Active listening #Wellbeing

Active Listening is a skill that allows us to hear not only the words people are saying but also the emotions they are reflecting through their nonverbal behavior. Both are important in understanding the whole message being communicated.

Being able to hear what people are really saying is a valuable communication skill that has a major impact on the quality of our friendships. This is why we have explored in this week Active listening for our Wellbeing session of Pillar 3 Building Positive friendship.

This is a complex skill that we have practiced with two activities.  First, we gave some prompts read by Amalyia and the girls had to decide whether it was active listening or not. Some of them made them hesitate but most of them were easy to identify such as making eye contact or remembering what you have been told.

The focus of the second activity was on practicing concentration; listening to the verbal message with undivided attention. We asked all the girls to sit in a circle. The first girl started to tell a story. After 3-5 sentences, say “stop” and randomly choose another participant to continue. This person had to repeat the last sentence said and then continue making up the story. We laughed a lot at the story we created together, but the end of the sentences was not always remembered. So we asked these questions to reflect on the game. When and how was their attention distracted? What helped them concentrate and remember the previous sentence?

Thank you girls for your participation and we hope that tomorrow you will continue practicing active listening with your friends 🙂

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