Castles, Sports & Tests 🏰🎾♟️


A group of students visited the Chateau de Chillon near Montreux at Lac Leman. They also had a blast touring this old castle as well as learning lots of interesting facts about the castle.

Iyowuna and Guanchen during the guided visit at the Castle. 

Boris having a blast at the rock climbing gym during the weekend. Although he is doing healthy things like cardio. He had a lot of fun climbing up and down the walls of the gym.

Ilya can be seen here playing indoor tennis with some other people in our house like Victor. 

Victor is seen here taking a break to pose for the photo. He worked really hard and had a fun time. Although it is indoors (which kept the cold out), they were still able to play some good games of tennis and had fun

Here we can see a chess tournament in mid progress. On the far left it is Hamza watching the game between the 2 competitors. Arsenii wins this game against Rayan moving him further into the tournament. Some really strategic moves were made by him to make him successful in this match.

Vladimir took his SAT exam over the weekend. He studied very hard for this test, which should help him achieve a great result. WELL DONE VLADIMIR!

Nigel D.

Cold outside, warm inside ! ❄️🏡🔥

Alas, the cold has arrived in Geneva, almost overnight. But we have had a wonderful weekend and are staying warm with friends and activities aplenty.

On the occasion of Anuar’s birthday, the boys from Olympus gathered in a warm celebration for their dear friend.


Our very own Arsenii and Mirsadi with their peers from Leman 2.


Iyowuna aiming for the perfect shot !

A rather blurry shot, but the only evidence of our wonderful bike ride with Aoto, Ryunosuke, Hamza, Hanwen, Arsenii and Mr Rodrigo. The stellar picture courtesy of Mr George !

The Climb to Mt Olympus 🗻🏃

Mr Tom’s handcrafted Mount Olympus is finally up ! This will keep track of the house competition between grades, to inspire them to reach the top ! Grade 12 (Dionysus) and Grade 11 (Ares) Grade 10 (Apollo) and Grade 9 (Hades) are up for the glory at the top. At the moment Grade 12, Dionsyus, is leading by 210 points. Where will the next months take us ? Keep up with the competition on the blog right here !

Olympus shatters the competition !! ⚽️ 🏀 🏆

The basketball game against the house of Leman was a triumph for Olympus. We doubled the competition in score ! Well done, boys.

Our team had some outstanding players, including Toma, Nigel, Waleed and Karim. We couldn’t have done it without them !

We played the house of Concha in a friendly game of football. We are happy to report we once again demolished the competition !!

We had to play on a particularly rainy evening, but everyone was quick to dry up when the game was over.

We couldn’t have won against the house of Concha without the stellar performance of Aoto, Ryunosuke, Marnix, Karim, Francisco, Omar and Max. Standing ovation for our winning players !

The NBA in Leman 🏀👋

Karim and Nigel listening attentively to the basketball coach


Waleed going for a great shot !

Karim pausing for a team meeting

Waleed and Nigel playing defense

Toma bonding with his teammates

Nigel and Karim waiting to practice their shots

The entire LA Lakers team, among them our very own Waleed, Nigel and Karim. Team spirit !!

Weekend full of fun !! 🏁 🚩

Boris and Hamza all set to be pulled around the lake

Hamza sitting back giving his forearms a rest from holding onto the donut

Smiles all around


Ivan ready for the zip line at the accrobranche. Also being a great role model and following the guidelines on wearing the mask


First In-House competition. Making/flying paper planes.

It was the Hades God’s who’s plane, when put into use flew backwards. Good team effort though

It was the Gods from Apollo, who’s plane came second in the competition. Also very cool design.

The Ares gods who’s plane flew, but seemed to be a bit on the light side to be in the running with the Apollo or Dionysus gods


Dionysus Gods who mastered the design of their plane and came out the winners(WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM YOUTUBE) , our first house competition. Earning themselves 50 points.

Azeri Airlines, Captain Omar and Nico will be your pilots for the day.

Chocks away chaps

An extra 200 points for the god to make it through door of high school, unfortunately no one even came close.



House Competition

On Wednesday we had our first house competition. Each grade in the house gave themselves a name of a Greek god to climb mount Olympus. The challenge was to build a paper airplane and see which one flew the furthest off the balcony. Good looking planes boys!!!

Azeri airlines

Ready for take off captain!!

An extra 200 points for the god to make it through door of high school

Hades gods making their plane which unfortunately seemed a little light and flew the least.

Apollo gods making their plane which flew right into second place!!

Ares gods making there plane which just landed short and finished in 3rd place

Dionysus gods making the plane which came out on top putting them in the lead to reach the top of mount Olympus!!

Climb that Mountain Boys

The mount Olympus Board is almost ready to take its place in the House. The 4 House teams will compete to reach the top of Mt Olympus to receive a prize. At the minute the grade 9 are way in the lead, but there is still time.