House Rep and House Captain

In our boarding houses, we have a House rep and House Captain to support their fellow students and give them a voice if they feel they have something they want to share. Two of our students came upfront and volunteered to take on these roles. Both of them will be a role-model to our community and we feel they are capable of this and more 🙂 Allow us to introduce them to you…


Paria Jowkar

Paria was house captain last year. As an experienced and returning student, she will lead by example and give voice to our girls in front of the whole community. She presented her candidature in the form of a poem which warmed our spirits and demonstrated her amazing use of words. We knew right away she would be perfect for this role!


Manuela Kapose

Manuela is a new student at school, but since the first day her warm and caring personality has brought her many friends and made her a support for those around her. We believe she will be a great leader for our girls.

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