Singaporean International Dinner

Wednesdays as always is International Dinner and today we enjoyed Singaporean cuisine: noodles with chicken skewers. We’ve also been lucky to have warm, sunny weather the past few weeks, so every Wednesday we embrace the fresh air and eat outside!

A Sunny June Weekend

Our warm and sunny weekend started off with a delicious dinner in the house on Friday! Miss Maral and Miss Cristina cooked for all the girls and we all enjoyed a yummy chicken burger, cakes and snacks!

And as usual on Saturday and Sunday the day was full of activities for the girls. Cooking, tennis, banana boat and a trip to Aquaparc was in the cards for all.

Aquaparc in particular was the highlight, and everyone enjoyed swimming and all the water slides!

Meanwhile, Stella had the opportunity to go tandem paragliding over Lake Geneva. It was an amazing experience and she was really happy that she was able to go!


Vienna Trip

Over the 4 day long weekend, several of the girls jetted off to Vienna. They spent an exciting few days exploring this charming and artistic city with other boarders! They visited museums, castles and ate delicious food such as wiener schnitzel and apfelstrudel. They all had a nice time, as you can see from the photos below!

Lunch in the House!

Today there is no school due to the long weekend holiday, and with most of the girls away on a trip to Vienna, Miss Cindy took this opportunity to cook lunch for those who are left in the house.

She prepared pasta carbonara, so creamy, rich and yummy! And of course there is always room for dessert. This time we had brownies with a raspberry coulis to accompany it. Just the perfect plate of sweetness to finish off our delicious meal. Everyone really enjoyed it! Thank you Miss Cindy!


Boarding Assembly and evening activities

Yesterday evening we had our monthly boarding assembly, where Isabella and Kelly got to play Habanera on the cello in front of the boarding community. We are proud of you girls, very well done!

The final Pillar of our Well-being Program was also launched yesterday during the assembly. This time the topic is “Making Safe and Responsible Choices”. This is an extremely important topic, especially as students grow older. Teenagers are surrounded by many influences both online and in real life. There is much temptation and it’s important they develop their own strong healthy morals and ideals. Through the next weeks, we will ask students to explore an area of interest relating to this pillar through a podcast or other research.

After the assembly and eating an international cuisine of Lebanese food for dinner, some of the girls headed out to Olympus to play some sports! Being active is always important!

Weekend activities in Old Portena

Another weekend, another list of activities for the girls to choose from! On Saturday, Chisa, Isabella and Anna went to cooking while Amy and Lily played tennis. It was also a warm and sunny day, so in the afternoon we ventured out to Geneva to enjoy the city and do some shopping! Sunday was a more chill day, starting with our yummy brunch and the girls doing activities such as Body shaping and Stretch & Relaxation. And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without crêpes and cookies for a treat!

Meanwhile, Mia, Ashley, Vladi and Ran went on a trip to sunny Spain to visit Madrid with other boarders. It’s certainly a great way to spend the weekend! Let’s take a look at some photos from the past few days below:

Chasing the ball in tennis

Preparing spaghetti in cooking class

Shop till we drop!

Sunday brunch options

A variety of sweets to choose from

A Sunday staple in Old Portena: crêpes

Vladi, Mia, Ran and Ashley in Madrid with other boarders

Birthday Celebrations and International Dinner

This week in Old Portena, we celebrated two of our girls’ birthdays. It was very nice and fun gathering together with friends to celebrate their special day! Happy birthday Amy and Kelly!

And as usual for our International Dinner this week, we had a taste of other counties cuisine. This time we had a Chinese evening, and it went down a treat! The girls enjoyed it!



Pre-Holiday Party

With the Easter break coming up, and the girls going away on holiday for 2 weeks, we decided to gather together one last time tonight to have a party!

Snacks, chats and a good time before the break is always a good idea!