Sweet summer holidays !

After loads of packing and cleaning, our lovely house of Old Portena will soon be closed for the summer…

Thank you to all of our girls for an amazing year full of memories and love ! Thank you also to the parents, agents, all the CDL team, for making this year so enjoyable.

We wish you all a beautiful summer holiday.

We will be back soon, and we can’t wait to see our girls again and meet our new girls. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the summer !



As it’s the last weekend of the school year, it is a good time to reminisce of everything that has happened in Old Portena since August. So many beautiful memories to cherish while getting ready for this last weekend before the great summer holidays !

Something’s cooking !

In Old Portena, a lot of our girls like to get creative in the kitchen. You will often smell some ramen, eggs, bread, some vegetables, etc. being cooked !

Today, our girl Yustyna decided to make dango, and make a video out of it. She also helped me making the crêpes and showed of her amazing flipping skills ! See for yourself, she can even double-flip !

Preparation : check


Both the crêpes and the dangos turned out amazing of course !

Crêpes : almost done

Hard work to success !

This Saturday, despite the heatwave, our girl Chihana and her amazing team had a veeeeery long day at their football tournament with 14 teams in Bern… 7 matches in one day !

And guess what ?

They got second place ! It was a long, exhausting, but fun day for them. We are so proud of Chihana, and her team of course, well done !

End of exams!

What best idea than jumping in the pool after a long tiring day of exams?

Today we enjoyed the Concha garden pool with our friends, in this heat, the best thing to do is to get in the water!

End of year event!

The year is coming to an end and even though our girls are fully focused on their exams, we got some time today to enjoy the lovely weather in our beautiful Concha garden.
Please see attached some amazing pictures full of smiles.
What a nice way to release some stress!

Our star on the road!

Out football star, Chihana, got the opportunity to travel to Barcelona to play in an International tournament to represent Switzerland with her team, USTS.

They are trying their best to qualify!!

One extra day of fun!!

Monday was a bank holiday here in Switzerland and we did not have school, therefore we used the opportunity to enjoy a little fair in Lausanne. It was great fun and the weather again was incredible.

It’s not over yet

It might be Sunday evening, but the weekend is not over yet ! Nevertheless, let’s have a look at what our girls have been doing these last two days.

A super fun activity made its’ appearance on Saturday : wakeboarding. Perfect in this sunny and hot weather ! An exciting opportunity to say the least.



Our girls also had the opportunity to cook some delicious cupcakes, or go horseback riding, chess, biking, baking, etc. A lot of things to choose from !


The process…

The result ! Miam.










Tomorrow, our girls will be out for the afternoon at Lausanne’s fair : Luna Park. Enjoy it !