Building Positive Friendship #Wellbeing

During the past week, we were lucky to launch the new pillar of our wellbeing program, building positive friendship. 😀

It is a Pillar that we are going to explore to realise the importance of friendship in our lives. Especially here at College du Leman, where we live as one big family with members from all over the world. Where we learn to live together and support each other and where we will make friends that can last a lifetime.

We will talk about peer pressure, recognizing good influences, social skills, or how to cultivate friendship among other topics; always keeping in mind the key points we would like our students to take away:

  • Authentic Connection
  • The Power of Listening
  • It Takes Time
  • Conflict Is Natural
  • Friendship Change
  • Technology and Online Friendships

As with the previous pillars in the previous term, each child will have to develop an individual project and work together with the others to develop the group project. There will be also a variety of workshops they could attend.

We hope that everyone can enjoy this pillar as we do with our best friends 👭 !!!

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