At Collège du Léman we promote Internationalism, Humanity and Compassion.

To increase closeness in the House, we divided Old Portena’s students in groups of two, from different nationalities, and gave them fifteen personal questions.

During these two marking periods, in our House Assemblies, each girl introduced the other to the rest of the House.

Tonight was the final presentation, where all the girls shared what they learn about their peers.

It was amazing to see how much closer they become!


Crans Montana

This weekend we went to Crans Montana . We did so many activities such as sky or snowboard in the mornings and Saturday night the boarders enjoy a hot chocolate outside and they can enjoy it close to the fire.

Well-being Tutorial , Internationalism.

This week in our Wellbeing session we focused on Internationalism, Do our students have friends of other nationalities.

Our ‘RISE’ values of Respect, Internationalism, Spirit and Excellence, are at the heart of everything we do, bringing together more than 110 nationalities and cultures to create one family, our Collége du Léman Family !