Happy summer

Here we are! The school has finished on Wednesday and the boarding houses closed this morning. It was an intense year and we are all happy that we made it!

We wish you all a very nice time, surrounded by friends and family, enjoying life and its beauties, and resting as much as you can!

See you in August

End of Year party 🎉

Today we celebrated our end of year party in Concha and we had a blast!
Polina proved to be a professional wrestler beating her friends and her House parent! Ilayda dived like a mermaid and Muslima and Amaliya knew how to relax eating ice-cream!

Thank you girls for such a great day!

Boarding Assembly and Stay Safe movie

Tonight we held the last Boarding Assembly! It was a nice resume of the year with a compilation of all the good moments we all shared together (the competitions, the charity actions, the party dinners, …) and a warm message from everyone for the summer holidays 😉

Afterward, we watched a “Stay Safe movie” on sexual content.


We took a bit of time to reflect on their thoughts about it! We always have honest discussions and the girls aren’t scared to talk.


Luna Park in Lausanne!

During this long weekend (no class on Monday) the students had the chance to go to Luna Park, an amusement park in Lausanne.

They could enjoy the numerous rides under a very friendly sun… finally after a week of bad weather!

Ria’s 18th birthday week

Following Ria’s mother’s request, every day of the week preceding her 18th birthday, Ria received presents each one cuter and more touching than the last with notes from her family!

Flowers, teddy bear, chocolate, flowers again, and balloons (blown up by her friends) until the D day!!


What better way to decompress from exams or to take a break from studying than to watch “The penguins” of Madagascar?

With some take-away food or a piece of cupcake, please!

Leavers dinner

After the assembly, the lucky Gr 12 students were proposed a nice dinner!

With all the decoration we couldn’t recognize the canteen. It has been transformed into a very elegant restaurant


Leavers Assembly

What a nice evening for the Grade 12! An assembly just for them, to celebrate their journey here in CDL!

They were all looking good and were wearing their biggest smiles we could guess under their mask.

Congratulations to all of you graduated students!

Wellbeing – last session : self-discipline

Tonight for our last Wellbeing session we talked about self-discipline after watching a video.

The discussion turned around how they disciplined themselves. The first thing they must discipline themselves is to sleep more (at least 8 hours) in order for their brain to function better and to develop correctly as well.

Then the discussion focused on Ria and her 18th birthday and what she will be able to do or won’t be able to do from Sunday! As a grown-up girl, she will have to make some choices and discipline herself in order to achieve her goals. At the moment the self-discipline should help her (and all the students in general) to pass her exams.

That was a good lesson! There are always good examples around us to image and give a more approachable view of abstract ideas!

Animal discovering

Since we can’t visit the zoo yet, the students are finding new and interesting ways of discovering animals, just around them. The season is suitable for that kind of experience. There is always positive in any situation.

The pandemic has taught us new habits and new interests!

Wellbeing – Decision making process

In psychologydecision-making (also spelled decision making and decisionmaking) is regarded as the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several possible alternative options, it could be either rational or irrational. The Decision-making process is a reasoning process based on assumptions of valuespreferences, and beliefs of the decision-maker. Every decision-making process produces a final choice, which may or may not prompt action

After watching this movie, the girls had to do a little exercise. They were asked to write down two examples of decisions they had to take at some point in their life. One that eventually turned out to be a bad one and another one that turned out to be a good one and the reasons why they chose one way instead of another one. Then we gathered all the information and analysed them together. We arrived at the conclusion that if the decision is taken without a rational reflection, most of the time the outcome is usually negative!

We hope that the students learn from those sessions, understand better how they function and what and how they can proceed to function, make a decision, run their life even better!


Puzzle almost finished!

On the weekend the girls finished the puzzle which was supposed to be complete… a nice and fun activity to share.

So frustrating when it’s missing only one piece, just in the middle!! I guess they’ll need to do another one, just to feel the joy of finishing it entirely.

May the force be with you!

Well being – 5th pillar : Making safe and responsible choices

The discussion points of week 2 will be around:

The ESSENCE of teen brain and the science behind decision-making process.

The objectives are to :

  • Debunk some of the most misleading and disempowering myths around adolescence
  • Explore how changes in brain structure during adolescence are just part of natural, innate, and healthy development which simply prepares teens for grown-up life
  • Being aware of this process and honouring this unique and fascinating moment in our life, can help teens and adults (caregivers) alike to support each other
  • Explore how the awareness of upsides and downsides of the different cardinal features of adolescence can help our kids to develop a fully integrated mind, and reduce and contain the risks of harm and serious injuries. At the same time, this awareness can help educators (and parents) to bring a more empathic and compassionate approach when interacting with, looking after, and guiding adolescents during these tumultuous years.

Walking on sunshine!

Absolutely fantastic weather this weekend. And what better than to take a stroll with the new walking club.

Muslima and Amaliya enjoyed their time in nature and a good dose of Vitamin D sunshine.  🙂

A Talent Show to Remember!

We couldn’t stop laughing at this year’s talent show. As it had to be held online we had to be more creative than ever!

All the houses did a great job from the yellow submarine musical, hilarious sketches to our Mégard show: The Megardshians,

It was a talent show to remember!

Who are your followers? #Wellbeing

This week we enter the final phase of the pillar 4 online safety. The girls have handed in their individual projects and we are recapitulating the most important ideas discussed.
Last week we had a very interesting discussion around social media followers and our types of accounts.

Mégard girls uses sites like Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok  and they told us that this sites offer much more than a virtual place to hang out. New research shows that they play a key role in how teens measure and manage social success; it also finds that the overuse of social media may bring added risks to an adolescent’s mental health.

We discussed the effects on  measure someone’s popularity or validation based on their number of Instagram followers. The more followers you have, the more liked, respected and admired you are by your fellow peers. Some people even go to the extreme lengths to even purchase Instagram followers and likes for pictures. The more followers the better. Is this a positive measure in our life?

There is also a danger of having a large amount of followers and is not knowing who they are.  This is why some of our students told us they might have open accounts but they select who do they share the content with. It is also important to remember that not everyone is who they may seem to be. Although Instagram or Snapchat may have a profile picture displayed as someone , behind the screen might be a different person.

