House Meeting Presentations

Last night Sevnay spoke about Social Media and the benefits and disadvantages on an International scale – it was very insightful!  Last week, Renata did a Riddle Quiz and gave out some delicious prizes! Well done girls – very brave!

Gift Box Appeal

The girls in Old Portena have collected money to create a present for a young person in Eastern Europe. Lots of children in Eastern Europe will not receive a present this winter, or indeed at all, so the girls were keen to contribute towards a gift that will bring some hope and joy into their lives.

To find out more about the appeal, here is the website of the organisation that arranges the initiative.

Here is a photo of the contents of the box including many items for personal hygiene, items for school, some sweets and biscuits alongside a few toys. Many of the things we take for granted. We really don’t realise how lucky we are!












What a busy weekend, not only did we have boxing on Saturday, but we also had karting on Sunday. A fantastic weekend!

And … Box!

Many of the girls had a fantastic day today trying out boxing. A lot of fun was had by all and as you can see by the photos, we have some talented young boxers! Great for fitness and great for fun.


Musical Chairs!

Friday is Musical Chairs Day! The girls chose names out of a hat and switched tables at breakfast to get to know their housemates better. For several years now we have seen Boarders share meals together in the Dining Hall and then during the summer holidays they end up switching countries to go and visit each other, because they have become such great friends! All of this begins by switching chairs! What a privilege it is to study in an International School!