Chamonix et Mer de Glace

On Thursday it was Jeune Genevois, a local holiday; 13 of our New Portena girls headed to France for a trip to Chamonix and the Mer De Glace. Here’s a few photos from our fun day out!


A fun filled first weekend!

The girls have had a great weekend getting a glimpse of the activities they can take part in throughout the school year! This weekend we’ve enjoyed Horse Riding, Tennis and Body Shaping; today Jasmine, Becky and Coraline also headed into Geneva to take part in a treasure hunt around the city while doing some sightseeing along the way.

 Tanya, Dahlia, Scarlett and Andrea at horse riding with their new friends!

Coraline, Becky and Jasmine exploring Geneva.

New Portena are now having a relaxing evening in the house before school starts again tomorrow – the girls are looking forward to starting their new activity programme this week and a chance to visit Chamonix and Mer de Glace on Thursday!