Old Portena’s healthy eating

Healthy eating is one of our main points of focus for this year, but eating healthy doesn’t mean not enjoying what we eat. Today Miss Cristina made us a delicious apple cake with cinnamon and dates. Dates are an amazing natural sweetener, full of nutrients and good energy 🙂 The girls definitely approved!



Disney Land Paris


This weekend we had an amazing experience in DisneyLand Paris. Our girls could enjoy the time with their friends and get to know some other Boarding students from different Houses.

What a magic place to spend a sunny weekend!

Wellbeing in Versoix

We don’t need to do great things in order to improve our wellbeing, sometimes the simple things like a walk or making healthier snack choices can have a big impact! Some of our girls stayed closer to school and tried this at the local supermarket. They were all encouraged to make at least one healthy choice in their weekly shopping and these are some of the results.