Thank you girls for your insights!

Cooking Baklava !

Muslima loves to cook and today she spent the afternoon preparing this delicious recipe to share, baklava!  She wanted to celebrate Nowruz, also known as Nauryz, Navruz, or Nowrouz, which means “new day”. Nowruz is the Persian New Year and has celebrated it for more than 3,000 years, from the Balkans to the Black Sea Basin to Central Asia to the Middle East and elsewhere.

What Goes Online, Stays Online. #Wellbeing

Last week we had a very productive discussion in our wellbeing session about online safety. The topic, a very relevant topic for students, was “What goes online, stays online

We discussed who has rights over the photos we post, whether our online comments should be used by universities or future employers, and in general what consequences our online comments or pictures can have.

We looked at the case of a student who was expelled from Harvard because of online comments made a few years earlier.
The girls, although are seniors and claim to be aware of what they post, also commented that they are aware of the dangers that a post can make on their future.

The continuation of the discussion will be this week with the theme who are your followers? taking a look at social networks and who can be our friends.

Pillar 4 Wellbeing : Online Safety

Our Wellbeing Programme launched last week Pillar 4th dedicated to  Online Safety.

It is a very important topic because teenagers use digital technologies for everyday activities like keeping in touch with friends on social media, relaxing and doing schoolwork. They are online so much that they need to be able to identify acceptable and unacceptable online content independently. They also need to know how to behave respectfully online and avoid online risks.

We will be discussing important points such as bullying, privacy, identify theft and harassment during the month of March.

Sunshine and new friends 🐶

Spring is coming and the sun is fantastic this weekend.
Altynai, Ria, and Manya went for a little walk in the neighbouring meadows and found a new furry friend 🙂

Nature is starting to awake in Versoix and our Mégard garden is starting to have beautiful flowers.

Boarding Assembly & House dinner 🍕

We had a very homely evening tonight!

We continue to have our monthly assembly online. Although we would like to have all boarders together it is also a good opportunity to spend time with all Mégard girls.

This month’s assembly started with the guitar and vocals of Iyowuna. Mr Usher with the help of our boarders talked about microaggressions, Mr Antonio about CDL change the world and finally Mr Gordon about Pillar4 of our Wellbeing programme: Online safety.

Afterwards, we were very hungry and prepared the table for a delicious pizza dinner and laughed with various games. 🤣

Thank you girls for this lovely time!

Mégard Positive box finally opened 🤩 #Wellbeing

It was fantastic to finish Pillar 3, Building positive Friendship, with a big smile.

We encouraged our girls in Mégard to fill a box with a kind note to their House peers for our community project and the result was a special moment where the girls read positive comments from each other.

Creating positive interactions helps teens invest in the value and purpose of the community. They have a stronger sense of belonging and feel more connected, which naturally leads to improved behavior and engagement. When teens feel connected and have a sense of belonging they’re naturally more motivated to achieve.

Thank you girls for your positive vibes!

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and, therefore, also half of its potential. Gender equality, besides being a fundamental human right, is essential to achieve peaceful societies, with full human potential and sustainable development.

At College du Leman, we aim to inspire our students through excellence by challenging them to reach for their dreams and to be active participants in the world around them, and this weekend we are launching the Boarding Steam club!Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

Refusal skills🤚 #Wellbeing

During this week, we continued with another topic from our Wellbeing program. Pillar 3  Building positive friendship .  An extremely important topic, especially as they grow older and head towards college to become fully-fledged adults.

In this last session, we have to talk about Peer pressure, which represents both a challenge and decision for teens, as they struggle to choose between what they know is right and what their friends are doing.

Not only we have discussed the right choices but we have talked about how to say NO.  As a part of the session, we did a role-play putting into practice refusal skills with body language and assertive communication.

Thank you, girls, for your honest talk about teens’ challenges.

Orange snow today!

Our third day of skiing was special because the skies were different. Today strong winds transported a lot of dust from the Sahara desert to Europe, turning the sky and the snow orange even on the Alps!

Vitamin friends #Wellbeing

In this week’s wellbeing session we continued talking about important topics in our 3rd pillar – Building positive friendships.

This week we discussed whether we know how to recognize the influence of our friends with whom we spend most time.

It is something very frequent that we talk about friends who can be toxic, and do not benefit us with their attitudes, but in this session we have asked ourselves if we pay attention,  if we realise who are the friends that make us feel good and what are their qualities.

We named this type of friends: Vitamin friendsThey are those friends who transmit good energy, who recharge your spirits and when you go back home you arrive in a much better mood, more positive and enthusiastic, wanting to eat the world and with stiffness in your jaw from laughing.

And it is not only to make jokes and talk with humor, you can also expose problems and tense situations, but the result is to see life from a more optimistic and resolute point of view.

In groups we worked on identifying the characteristics of our friends when they behave their best, as vitamin friends . To finish and to reflect,  we asked: Do you realize when you are the best influence on your friends? and the opposite?

Thank you very much for your ideas girls.

It has been a session full of vitamins.  🙂

We relaxing in Mégard !!

On Friday we made dinner, thanks Ilayda for your help !!

It was good to see all the girls very close, also Ria and Manya with less stress after their Mock exams.

They listened to each other without judging. Paying attention and being focus on others and not only about oneself is a good way to build positive friendships.


This week we are commemorating Respect Week at school, in an effort to celebrate our Motto R I S E, (Respect, Internationalism, Spirit, and Excellence) The Boarding school has tried to make our small contribution by demonstrating our respect for the environment and for our host village, Versoix. From all the houses, the students took part in the collection of rubbish from around our school. Ria from Mégard together with Kate managed to make one of the planned areas much cleaner!

Thank you so much for contributing to this action and let’s continue to celebrate this week of respect 🙂

Active listening #Wellbeing

Active Listening is a skill that allows us to hear not only the words people are saying but also the emotions they are reflecting through their nonverbal behavior. Both are important in understanding the whole message being communicated.

Being able to hear what people are really saying is a valuable communication skill that has a major impact on the quality of our friendships. This is why we have explored in this week Active listening for our Wellbeing session of Pillar 3 Building Positive friendship.

