Basketball match

Finally Old Portena confronted Champ des Bois once again in Olympus 😉 Old Portena was not successful this time in terms of score, but what a great time we had! The pictures speak for themselves.

We are coming for you CDB!


We’re always happy when it’s the weekend and we see the girls doing a lot of fun activities. Luciana went to the climbing accompanied by some boys from other houses. She showed she was really strong and climbed many difficult walls, always to the top! 😀
Sally and Kylie went to the Dinosaur expo in Geneva. Luckily they went after the Dinosaurs’ lunchtime and didn’t get eaten by any of them! ;p
The rest of our girls went cooking, enjoyed some time outside in the sun and did some groceries in their beloved Coop! 😀

What makes a Good Friendship?

After two weeks of working around the wellbeing pillar: Healthy relationships  – What makes a Good Friendship, we wrapped it up today.
Every girl defined for herself what a good friend makes. Afterwards, they read them out loud and they gathered all of them on paper which we hang up in the house  😀

Virtual Assembly

Today we had our monthly assembly for February, online! The discussion for the day was the impact of charity and we concluded our pillar on friendship and healthy relationships ☺️

Pizza night!

Today we had a lovely house dinner with our girls and enjoyed some slices of pizza 😁 music, ice tea and some good mood for the last hours before our ski weekend! Thanks to our kitchen staff for working so hard on this.