even involve raising funds by donating used goods or selling used good like clothing

Many people participate in community service because they enjoy helping others and improving their community. Some students are required to do community service in order to graduate high school or to receive certain honors. Some adults are also ordered by a judge to complete a certain number of community service hours.

Volunteer activity ideas

 Why Should You Participate in Community Service?

There are numerous benefits to participating in community service, both for yourself and others. Below are some of the most important benefits of volunteering:

Gives you a way to help others

Helps improve your community

Can help strengthen your resume and college applications

Can be a way to meet new friends

Often results in personal growth

Gives you a way to gain work experience and learn more about certain jobs

Volunteer activity ideas

How Should You Use This List?

This list of over one hundred community service examples is¬†organized by category, so if you’re particularly interested in working with, say, children or animals, you can easily find community service activities more related to your interests.

In order to use this list most effectively, read through it and make note of any community service ideas that match your interests and that you may want to participate in. Some considerations to keep in mind are:

Who would you like to help?

¬†Is¬†there a specific group of people or cause you are passionate about? Look for projects that relate to your passion and interests. You may also just want to perform particular community service activities that allow you to do hobbies you enjoy, like baking or acting, and that’s fine too.

Do you want a community service activity that is reoccurring or a one-time event?

Perhaps you don’t have enough time to regularly devote to community service.¬†In that case, it may be better to look for opportunities that only occur once or sporadically, such as planning special events or helping build a house.

What kind of impact do you want to have?

Some people prefer to participate in community service activities that have a¬†quantifiable impact,¬†for example, activities where you know the specific number of kids you tutored, dollars you raised, or cans of food you collected. This is in contrast to activities that don’t have such clear numbers, such as creating a garden or serving as¬†a volunteer lifeguard. Some people prefer quantifiable activities because they feel they¬†look stronger on college applications,¬†or because they simply enjoy knowing their exact impact on the community.

What skills would you like to gain?

Many community service activities can help you gain skills. These skills can range from teaching to medicine to construction and more. If there is a particular skill you’d like to learn for future classes, jobs, or just out of personal interest, you may want to see if there is a community service activity that helps you learn that skill.Volunteer activity ideas



Award Ceremony First Marking Period

Tonight we had The Awards Ceremony led by Mr Usher, where some of our girls received a medal for being involved in Activities, Boarding Life and Academically reaching amazing grades. Well done to all of the winners!

Academics ; Louise J.

Award Boarding life : Louise L

Award : Activities  Jessica

Collège du Léman.Tanzania Expedition

Here are the grade 8/4ème and grade 9 students participating in this year’s Tanzania Expedition. This trip is seen as a life-changing experience for the students; They will work on a range of projects to help the development of local communities and will build confidence, independence and leadership skills in a dramatically different setting. The Tanzania Expedition is a fantastic opportunity to experience not only a new culture and its significant challenges, but also to meet and build lifelong friendships with fellow Nord Anglia students from around the world. We wish them well! #collegeduleman #Internationalschool

Our Advent Calendar in LY7

Advent calendars give a special meaning to Christmas.


Advent calendars are a countdown to Christmas Day, they start on the 1st December

The windows of the calendar are opened every day leading up to Christmas where you can see a pretty picture or find some chocolate inside.

The very first advent calendars were produced in the early 1800’s in Germany although not the cardboard type we get these days.

Christians thought of different ways of counting down the days from the start of Advent to Christmas Day.

At first Christians kept track of the days by making chalk marks on their door, which were rubbed off one by one as Christmas got closer.

Advent Candles and putting up a small religious picture to mark each day were other ways of counting down the days.

The first actual advent calendar which we still buy today was produced in the early 1900’s, although first mass-produced in 1908 by Gerhard Lang who worked at the Reichhold & Lang printing office in Munich, Germany.

The business produced over thirty different calendar patterns until the 1930’s. These calendars had 24 doors and were a lot better decorated than the advent calendars we have these days.

Before long, advent calendars had doors which when opened contained religious pictures, and some had chocolate in to keep the children’s attention.

This was proving to be popular over the years but had to be put on hold when World War II started, because paper, cardboard and chocolate was limited.

However, once the war was over the production of advent calendars soon picked back up in 1946, not containing chocolates though.

Towards the end of the 1950’s, chocolate advent calendars re-appeared and started to spread across the world.

