Student Led Conferences

Today was a special, and a little bit stressful day… Indeed, our girls had their student-led conferences ! For this, they had to present their REACH portfolio, explaining how they achieved their goals this year.

Throughout the year, the girls have done their best to be responsible, eco-friendly, active, creative and healthy, and this conference was the opportunity for them to show to their teachers and houseparents, how they have managed to achieve REACH goals.

This presentation was a little bit nerve-wrecking for our girls, but they all did an amazing job !

Anna getting ready for her presentation

Stella explained to us how she takes responsibility for her pet’s wellbeing

A colourful portfolio by Mia !

Kelly, ready to start her presentation !

Cute cats to relax the atmosphere, well thought Lily !

Our one and only house captain, Ashley !

Chihana has had many responsibilities this year, between all her activities and life as a boarder.

Chisa’s colourful presentation

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