Ice Skating

On Sunday we went to the Ice Skating with all the girls, and we had so much fun! It was a bit cold, but we had a really good and wonderful time!!!

Ice skating on Sunday!

Dome on Sunday

On Sundays me and Liza always go to the Dome. Liza plays basketball and I do random stuff, sometimes we play badminton together: SO AWESOME! Thankyou CDL for this fun

This weekend in Old Portena

We have two new boarders in Old Portena,Daria and her sister, Anna and tonight we will have Tamara.It is nice to have new friends in our  house .On friday night we had movie night with our duvets and cake. We watched Bride Wars. On Sunday we made multicolored cake which was very nice. We made jewelry for our hand bags or a necklace. Before bed time on Sunday we had study hall and Joanne made us hot chocolate with whipped cream and colorful bits.

By Julia Grade 8