This is a complex skill that we have practiced with two activities.  First, we gave some prompts read by Amalyia and the girls had to decide whether it was active listening or not. Some of them made them hesitate but most of them were easy to identify such as making eye contact or remembering what you have been told.

The focus of the second activity was on practicing concentration; listening to the verbal message with undivided attention. We asked all the girls to sit in a circle. The first girl started to tell a story. After 3-5 sentences, say “stop” and randomly choose another participant to continue. This person had to repeat the last sentence said and then continue making up the story. We laughed a lot at the story we created together, but the end of the sentences was not always remembered. So we asked these questions to reflect on the game. When and how was their attention distracted? What helped them concentrate and remember the previous sentence?

Thank you girls for your participation and we hope that tomorrow you will continue practicing active listening with your friends 🙂

A lively House Meeting

When the girls decide to end a house meeting with a dance….😄

Building Positive Friendship #Wellbeing

During the past week, we were lucky to launch the new pillar of our wellbeing program, building positive friendship. 😀

It is a Pillar that we are going to explore to realise the importance of friendship in our lives. Especially here at College du Leman, where we live as one big family with members from all over the world. Where we learn to live together and support each other and where we will make friends that can last a lifetime.

We will talk about peer pressure, recognizing good influences, social skills, or how to cultivate friendship among other topics; always keeping in mind the key points we would like our students to take away:

  • Authentic Connection
  • The Power of Listening
  • It Takes Time
  • Conflict Is Natural
  • Friendship Change
  • Technology and Online Friendships

As with the previous pillars in the previous term, each child will have to develop an individual project and work together with the others to develop the group project. There will be also a variety of workshops they could attend.

We hope that everyone can enjoy this pillar as we do with our best friends 👭 !!!

Welcome to Mégard girls !!

Welcome to Amaliya and Muslima from Villa Du Lac, they moved this weekend here to Mégard. Amaliya is from Kazakhstan and Muslima from Uzbekistan, they are both in grade 11 !!! We hope that you will enjoy life here…

End of the year event

Thank you to all who attended this magnificent event for keeping the distance and the masks out of your boarding school family group.
It was a lovely evening with beautiful décor and fantastic food.
We hope that soon we can come closer as before but for now, thanks for the tremendous effort you make and the joy you bring with you.  🙂

La Fête de l’Escalade

L’Escalade is a Geneva festival celebrated every year in December in Geneva to commemorate Geneva’s victory over the troops of the Duke of Savoy in 1602.

The tradition for the citizens of Geneva is to break into pieces a chocolate marmite (cauldron) decorated with the colours of the city.

See how Altynai and Polina have participated in this tradition!  🙂

The Hoover team

Teamwork is the key to success 🙂

What a jump, Polina! 🐎

It is a pleasure to see Polina in her riding lessons.  🙂

A new Prefect from Mégard!

Prefects are students that have proven they can be trustworthy and responsible. They have an interest in obtaining a leadership role in the House amongst their peers and they help bridge the gap in a number of areas between our Boarding community at large and the staff.

We are very lucky to count with two Prefects in Villa Mégard, Ria and Manya, and from this week we have a new one, Altynai!

Congratulations on your new role Altynai.

We wish you a brilliant Prefect year 🙂

Educating ourselves with cinema 🎥 #Well-being

This year in our Well-Being program we have launched the advocate project Movie night, with the intention of making our students enjoy and think at the same time.
At our last Well-Being session in Mégard we were working on a list of films that could promote diversity with their frames.
This is important because we know that films allow us to experience new and provocative ideas, to share and reveal cultures and to expose and bring to life the past. These stories may be simple or complicated, but they are important and educational.
Cinema is an enormously powerful medium for commemorating people and for creating empathy and understanding, but also for provoking debate.

On December 13 we have a new date to watch the film Wonder  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2543472/. A new opportunity for students to continue their education through this incredible medium.

A night to be thankful 🦃

This year’s Thanksgiving was very different from other years but still, at Boarding, we wanted to celebrate the spirit of gratitude.
So last night we had a special dinner in which we shared more than just food, but also appreciation.
I bet you have something to be thankful for too. 🙂

Nonviolent Communication with Mrs. Jody

Tonight we had a visit from our counselor Mrs. Jody. She explained to some of our girls the approach to non-violent communication.
It is a very useful tool when it comes to coexistence and conflict resolution. We hope to continue practicing and improving our experience of living together.

Thank you Mrs. Jody!

International Cuisine Quiz 👩‍🍳

Today we had the opportunity at the house meeting to talk about an important topic in pillar 2 of the well-being program, diversity.
To introduce the topic we played a quiz on food around the world.
In this fun way we started to talk about how positive it is to have different cultures and how it enriches our lives.
We had no losers in the game, we all won in the end!

✋Stop Bullying #Well-Being

The last session of our Wellbeing program (under Pillar 2: Respecting Diversity and Protecting Against Bullying) was focused on exploring ways to deal with and protect against bullying.
In a previous session, we had already talked about what it consists of and the multiple ways in which it can appear.

“Bullying is behaviour by an individual or group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally. It is often motivated by prejudice against particular groups. It may occur directly or through cyber-technology.  Although it may be unintentional, it is also bullying if someone feels hurt because of things said about their ethnic, cultural, or economic background, religious faith, gender, sexuality (homophobic/transphobic), disability, special educational need, appearance, or issues in their family”

This time with the help of a video and time to reflect individually, we made a list of strategies that we thought would be useful in different cases of bullying.

It was a very enlightening conversation because it was spoken from their own personal experience, which reflects the challenges of adolescents in today’s society
Thank you girls for your participation!


A Spanish soirée 💃

To celebrate the diversity of our community, we have started with our first international dinner at Villa Mégard.
With the help of Chef Alexandra, we have prepared a dinner of Spanish dishes, with tortilla, empanada, chorizo, olives, and fresh tomato. …          All of this was enlivened by Latin music from our private DJ.

Thank you for a very enjoyable evening girls!

Spirit week video!

Last week, we have been celebrating Spirit week here at CDL. Spirit is one of our key principles and represents the ‘S’ in our school motto – RISE.

