General Knowledge Super Finals

Today I was selected for the General Knowledge Super Final in front of all the G8’s. We lost miserably, losing 36-20, (because we didn’t know that Spock’s blood was green!) We played against six teachers including Mr Gilbert. However, out of the goodness of their hearts, the teachers allowed us to have the trophies, because we are all champions in our own way! 🙂


Prize Trip to Lake Garda

I was one of the lucky people to have won the prize for taking part in the most amount of activities over the past year. I won a trip to Lake Garda with ten other students for the long Ascension weekend. On Saturday we toured Isola de la Garda which was stunning. Then in the afternoon we went to the amazing theme park, Gardaland, and went on the super scary rides which were very fun! Later that evening we went to swim in the lake before having a very nice dinner. Thank you to Diego for organising this amazing event and Salva and Joanne for taking us with our bus driver Antonio. Louise Jones



Happy Valentine’s Day!

After school on Wednesday we were allowed to invite our day student friends to the boarding house to get our dresses and makeup on for the dance. The dance was good fun and good music. Then during breakfast on Friday we all got a Valentine’s rose from the Boarding Committee that we all took to school. Then in school, some of our friends got even more roses from the ‘someone special in their lives’! Our house is full of roses! Louise J




Wednesday House Meeting

Every wednesday, we have house meeting from 17:30 to 18:30. To begin with one or two girls do a show and tell, then, when I return from house rep. meeting, I explain what is new and the weekend program.


French Dinner

Last night we had a scrumptious French dinner and Mr Theze and lots of other staff from school served us which was really nice. Mr Theze also made some really nice dessert for us. It was delicious!