Happy summer

Here we are! The school has finished on Wednesday and the boarding houses closed this morning. It was an intense year and we are all happy that we made it!

We wish you all a very nice time, surrounded by friends and family, enjoying life and its beauties, and resting as much as you can!

See you in August

End of Year party 🎉

Today we celebrated our end of year party in Concha and we had a blast!
Polina proved to be a professional wrestler beating her friends and her House parent! Ilayda dived like a mermaid and Muslima and Amaliya knew how to relax eating ice-cream!

Thank you girls for such a great day!

Boarding Assembly and Stay Safe movie

Tonight we held the last Boarding Assembly! It was a nice resume of the year with a compilation of all the good moments we all shared together (the competitions, the charity actions, the party dinners, …) and a warm message from everyone for the summer holidays 😉

Afterward, we watched a “Stay Safe movie” on sexual content.


We took a bit of time to reflect on their thoughts about it! We always have honest discussions and the girls aren’t scared to talk.


Luna Park in Lausanne!

During this long weekend (no class on Monday) the students had the chance to go to Luna Park, an amusement park in Lausanne.

They could enjoy the numerous rides under a very friendly sun… finally after a week of bad weather!

Ria’s 18th birthday week

Following Ria’s mother’s request, every day of the week preceding her 18th birthday, Ria received presents each one cuter and more touching than the last with notes from her family!

Flowers, teddy bear, chocolate, flowers again, and balloons (blown up by her friends) until the D day!!


What better way to decompress from exams or to take a break from studying than to watch “The penguins” of Madagascar?

With some take-away food or a piece of cupcake, please!