Europa Park

Some of New Portena girls participated to the Europa Park trip on the ascension week-end!

Wow! It was a very good time on the roller coasters


A small group of students included Angelina, Alisa and Elena had a lovely time on this sunday 5th of may. Isn’t it nice to go to Yvoire, a small medieval town in France, by boat, to spend the day there and to come back all refreshed?




Weekends in Geneva ;)

Saturday and Sunday pleased us with amazingly sunny weather.


We enjoyed the sun in Geneva and spent a wonderful week-end!

In addition, the long weekends are coming soon! Everyone is really excited and making plans about spending them with pleasure.

Hopefully, the weather will be this good 🙂



House activity on the 27th of April… As far as it’s shopping the girls love it!