As a Boarding community, we were able to produce this amazing video with all of our Boarding students present. The video is a wonderful representation of the togetherness and diversity that is permanent throughout our school.

The ABC of Bullying # Well Being

During last week’s Well Being session we were talking about what Bullying means. To break the ice we divided the girls into groups and gave them a part of the alphabet. Each group had to find a word related to Bullying and write it next to the first capital letter.

It was an interesting game to helps us understand what this term encompasses and what are the most common ways of bullying. After this session, we will continue with another one where we will talk about our own experiences and how to deal with this type of conflict.

Boot camp!

We have a new club in  Boarding, Boot Camp!  Thanks to Mr. Rob, students can join this healthy club to stay in shape.
But stay tuned, there are more clubs to join: drama, biking, fashion and beauty, public speaking…
We are waiting for you!

Respecting diversity and protecting against bullying #Well Being

Dear Parents ,

The autumn term brings the launch of our second pillar within our annual wellbeing programme. This pillar is called ‘Respecting diversity and protecting against bullying’

For the next 7 weeks, our students will explore their own thoughts and beliefs around inclusion, tolerance, empathetic communication and respecting and valuing difference. We will do this through the format of engaging students and houses in selected community and individual projects. 

Each student will be asked to talk about with their house parent about what they have learnt and what they found most rewarding about their projects. As with any of our wellbeing projects, we encourage creativity, time for self-awareness development and genuine reflection.  

This pillars advocate is Mr Antonio, who is there to further support houses and students in the programme. The support, however, continues throughout the year and students are encouraged to approach our wellbeing advocates whenever they want to reach out to discuss a problem or gain advice.  

All of your child’s feedback will be communicated back through the end of the term wellbeing report, where we will also take another moment to carry out the CDL wellbeing checklist. This will offer another opportunity to measure how your child is doing in key areas of wellbeing.  

Kitchen Chores

Consider these seven reasons why teenagers should help out around the house:

1. Chores help to teach life skills.

2. Chores help learn responsibility and self-reliance.

3. Chores help teach teamwork.

4. Chores help reinforce respect.

5. Chores help build a strong work ethic.

6. Chores help improve planning and time management skills.

7. Chores give families a chance to bond. 🙂

Our Wednesday

After a tasty Portuguese dinner  ( with the famous pastéis de nata) …. our House meeting.

Not only talking about what is important this week but ending with a relaxing session of mediation.

Thank you, girls!

Exercise and Well-being

There are many reasons why physical activity is good for your body. Having a healthy heart and improving your joints and bones are just two.

But did you know that physical activity is also beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing?

Regular exercise helps stimulate the release of endorphins, which in turn increases mental alertness, energy and boosts our overall mood. It can increase our self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety. It also plays a role in preventing the development of mental health problems and in improving the quality of life of people experiencing mental health problems.

In Villa Mégard we have discussed other ways to get active if you don’t fancy an exercise programme:

  • Walk to School every morning
  • Walk up and down the stairs
  • Bike
  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a walk when meeting your friends
  • Dance!

Not only some of the girls are implementing new sporty habits for their individual projects but we are also preparing a dance challenge as a community project. Soon we will show some pictures, stay tuned!

Boarding Assembly

As every month we have a Boarding assembly to talk about important matters of our community.

Thank you Paria for your lovely Piano opening, Mr. Usher for your thoughtful words,  Diana and Ivan for talking about your personal experiences, and Mr. Rob for doings great summary of Wellbeing Pillar 1, Nurturing Healthy Minds and Bodies.

School year’s end

Back to school.

Another school year is about to finish, but what a year! Full of emotions and challenges.

My dear ladies you all went through it with a lot of maturity and resilience. I’m very proud of you all, Valeriia, Katya, Norah, Angel, Alina, Paola, Charlotte, and Galiya!

I really hope we’ll stay in touch because somehow we have missed 3 months of the time we could have spent together here in Megard, and it feels like something has not been completed…

I wish you all the best for your future studies, either in Gr 12 here in CdL or at the University.

Graduation ceremony

This year the graduation ceremony was as unusual as were the last 3 months!

So we had for the first time in CdL’s life an online ceremony in order to celebrate our graduate students. I guess that all of them were in front of their screen to enjoy it with their families, and so we were, proud of their journey.

We even had the great surprise to see Charlotte awarded with the “ACLA price” and Galiya for one of the “Highest Academic Achievement” in Gr 12.

CONGRADUATIONS to Valeriia, Galiya, Charlotte and Paola!

And let’s meet on the 26th of June for the boarders graduate ceremony!

Welcome back on board!

We hope you all had a nice and restful time at home with your families!

We’re processing today again through the Virtual Learning Experience, waiting to be able to all come back to school.

Good luck for this last stretch of the school year, as unusual as it can be!

Spring break

After 4 weeks of a Virtual Learning Experience, we can finally all rest and enjoy our family and beloved ones.

Alina, Valeriia, Charlotte, Angel, Paola, Galiya, Norah and Katya, we’re looking forward to seeing you back in the House as soon as possible! It feels too empty without you…

In the meantime enjoy the Spring break safe at home!!

Well being Pillar 3: Gratitude & Fun

I wanted them to think about simple things that we are grateful for… as we will atract more into our life. What are you grateful today? Family, friends, breathing, being in one of the best school in the world, food, nature.

What means for you to have fun? Travelling, music, social time, yoga, having dinner with family or friends…

These are some of the thoughts we had talked about it in our well being session tonight.

Sewing lesson

Norah wants to study fashion design in the future so today she took her first lesson, sewing, in the boarding house!

She understood quite quickly the technique even though the machine is very old…

Alumni platform

We are excited to introduce a new way of bringing together our Alumni family through our new CDL Alumni platform!

On the new and interactive platform you will find:
– Friends and connections
– News and stories from alumni and CDL
– Photographs from the last 60 years
– A full calendar of Alumni events around the world
– The opportunity to be a mentor to other CDL alumni

We encourage all of our alumni to register using the following link: https://alumni.cdl.ch/

#collegeduleman #internationalschool #madeforconnections #alumni #60years

Wellbeing pillar 3 : Learning styles

Some Carnaval pastries to get concentrated on a questionnaire about learning styles! The girls discovered or confirmed their own style through some questions on https://www.easyteacherworksheets.com/pages/pdf/teacherprints/studyskills/14.html but they could also get tips from https://www.easyteacherworksheets.com/teacherprints/studyskills.html

It allowed the girls to understand what works best for them in study time and how to effectively use their time.

