Weekend activities

The girls were busy this weekend and took part in activities such as cooking, tennis, golf, baking, chess, body shaping and also an outing to Geneva!

Ran and Mia are pleased with what they made in cooking class

Chihana keeping focused in chess club

Ran and Kotoka walking the streets of Geneva

Vladi trying her hand at golf

Mia, Anna and Stella in baking club

Stella and Anna with their finished product


House Competition

The boarding house competition has begun, and it started with the sports competition!

Everyone participated in sports games such as three legged race, tug of war, musical chairs, baskets, ping pong race and badminton shooting. Well done girls for the great team spirit you displayed!

A busy afternoon!

Today we had our first Monthly Boarding Assembly, followed by a welcome dinner where the girls enjoyed a delicious meal. Afterwards Ms Maral made crepes for the girls as a treat for our first House Meeting. Thank you Ms Maral!