Scary Pumpkins!

After dinner Old Portena took two big pumpkins to cut and make a scary face. It was a fun activity because it made us laugh a lot but it was very messy too. Then we looked at all the other pumpkins and took a group photo. We still think that Old Portena’s pumpkin was the best! 🙂  (Julia T. Grade 8)


Old Portena Yoga Sessions

As part of our activity schedule after school all the girls in our house go to a yoga class which I really enjoy. It is a time where we can learn how to relax properly, how to make our bodies more flexible and learn more gymnastic moves. After a busy day at school we feel much more relaxed and energised for our study hall, but also calm enough to study hard. (Anna K. iGCSE)

Salt Mine in Bex, Canton of Vaud

It took us almost two hours by bus to arrive at the salt mine. After we arrived we had a picnic lunch and then went to the tunnel that connects to a video room that gave us the history of the salt mine in this area. After that, we went on a small train deep into the mine which took about ten minutes to travel several kilometers. When we got off, the air was full of the smell of sulphur. After we investigated the mine we came back on the small train. The trip was fun and we also learned more about Chemistry, which I loved! By the time we arrived back at the boarding house we were all very tired but happy that we found out more about mining salt. (Carmiel Z. G7)