Those are important tools in a crucial period of mock exams et final exams in approach!

Full day for Valeriia

Unbelievable but here we have the proof. When you don’t push them to do an activity, they decided to do it by themselves. She did the best on this day : gym, grocery shopping, cooking and mandala time! Super happy with her.

Pillar 4: Making Responsable choices

Today, we had a snack in our well being program by the lake. They identify the different emotions from different pictures. Also, we played a game which one of them is doing an emotion and the others guess what emotion she is doing.

They have a lovely time and they were very thankful for it.

Another chapter to start

We’re looking forward to welcoming back the students after this little break that they spent either with the school in Crans-Montana for the winter camp or with their families and beloved ones!

Take a deep breath and let’s go!! The third marking period is waiting for you.

Well being part III – Friendship

Putting on practice today in pairs saying Yes and No. The exercise was to be in front of each other and stepping in at the saying time they were feeling to say “no” to the person in front of them and then switch. Seeing the difference between when they say No and when they receive a no. They cooperated and reinforce themselves with confidence to don’t be afraid of saying yes or no in any situation of their life but always with respect. It is also a way to set boundaries and respect themselves. 

Monthly Assembly

Monthly Assembly. It starts with an amazing music session by our student Gabriel Legros. Also, Christine did a presentation about Coronavirus. World News Committee got introduced to the students by Mr. Rob, Mr. James, and Mrs. Terri which it will be a time for students to discuss the news that are happening in the world.

Wellbeing : friendship through a boarding experience

26 things you only understand if you went to boarding school

Tonight during our wellbeing session, while having a hot chocolate, we discussed how much friendship can be intensified due to the boarding life. The girls could identify themselves through the 26 quotes presented and laughed about them because they all sounded familiar somehow…

What will remain from their boarding experience is their friendships, which may last forever! They tend not to believe in it but we made an appointment altogether in 10 years time to talk about all of that.

Pillar 3: Well Being “How do you say no?”

Today, we started our well being in the second period. It was something good for the first time. Between different cultures, there are different opinions. For example for Russian and Ukrainian girls, it was easy to do it. However, Norah and Angel could be a little harder. The conversation went all the way through relationships, the right of the women in their country to decide and make her voice speak up and religious. Very beautiful time spending with my girls!!


Cooking in Megard

In Chinese traditional festivals, little New Year’s Eve (one week before New Year’s Eve), we made dinner at megard. Although we couldn’t spend it with our family in China, it was still very fulfilling.


Mountain weekend 2

Lots of fun in Crans-Montana for our 2nd-weekend mountain! Some skiing or snowboarding and/or other activities such as skating, curling, snow tubing, real flying, even photo shooting or mobile hairdresser 😉 …

The choices were huge and we all enjoyed the good ambiance, the sun, the snow, and the fresh air.

We hope the next one will be as good as this one, not to say even better!

Pillar 3- Well B E I N G! Friendships

Friendship needs to start from respect, confident, things in comun, support, love and trust. In our talk about Friendship, the girls open up saying that friendship are hard and very needed living in a boarding community as it makes them lifes easier to have the support from a friend. Someone who will be there no matter what happens. We did a round about who was the first friend that they had when they arrived in the school and if they still having a good relationship with this person . Also, we had talked how friendship can change sometimes.

Winter ball!

After a bit of preparation, make-up, hairdresser and nice costumes our students showed up in their best looking!

This evening was well-expected and everyone enjoyed it, from the pictures at the Christmas tree, the dinner and of course the dancing party 😉

House Dinner

As every year, last Wednesday we had the traditional House Dinner before the Winter Holidays! The girls had a fantastic time sharing their plans for the coming holidays.

Escalade celebration!

L’Escalade, or Fête de l’Escalade (from escalade, the act of scaling defensive walls), is an annual festival in Geneva, Switzerland, held each December in celebration of the defeat of an attempt to conquer the Protestant city by the Catholic Duchy of Savoy. Troops sent by Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy, attempted a surprise attack during the night of 11–12 December 1602, but according to legend, were repulsed by a cook who dumped boiling vegetable soup on the invaders before raising an alarm. The celebrations and other commemorative activities are usually held on 12 December or the closest weekend.

Assembly : Paola’s presentation

In the Boarding Assembly tonight Mrs. Cristina, Tania (from another Boarding House) and Paola made a presentation about the community service they took part in either in Africa for Cristina (Cap Skirring) and Paola (Tanzania) and in the Dominican Republic for Tania. They spoke with their heart about their experience and it was enjoyable to see them so enthusiastic about this topic. They shared their feelings and said that they learned more from these people than what they taught.

They encouraged everyone to do so! Such helpful operations are to be put on stage and showed off!!

Well being – Part II Countries and cultures

We have a smoothy talk about what our girls do to promote their country in our community. Charlotte speaks French as she is from Paris, Galiya makes bread from Kazakhstan, Katya talks in Ukraine as it actually sounds really nice and she makes other people laughing because it sound funny. Angel and Norah has their country very presence with their food. Valeria has her Russian’s flag in her room which makes her feel like at home. This a small example of all we have spoken tonight about each of them.

Award ceremony for the MP1!

Tonight was held the award ceremony, a school event where we reward the students for their commitments in the Boarding life, in their activities participation or for their good academic performance.
We very delighted to see on stage Paola for her Boarding life engagement, Valeriia for her very good participation in the activities proposed by the school and Charlotte for her very good GPA!
Well done ladies and congrats to all the students rewarded.

Wednesday Talks

Norah and Angel had assisted to this great opportunity to hear for new jobs possibilities for the future and to get inspired by this lovely talk.

Reginal Bien- Aimé came tonight to talk about business, jobs in the following years and how important is to have a goal.


Wellbeing session : charity actions

We took tonight the time to sit and talk about this important topic which is charity!