Ten years later, many countries were using the advent calendar to count the days to Christmas Day.

Advent calendars are still very popular all across the world and now come in thousands of different varieties, some with just pictures in, others with just chocolate

Collège du Léman Talks

It was a great pleasure to welcome Reginald Bien-Aimé, speaking about The Future of Work, in our second edition of CDL Talks РInspiring Future Leaders series. #collegeduleman #madeforinspiration #CDLTalks #InspiringFutureLeaders #Internationalschool





Week 11. Wellbeing Tutorial. Charity Projects

Different ways to live Christmas!

Following our Pastoral program, Well-being and Charity Projects, today in our session we have addressed the theme of Charity, Solidarity and Illusion Projects!

 In our community we are very involved teaching our students about topics ranging from respect and tolerance, to values and self-awareness, for being fortunate enough to be able to experience life abroad, here at College de Leman.

 As every year with the arrival of Christmas, our charity projects and community services are more accentuated.

 On a voluntary basis, our girls in Ly7 (as well as more CdL students) will participate in a charity project on several upcoming Christmas dates. On which we will bake pancakes.

They will buy gifts for children who live in foster homes. Our students will be the ” Papa Noeles‚Ä̬†for some of the children who`s families who do not have as many possibilities as the¬†students¬†of CdL boarding school.

In 3 different foster homes, around 125 gifts, ‚Äú125 childhood wishes ‚Äúfrom our ”¬† CdL Papa Noeles “, will make a magical Christmas possible for these children of foster homes!

ni√Īos pobres en L√≠bano

We are proud of our students!! A huge thank you!   

Open Day at Collège du Léman

Our Director General Mrs. Pauline Nord

Mr.Emmanuel Coigny, Executive Principal  1er  et 2nd Cycles

Mr. James Bearblock, High School Principal. Director of School Advancement

Mr. Mathieu Hartman, Middle School Principal

Mrs. Kathryn Nuttal, Prinicpal Primary (right) and Mrs. Florence Bremnes, Primary Français Teacher (left)

Our Boarding Team led By Mrs. Dominique Salamin and student Huang Xinyuan (Alison)

 Mrs.  Claire Rocheteau, Camps Manager

Mr. Romolo Calvini, Extracurricular Activities Manager
Mr. Renaud Peron, Services Manager

Mrs. Claire Larnaud, Key Accounts Manager , Marketing and Admission and Mr.Cédric Antonio, Senior Market. and Comm. Manager

Collège du Léman, Open House on Saturday 16th of November

Would you like to know more about our academic programs, our extracurricular activities, our campus? Register now and come meet our Principals.

Programme :-

9.30 a.m. – 12 p.m. :
РWelcome and presentation of Collège du Léman
– Visit stands (admissions, alumni, bus and lunch, extracurricular activities, camps, learning support, college advisory, PFA etc.)
– Tours of the School
– Informal meetings with Principals


Week 9. Wellbeing Tutorial. Respecting Diversity at Collège du Léman

This week in our Wellbeing session we focused on Respecting Diversity. Our ‚ÄėRISE‚Äô values of Respect, Internationalism, Spirit and Excellence, are at the heart of everything we do, bringing together more than 110 nationalities and cultures to create one family.

Respect for diversity is the hallmark of our school community that is confident and strong in its values and beliefs. When students understand that each individual is unique with their own individual differences they can begin to value and appreciate these for the richness they bring to the school and wider community.

What language do you speak? What is your religion? What holidays do you celebrate? What is your racial identification? What is your ethnic identity? What is your culture? Why is cultural diversity so important?

Our culture is what shapes us, it shapes our behavior and our identity. Culture is our way of living, it refers to the shared language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and material objects that are passed down from one generation to the next.


The term ‚Äúculturally diverse‚ÄĚ is often used interchangeably with the concept of ‚Äúmulticulturalism.‚ÄĚ

Sociologist Dr. Caleb Rosado, who specializes in diversity and multiculturalism, described seven important actions involved in the definition of multiculturalism:

  • recognition¬†of the abundant diversity of cultures;
  • respect¬†for the differences;
  • acknowledging¬†the validity of different cultural expressions and contributions;
  • valuing¬†what other cultures offer;
  • encouraging¬†the contribution of diverse groups;
  • empowering¬†people to strengthen themselves and others to achieve their maximum potential by being critical of their own biases; and
  • celebrating¬†rather than just tolerating the differences in order to bring about unity through diversity.


