Old Portena Memory Books

Over the past year, Old Portena have made wonderful memories with friends and taken part in so many activities, that we have enough photos to fill up our Memory Books! The girls will be able to keep these books forever to remember our special year together! We are looking forward to seeing the finished books next week!

Wellbeing Happiness Project

This week the Old Portena ladies took time to think of someone that had been truly inspirational in their lives, and they wrote a letter of gratitude thanking them for all the ways that they had made a difference. Soon afterwards, the girls sent these special messages to the person that they had in mind via photos of their letters, phone calls, and emails. Many families, members of staff, and friends were contacted throughout the evening. These tokens of appreciation brought much love and true happiness to both people involved. It was a special evening as we heard of the truly inspirational ways that people can make a difference in another person’s life, and of the power that a grateful heart has towards everyone’s happiness.

Etiquette, Manners and Grace.

This week we began our new project on etiquette and manners. The focus in our meeting last night was on the importance of greeting people correctly.

The girls enjoyed the role-plays and we hope to provide them with some life skills which they can use with confidence and grace.