The girls have decided what they would do, either buying presents for kids in a foster home, helping in different actions and working on a project which consists in distributing coins collectors in all the boarding houses. They will be collected at the end of the school year and donated for a specific cause.

You can be proud of yourselves ladies!

Well being Pillar 2- Diversity

Today, in our well being session every girl put an positive adjective or something that they like from the others girls. Even if they are not best friend, they had to think about it and accept the diversity and amazing differences between them.

Relationship with adults : wellbeing session

On Thursday evening I gathered the girls in the living room with some “roses des tables” (cornflakes mixed with chocolate) to have a discussion about the relationships they have with the adults in general and at school.

Relationships at school. Teacher-student.

I wanted them to tell me what sort of relationship they experience and the reason why it can be different from an adult to another one. It’s a very good exercise to evaluate the level of trust, care, and kindness they share together and sometimes it raises some issues. The students spend most of their time with adults around them, so it’s very important that their links are set fair!!

Thanks to those discussions we learn a lot and it helps us move on in the right direction.

Well being- How could I help others in the community?

Sharing the experience of Paola’s trip to Tanzania last June for around 2-3 weeks. She painted a lot of different walls, made the conglomerate on the floor, played with the kids and explored a new different world. Also, I think the best to teach is by example and from your experience… so I talked about my experience by helping others also last Summer in Senegal building a place for the kids to play, I played and gave them love and attention. We also pick up all the garbage from the village and painted some mandalas…


Let’s keep making our big seed in this world… 🙂

Preparing the competition of Masterchef


Two different nationalities working together in the Kitchen preparing the best Tiramisu ever. Most of them participated in one way for this to be possible… so Valeriia went to do the shopping for the ingredients, Angel and Paola worked together on the Tiramisu and Norah cleaned the kitchen… Good job team work!

Open days on Saturday 16th November!

Open House on Saturday 16th of November
Would you like to know more about our academic programs, our extracurricular activities, our campus? Register now on www.cdl.ch/openhouse and come meet our Principals.

Programme :-

9.30 a.m. – 12 p.m. :
– Welcome and presentation of Collège du Léman
– Visit stands (admissions, alumni, bus and lunch, extracurricular activities, camps, learning support, college advisory, PFA etc.)
– Tours of the School
– Informal meetings with Principals

Guitar and singing performance

What a performance Spencer and Norah gave us tonight during the boarding assembly!!

They both sang like angels a very beautiful Chinese song. The audience was particularly receptive and enthusiastic.

They brought the sun on a very heavy rainy day!!

We are proud of both of them.

Escalade race in Geneva

Run with CDL!

The Course de l’Escalade is a fun race held each December in the old town of Geneva as part of the wonderful Escalade celebrations. This traditional race is the largest race in Switzerland and is open to everyone as of 6 years old, and it’s on the Saturday 1st of December.

Wellbeing pillar 2: protecting against bullying & respecting diversity

Our wellbeing session had tonight the taste of a yogurt cake with pears and chocolate!

A sweet note for a deep and serious talk, bullying.

While we were going through the school anti-bullying policy, I asked the girls to tell me their definition of bullying, the different ways of doing it according to them, if they had already experienced or witnessed it, what they did or would do, what they think they should do and much more.

The discussion was very interesting and intense. I hope they got the importance and consequences of such bad behavior.

Well being session : self-esteem talk

Tonight we started the session with a reflection on self-esteem!

The girls had a lot of thoughts and were keen on talking. They mostly shared their fear of being ready for the future, and especially for their first year in the university. Normal fears for normal teenagers!

Let’s make sure it doesn’t impact their self-esteem and let’s make everything possible to make them feel happy and secure!!

Talking about future

In one year, these lovely girls will be taking a GAP year or going to University.  They have several meetings with Miss. Oshima to talk about the future and have everything ready to apply for universities. This week, it was the turn for Paola and Natalina.

Escalade race

Run with CDL!

The 42nd Course de l’Escalade (www.escalade.ch) will be on Sunday1st December 2019. The Course de l’Escalade is a fun race held each December in the old town of Geneva as part of the wonderful Escalade celebrations. This traditional race is the largest race in Switzerland and is open to everyone as of 6 years old. Come join the CDL Team!

Registration Deadline: 8th November before 18:00

How far do we run?
6-7 yrs run 1.36 km;
8-9 yrs run 1.74 km;
10-13 yrs run 2.34 km;
14-17 yrs & men and women mix (group 2) run 4.83 km;
Men and women mix (group 3) run 7.3 km

Registering as a CDL runner means that you must pick up your running package at the Olympus on the Friday 29th of November as of 15:30 or at the pasta party which will be held at the Eiger Cafeteria on the same date. The package will also be available at the CDL tent in the school village at the Parc des Bastions one hour before the race on Sunday. The cost of the race will be billed to you through CDL.

Registration fee CHF 25.- Students (up to 18 years), CHF 40.- Adults

For more information or questions please contact Coach Alex at alexandra.vantuyll@cdl.ch

Playing guitar!!

Great to have a musician at home. Supporting her as much as we can to push her to do her best and enjoy it when she has a guitar on her hands. Everyone has a special talent! 🙂 Keep motivated Norah!

Natalina and Valeriia were a great helper

During our dinner at home, Natalina and Valeriia volunteer to help Miss Cristina in the kitchen. It was very good to see them engaged and enjoying cooking. Always a pleasure when they take the initiative to help and participate in the activities in the House. Valeriia helped to do the apple compote, apple pie, and courgette pizza. Also, Natalina cut potatoes to do homemade “French fries”, cucumber and carrot. So pleased to have them here.

Hooping for a cure

On October 27th, there will be a basketball tournament in CDL. Boys and girls mixed, it would mean a lot if you could sign up and play, because it is for a good cause and have fun playing basketball. You don’t have to be a professional, you can play for fun without winning. It is from 10 am to 5pm.  All the money they will receive will go directly to the charity ” Hooping for a cure” which is working on finding a cure for breast cancer.

CDL Talks 1st round

Tonight Angel, Norah, Charlotte, Paola, and Valeriia had the opportunity today to be inspired and motivated by Edward Girardet who encouraged our students to start writing as a way of expressing themselves( just about the weekend,simply things). From this amazing talk, I keep the word “curiosity” which keep us alive.

