Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! We wish you all a well-deserved and relaxing Summer holiday! Thank you to our Old Portena girls for making this year so special and enjoyable for us. We shall miss you!

The beginning in Old Portena…welcome to CDL!

Making new friends and exploring Switzerland

End of Year BBQ- thank you for a fantastic year!

End Of Year BBQ in Old Portena

Because the end of the year is very close, we had a Barbecue dinner this week.

We had a nice meal together and invited some friends from School, Michiko, Reneé and Letícia and we had also Miss Joanne and baby Isla with us.

It was a special night and we’ll miss these moments for sure!

End of Year Party


Yesterday, we had our End Of Year Event, in which the all Boarding community gathered and had a dinner party at Lake Lèman on a board of a boat.

It was a fun night all of us with a lot of music.