Wellbeing Pillar 1 – concluding phase

This week we concluded the first pillar of our wellbeing program. NurturingHealth bodies and healthy minds.

These were the two take away points of this pillar:

  1. Discover how we can use sport and our hobbies to maintain a healthy mental balance
  2. The importance of a healthy balanced diet

We asked our girl a  key question: How have my friends helped me in achieving a healthy balanced lifestyle regarding nutrition and physical activity? And these were the main answers:

Also, as part of our wellbeing program, we decided to create a “grateful” poster and this month, starting today we will be writing what we are grateful for, first was Mia.


Weekend activities

The girls were busy this weekend and took part in activities such as cooking, tennis, golf, baking, chess, body shaping and also an outing to Geneva!

Ran and Mia are pleased with what they made in cooking class

Chihana keeping focused in chess club

Ran and Kotoka walking the streets of Geneva

Vladi trying her hand at golf

Mia, Anna and Stella in baking club

Stella and Anna with their finished product


Slam Dunk !

Our girls played a basketball match against the girls from Villa du Lac on Thursday night. We didn’t win but our girls gave it their all, a lot of them participated and they showed good sportsmanship ! Maryam is our big scorer of the night, but there was also a good team work between everyone.

Well done girls !