CDL talks : presentation

Aperçu de l’image

The boarding community within Collège du Léman is happy to present this new project called CDL Talks.

This one is the first in a series of talks given by inspirational speakers to CDL students (both boarding and day) in Grades 11 & 12 / Première et Terminale.

Edward Girardet is an international journalist and the editor of The Global Geneva magazine. Last year he hosted some of our CDL High School students for a journalism workshop.

It is a great opportunity for our students to meet him, listen to him and ask him questions.

Discovery days


Those pictures are some of the nicest views that our Gr11 students, Norah, Angel and Katya have witnessed during their 2 discovery days in the Swiss mountains!

It was enjoyable since the weather was very nice. They came back tired but with a lot of good memories and pictures in their head…and phones 🙂

Sport Competition Weekend

Our House has been in the team with Louis Degalier and Concha Annexe participating in this Sport Competition where the girls had a lot fun . We had a lovely and sunny afternoon playing different games as three legs race, tug of war, ping pong race, musical chairs, badminton shooting, keep the ball up, basket…

Meditation as one of our well being activities

Meditation brings us to live the present here and now, being conscious of how our body is feeling and being able to take some time to put in energy and positives thoughts.

We had a wonderful time laughing and then, we focus on breathing, relaxation and being thankful for everything around us.

Leysin for a weekend

Last weekend we took all of our students in the Swiss resort of Leysin for an integration mountain weekend with outdoor activities such as biking, rock climbing, outdoor and cooking living skills or even trecking down the hill!

We all enjoyed this particular and enriching experience.

Wellbeing session

We started our weekly wellbeing program with a session based on the sleep and its importance in life! The girls shared their views on the wellbeing concept and their sleep habits. The will report their data over 2 weeks and we will discuss it in our next session.

Nice start! We can’t wait for our next time together.

Welcome dinner

On their first day of school all the boarding students were invited to their first event, the welcome dinner!

They were all looking good (House Parents and students) and happy to meet around a drink and a nice meal.

The food was good, the ambiance and the weather also…the perfect evening to welcome the boarders.

Yeah we’re all back!

Returning students or new students, we are very happy to meet you or see you back!

We’re looking forward to spending a great journey together this school year, so get ready for a lot of fun, some study 🙂 and of course a huge success!!




Here we are finally!!

We wish you all to take advantage of your vacation at your convenience, rest, travel, fun, friends, family!

Rendez-vous in 2 months…


Open House

Would you like to know more about our Middle School and High School academic programs?

Register now on www.cdl.ch/openhouse and come meet our Middle School and High School Principals.

Programme :-
10 a.m. – 12 p.m. & 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
– Welcome and presentation of Collège du Léman.
– Focus on our academic programmes – International Baccalaureate (IBDP,IBCP), Maturité Suisse, High school diploma with AP options, Baccalaureat français.
– Informal meetings with Principals of Middle School and High School.
– Tours of the School.

Daniel Lozakovich concert

Collège du Léman has always taken great pride in its students and Daniel Lozakovich is no exception. His last salute to our school, a concert at the Victoria Hall in Geneva, May 5, 2019. We had the pleasure to welcome 600 guests from all around the world, all mesmerized by the talent of Daniel. A special thanks goes to Professor Stefan Catsicas and Dr Olivier Menzel for the inspiring speech about DNA and the BLACKSWAN Foundation.



Today we celebrated our graduating students in a very nice and emotional ceremony! Diana and Laalia were beautiful with their caps and gowns. Well done to everyone and good luck for the future!

Diana has also received a price for good IB results. Congratulations

Special Orchestra Day

In order to build on the existing School Orchestra and the Middle and High School Wind Band to form a full Orchestra, the performing art department and music teachers are very excited to organize a special Orchestra Day at Collège Du Léman.

Several students are learning orchestral instruments after school at CDL but also at various music schools and conservatoires throughout Switzerland and France.
Because of many commitments in and out of school it is always difficult to bring our talented musical students together and as such it would be worthwhile to hold a day when all our orchestral playing students can come together to form an orchestra. Any students who play an orchestral instrument are invited to attend. We will rehearse together as a whole orchestra but will also have the opportunity to have sectional rehearsals to go into more detail for our performance at the end of the day when we hope to give a small informal performance to Primary students.

This Orchestra Day will be on Wednesday 22nd of May from 8.20 to 15.50. The orchestra will also be invited to play at the CDL Graduation on Saturday the 25th of May at hotel Kempinski in Geneva.
Should a student need to attend a special lesson during the day for various reasons, a summative assessment for example, that will of course be possible.

We cannot emphasize enough that all orchestral musicians are welcomed and if you wish your child to participate please encourage them to contact their music teacher.

If you have any questions about the day please feel free to contact the Head of Performing Art Mr. Simon Cain at simon.cain@cdl.ch

We thank you in advance for your support and encouragement and look forward to continue helping your child in their musical development.

Yuttie’s departure party

A good party in Megard is a party made of nice things to eat, so tonight we had a French “tarte tatin” (hot apple pie with caramel) with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, all hand-made – the perfect combination to make it delicious!

Yuttie, hope you’ll live on a good and sweet note!!

Annecy trip

Yuttie went to a trip to Annecy today!

The students were lucky with the weather and had the luxury of a guide to show them all the specific places such as the old town and its castle. Then they enjoyed a bit of free time!

That was a good break in the revision program for Yuttie.

Finally planting

Here is our culture! Planted or sowed but ready to grow at its best, thanks to Laalia and her friend Pouya!

They worked hard on this task this afternoon. Beans, pumpkins, melons, aromatic herbs and radiches will be to be eaten or given and flowers to be looked at or offered 😉


Still Easter?

Why waiting for next Easter to eat some more chocolate?

There’s always a good reason to eat some, because you’re happy, because you’re sad, because you’re hungry, because you’re not, and finally just because you want!!

Leaver’s Assembly

Tonight we celebrated our Gr 12 who are about to finish their school year and leave… sniff sniff

The prefects, as Yuttie, made nice and touching speeches about their experiences, they gave the Gr 12 to be some advice and they wished all the final year students good luck with their exams.

