Vitamin friends #Wellbeing

In this week’s wellbeing session we continued talking about important topics in our 3rd pillar – Building positive friendships.

This week we discussed whether we know how to recognize the influence of our friends with whom we spend most time.

It is something very frequent that we talk about friends who can be toxic, and do not benefit us with their attitudes, but in this session we have asked ourselves if we pay attention,  if we realise who are the friends that make us feel good and what are their qualities.

We named this type of friends: Vitamin friendsThey are those friends who transmit good energy, who recharge your spirits and when you go back home you arrive in a much better mood, more positive and enthusiastic, wanting to eat the world and with stiffness in your jaw from laughing.

And it is not only to make jokes and talk with humor, you can also expose problems and tense situations, but the result is to see life from a more optimistic and resolute point of view.

In groups we worked on identifying the characteristics of our friends when they behave their best, as vitamin friends . To finish and to reflect,  we asked: Do you realize when you are the best influence on your friends? and the opposite?

Thank you very much for your ideas girls.

It has been a session full of vitamins.  🙂

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