Weekend activities in Old Portena

Another weekend, another list of activities for the girls to choose from! On Saturday, Chisa, Isabella and Anna went to cooking while Amy and Lily played tennis. It was also a warm and sunny day, so in the afternoon we ventured out to Geneva to enjoy the city and do some shopping! Sunday was a more chill day, starting with our yummy brunch and the girls doing activities such as Body shaping and Stretch & Relaxation. And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without crêpes and cookies for a treat!

Meanwhile, Mia, Ashley, Vladi and Ran went on a trip to sunny Spain to visit Madrid with other boarders. It’s certainly a great way to spend the weekend! Let’s take a look at some photos from the past few days below:

Chasing the ball in tennis

Preparing spaghetti in cooking class

Shop till we drop!

Sunday brunch options

A variety of sweets to choose from

A Sunday staple in Old Portena: crêpes

Vladi, Mia, Ran and Ashley in Madrid with other boarders

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