Boarding Assembly and Stay Safe movie

Tonight we held the last Boarding Assembly! It was a nice resume of the year with a compilation of all the good moments we all shared together (the competitions, the charity actions, the party dinners, …) and a warm message from everyone for the summer holidays 😉

Afterward, we watched a “Stay Safe movie” on sexual content.

We took a bit of time to reflect on their thoughts about it! We always have honest discussions and the girls aren’t scared to talk.


Luna Park in Lausanne!

During this long weekend (no class on Monday) the students had the chance to go to Luna Park, an amusement park in Lausanne.

They could enjoy the numerous rides under a very friendly sun… finally after a week of bad weather!

Ria’s 18th birthday week

Following Ria’s mother’s request, every day of the week preceding her 18th birthday, Ria received presents each one cuter and more touching than the last with notes from her family!

Flowers, teddy bear, chocolate, flowers again, and balloons (blown up by her friends) until the D day!!


What better way to decompress from exams or to take a break from studying than to watch “The penguins” of Madagascar?

With some take-away food or a piece of cupcake, please!

Leavers dinner

After the assembly, the lucky Gr 12 students were proposed a nice dinner!

With all the decoration we couldn’t recognize the canteen. It has been transformed into a very elegant restaurant


Leavers Assembly

What a nice evening for the Grade 12! An assembly just for them, to celebrate their journey here in CDL!

They were all looking good and were wearing their biggest smiles we could guess under their mask.

Congratulations to all of you graduated students!

Wellbeing – last session : self-discipline

Tonight for our last Wellbeing session we talked about self-discipline after watching a video.

The discussion turned around how they disciplined themselves. The first thing they must discipline themselves is to sleep more (at least 8 hours) in order for their brain to function better and to develop correctly as well.

Then the discussion focused on Ria and her 18th birthday and what she will be able to do or won’t be able to do from Sunday! As a grown-up girl, she will have to make some choices and discipline herself in order to achieve her goals. At the moment the self-discipline should help her (and all the students in general) to pass her exams.

That was a good lesson! There are always good examples around us to image and give a more approachable view of abstract ideas!