Ropes Course


Hello, so today we went to the ropes course with the others houses it was amazing and so funny the park was beautiful to, we really had a very good time. ( sorry for my english 😉 ) Natalina O.
IMG_6686 IMG_6684

Discovery days for G9

Tomorrow I’m going to Les Mosses for two days with other grade 9. This is our first trip and is or us to get to know each other better. We are going to go hiking, climbing, swimming and more other sports. I am very excited to have lots of fun with my friends outside of the classrooms.

Here are some photos of Les Mosses;

image imageimage


Ayaka Komori

Clocking up REACH Hours

Ayaka and Margie are doing a great job with the younger students in Old Portena helping them with their homework and to be organised for school. Ayaka and Margie are working towards their REACH hours each night for the areas of Responsibility: Eco Friendly: Active: Creativity: Helpfulness. We are very proud of their efforts already!