End of Year Party

We had lots of fun at the End of Year Party today, where everyone all gathered in Concha for one last big hurrah before the holidays. We played in the pool, slides, water activities, foam party and many more!

A Special Dinner in Old Portena

The academic year is drawing to a close, and to celebrate, we decided to host a special dinner in the house yesterday. We had a nice meal together in the garden and we ate chicken tacos, nachos and ice cream.

It was a moment to reflect on the past year, to celebrate our achievements, bond with friends and savour the sweet taste of freedom just around the corner!

It was a special evening and we enjoyed it!

A Lovely Weekend in June

After a busy week studying, the girls took some time during this past weekend to have fun with their friends. Indeed, we spent some lovely time playing games all together such as The Werewolf and card games and did some nice activities.

On Saturday, we went to Nyon to watch Annie Jr, a play organized by Collège du Léman with its amazing students. The girls genuinely appreciated it.
After the show we had some free time in town where we explored the city by the lake and had one of best ice-creams of the Town.
During the weekend the girls also went to do Tennis, Climbing and Cooking.

We ended the weekend as usual with some crepes and Sunday evening was the time to get back to school routine, the girls studied and were ready to start a new week.

Go Karting Adventure!

The girls joined in some mid-week fun yesterday by going karting in nearby France. They took to the tracks to navigate the twists and turns and had so much fun doing so! Thank you to Ms Perrine and Ms Iola for organising this event!

MADS Charity Concert

This evening Isabella and Anne performed in a lovely concert in aid of MADS. Isabella played a cello solo, and she also played a cello and violin duet with Anne.

The aim of MADS is to increase student awareness on mostly local, but also global issues, both humanitarian and environmental, and to raise funds to help alleviate these problems.

Well done girls on participating for a good cause!

Performing Arts Evening

It was a fantastic evening last night in the Eiger auditorium where Layla performed in the Performing Arts concert.

The evening featured snapshots of excellence in the Performing Arts from across divisions at CDL including soloist, the orchestra, rock band and chamber groups.

Well done Layla!