Home cooked meal

After a long first week back at school some of our lovely ladies made everybody some Spaghetti Carbonara and we all sat down to have our beautiful meal together.

Thank you Sakura, Bice, Sayuri and Sara !!!

P.S.  it was delicious

lots of love,

The New Portena Team

First day back

So exited to have our house filling up with all the lovely ladies of New Portena!

it’s a pleasure to see all the girls smiling! We enjoyed a fun game of UNO Defne, Coco and Anna were our three champions!!


The New Portena team x


Welcome to New Portena !!!

We are so excited to welcome you back for another wonderful year at New Portena!

You may already know Ms. Terri Davis and we are so excited to welcome our new deputy Ms. Maria-Sofia Mantonaki and our two new house tutors Ms. Yewande Ajala and Ms. Emilie Keating.

The New Portena team