We are proud of them all!!

Sunday sweets

There should be a law that on Sunday we should eat at least something sweet!

Could be a piece of a good yogurt and kinder bueno cake or some french toasts.

What to choose? And what about taking both!!

Alumni dinner

Yesterday the CdL Boarding House community hold his annual Alumni dinner with all our Gr 12.

Yuttie, Diana and Laalia enjoyed the nice dinner and the company of the former students.

Souvenirs and laughs to share, the best summary of a journey in CdL!!

Juventus Academy Geneva Training Camp

This summer, Collège du Léman will partner with the Juventus Academy to provide a unique opportunity in Geneva.

The Juventus Academy Geneva Training Camp is open to youngsters, boys and girls, aged 8 to 18, regardless of whether or not they already play competitive football. The method adopted by J-Academy for teaching children the skills to play football closely follows the children’s own development as young people, from their introduction to the game to physical maturity.

The camp offers a perfect environment for student fulfilment. After training sessions, Boarding students will have the opportunity to benefit from the international Summer Camp ambiance during evening activities and week-end excursions.

A great way to combine their passion for football and international friendship.

More information : camps@cdl.ch

Open Day in CdL

Open House on Saturday 27th of April.

Would you like to know more about our academic programs, our extracurricular activities, our campus? Register now on www.cdl.ch/openhouse and come meet our Principals.

Programme :-

9.30 a.m. – 12 p.m. :
– Welcome and presentation of Collège du Léman
– Visit stands (admissions, alumni, bus and lunch, extracurricular activities, camps, learning support, college advisory, PFA etc.)
– Tours of the School
– Informal meetings with Principals

Easter break

Megard girls wish you all an Happy Easter break with your family and friends!

Enjoy this particular time. Some rest but some study as well, because for final year students school has finished but exams are approaching…

Community Service

Based on a school project, the girls in Megard came up with the idea to buy essentials such as pads, toothbrushes and detergent for refugees! It has been distributed and made some happy people!!

Those goods seem to be details in anybody’s life but it can make a big difference in a daily life when you don’t have them…

We should all think about it and act, baring in mind that we could need it as well one day!



It has been decided during the week that the House will do the cross fit activity altogether.

Not an easy task but they made it till the end of the session! Bravo!!

Award Ceremony




Tonight we had the 2nd Award Ceremony, where we reward the students for their good academic results, their good behaviour in the House and their participation in the activities at the end of each marking period.

We were very proud to see Paola and Charlotte being called on stage to receive a “Distinction”, given for outstanding students and approved by the General Director.

Then Dahlia received for the 2nd time an Award for her commitment in the House, while Valeriia was rewarded for a high level of engagement with activities!

Charlotte received another medal for the highest GPA in the “Première Baccalauréat”.

A very good crop of medals!!

 Daniel Lozakovich violon concert

Collège du Léman is pleased to invite you to an exceptional violin concert from our boarding student Daniel Lozakovich.

Having his album produced by Deutsche Grammophon, Daniel is studying his last semester at Collège du Léman. This concert is his salute to the school.

Daniel Lozakovich’s majestic music-making has left critics and audiences spellbound. “Perfect mastery. An exceptional talent,” observed Le Figaro after a recent performance, while the Boston Globe praised the “poise, tonal purity, and technique to spare” of his debut with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Andris Nelsons at Tanglewood.

All the funds raised will be donated to the BLACKSWAN Foundation, which promotes research for rare and orphan diseases around the world.

Tickets are for sale at the local stands below or online at this link (please use the code CDLVictoria2019 while booking for a special rate)

  • Service culturel Migros Genève, Rue du Commerce 9, tél. 058 568 29 00
  • Migros Stand Info Balexert, Geneva
  • Migros Nyon-La Combe.


CDL Grand Prix

On behalf of the Organizational Team, we would like to take this
opportunity to welcome you to the 15th edition of the CDL Grand Prix
that will be run on Thursday 21 March.
The Athletics Team is proud to be associated with the CDL
Health/ Medical Teams and CDL Academic Classes, to promote

Open Day on the 2nd of March







Would you like to know more about our academic programs, our extracurricular activities, our campus?

Register now on www.cdl.ch/openhouse and come meet our Principals.

Programme – 9.30 a.m / 12 p.m. :
– Welcome and presentation of Collège du Léman
– Visit stands (admissions, bus and lunch, extracurricular activities, camps, learning support, college advisory, PFA etc.)
– Tours of the School
– Informal meetings with Principals

Christmas Dance

Our traditional Christmas Dance party took place on Saturday the 15th of December in the Hotel Kempinski!

Everyone made an effort to look incredibly elegant! Megard girls were of course part of it and the most beautiful (as you can see on the pictures) and we all had a great time eating good food and dancing like never!

More pictures to come for your pleasure…

Winter is here

Winter is here. You may not be surrounded by mountains filled with snow, but winter nonetheless has something whimsical to offer no matter where you are. Cold weather brings people together, we yearn for warmth, love, and connection. The holidays deliver big family meals, endless gratitude, and it just seems like time moves a little bit slower than usual.

When the first winter breeze blows through the trees you can feel the magic in the air. People seem to be a bit nicer and nobody can complain about a little vacation time! This winter season, I challenge you to be open and accepting to new beginnings, learn to love more, and allow time to slow down so you can appreciate each and every moment.

Award ceremony

Tonight we celebrated the good results, academic and behavioral of our dear boarding students in marking period 1.

From Megard, Dahlia was awarded for her good boarding spirit! Paola for her participation in activities and the best academic results in IB1! Diana got an award for the best academic results in IB2 and Charlotte for the best results in 1ère Baccalauréat!

Very well done to Megard girls and to the others! We are proud of you as you and your parents should be.

House competition : Masterchef

Tonight for the Masterchef competition Megard girls, leading by Diana and Yiting, cooked a very tasty main course!

  • Meatloaf stuffed with garlic, onion, mushrooms, ginger and herbs
  • Pumpkin and parmesan gnocchis
  • Pumpkin and leek risotto
  • Roquefort and broccoli sauce

Very well done ladies I’m proud of you! Let’s wait for the results now…