Respecting diversity and protecting against bullying #Well Being

Dear Parents ,

The autumn term brings the launch of our second pillar within our annual wellbeing programme. This pillar is called ‘Respecting diversity and protecting against bullying’

For the next 7 weeks, our students will explore their own thoughts and beliefs around inclusion, tolerance, empathetic communication and respecting and valuing difference. We will do this through the format of engaging students and houses in selected community and individual projects. 

Each student will be asked to talk about with their house parent about what they have learnt and what they found most rewarding about their projects. As with any of our wellbeing projects, we encourage creativity, time for self-awareness development and genuine reflection.  

This pillars advocate is Mr Antonio, who is there to further support houses and students in the programme. The support, however, continues throughout the year and students are encouraged to approach our wellbeing advocates whenever they want to reach out to discuss a problem or gain advice.  

All of your child’s feedback will be communicated back through the end of the term wellbeing report, where we will also take another moment to carry out the CDL wellbeing checklist. This will offer another opportunity to measure how your child is doing in key areas of wellbeing.  

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