Cultural diversity is important because our country, workplaces, and schools increasingly consist of various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. We can learn from one another, but first, we must have a level of understanding about each other. Learning about other cultures helps us understand different perspectives within the world in which we live. It helps dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups.

In addition, cultural diversity helps us recognize and respect ‚Äúways of being‚ÄĚ that are not necessarily our own. So that as we interact with others we can build bridges to trust, respect, and understanding across cultures. Furthermore, this diversity makes our country a more interesting place to live. As people from diverse cultures contribute language skills, new ways of thinking, new knowledge, and different experiences.


  • Increase your level of understanding about other cultures by interacting with people outside of your own culture
  • Avoid imposing values on others that may conflict or be inconsistent with other cultures
  • When interacting with others who may not be proficient in English, recognize that their limitations in English proficiency in no way reflects their level of intellectual functioning
  • Recognize and understand that concepts within the helping profession, such as family, gender roles, spirituality, and emotional well-being, vary significantly among cultures and influence behavior
  • Within the workplace, educational setting, and/or clinical setting, advocate for the use of materials that are representative of the various cultural groups within the local community and the society in general
  • Intervene in an appropriate manner when you observe others engaging in behaviors that show cultural insensitivity, bias, or prejudice
  • Be proactive in listening, accepting, and welcoming people and ideas that are different from your own

Collège du Léman, Nord Anglia Education

Coll√®ge du L√©man is a member of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools and our CEO, Andrew Fitzmaurice, has recently published¬† an op-ed looking at how we can provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in today’s ever-changing world. Please click on the link below to read the article.

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L’Escalade Race in Geneva



Run with CDL!

The 42nd Course de l’Escalade ( will be on Sunday, 1st December 2019. The Course de l’Escalade is a fun race held each December in the old town of Geneva as part of the wonderful Escalade celebrations. This traditional race is the largest race in Switzerland and is open to everyone as of 6 years old. Come join the CDL Team!

Registration Deadline: 8th November before 18:00

How far do we run?
6-7 yrs run 1.36 km;
8-9 yrs run 1.74 km;
10-13 yrs run 2.34 km;
14-17 yrs & men and women mix (group 2) run 4.83 km;
Men and women mix (group 3) run 7.3 km

Registering as a CDL runner means that you must pick up your running package at the Olympus on the Friday 29th of November as of 15:30 or at the pasta party which will be held at the Eiger Cafeteria on the same date. The package will also be available at the CDL tent in the school village at the Parc des Bastions one hour before the race on Sunday. The cost of the race will be billed to you through CDL.Registration fee CHF 25.- Students

Week 8. Wellbeing.Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity

After our October Break, we started the Second Pillar of our Wellbeing Programme , focused on Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity.

During this session we discussed What is bullying, what bullying includes, and how to deal with bullying at school.

There is no legal definition of bullying. But it is usually defined as repeated behaviour which is intended to hurt someone either emotionally or physically, and is often aimed at certain people because of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation or any other aspect such as appearance or disability.

Bullying can take many forms including: physical assault, teasing, making threats, name calling, cyber bullying

Bullying includes: people calling you names, making things up to get you into trouble, hitting, pinching, biting, pushing and shoving, taking things away from you, damaging your belongings, stealing your money, taking your friends away from you, posting insulting messages or rumours, in person on the internet or by IM (cyberbullying), threats and intimidation, making silent or abusive phone calls, sending you offensive phone texts, bullies can also frighten you so that you don’t want to go to school, so that you pretend to be ill to avoid them

anti bullying advice

How to deal with bullying at school. Action Plan.

If you are being bullied at school, tell a friend, tell a teacher and tell your¬†parents. It won’t stop unless you do. It can be hard to do this so if you don’t feel you can do it in person it might be easier to write a note to your¬†parents¬†explaining how you feel, or perhaps confide in someone outside the immediate family, like a grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin and ask them to help you tell your¬†parents¬†what’s going on.

Your tutor needs to know what is going on so try to find a time to tell him or her when it won’t be noticeable. You could stay behind on the pretext of needing help with some work. If you don’t feel you can do that, then speak to the school nurse. Don’t be tempted to respond to any bullying or hit back because you could get hurt or get into trouble.

The following sessions we will share more details in this regard with our students.