Well-being in Olympus… Pillar 2, Respecting Diversity and protecting against Bullying

This week the Boys in Olympus began their exploration of the second pillar in our Well-being program. Over the coming weeks we will explore, discuss and educate each other on the topic of Respecting Diversity and we will look at methods and examples of ways we can protect ourselves from Online Bullying.

For this Second Pillar the boys will again choose an individual project for them to complete, some of the boys have already started to research and educate them on the topic of Diversity. Some of the boys decided to listen to podcasts weekly the learn more. Each of the boys will be helped to choose a project to help them grow emotionally.

Happy Birthday Iyowuna!!

¨The boys got together this evening to celebrate the Birthday of Iyowana, We all had a good sing song and shared some cake.

Chocolate and Cherry Cake is everyone’s favorite in Olympus.

Thursdays are Busy in Olympus!!!



 Tonight the Grade 12 boys explored the second pillar in our well being program, Respecting Diversity and protecting against Bullying. The boys discussed the meaning of Diversity and we explored the many differences to all people and the dangers of opinion being confused for fact. The boys also performed a small activity where they spoke of the similarities and difference that each student could see in one another, and showing how we all see and prioritize are views differently.


Charles showing Mr Rodrigo how to play table football.

As we are currently restricted to within House activities, the boys took advantage of the empty football pitch and got together for some in house competition.


Welcome back!!


We had our first all house meeting of the new term. We discussed the new and updated Covid regulations here in Switzerland. We also discussed the start of pillar 2 of our Wellbeing program. In pillar 2 we will cover Respecting Diversity and Protecting Against Bullying.


Arsneii carving out the pumpkin for the house competition tomorrow.


Finished product. The pumpkin is also taking the Covid regulations seriously here in the house.


Max cooking himself some tea. Max loves spending time in the kitchen and trying out new recipes.

Happy Holidays Boys!!!



As the October break now begins, with such an uncertain start to the school year, I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Holiday and a relaxing week with your Families. Plans have changed and everyone has been affected in one way or another, but the boys in the house have been positive and motivated throughout this first term. Well done boys, we look forward to welcoming you back next week.

Our Big Charity Day: Fun, Wellbeing, for a good cause! 👌😍

And our big charity day has come ! We cycled for 270+ km as a group in order to raise funds for WORLD BIKE RELIEF, an Ngo that provides bicycles to communities in Africa in need of easy and affordable transportation. Furthermore, it was an activity that promoted health and exercise for our students, one of the pillars of Wellbeing here at CDL. What a well-rounded day. What a joy to participate. Thanks to our wonderful Mr. Tom for making this happen.

If you are reading this, you can still contribute !  Our boys cycled very hard today. https://join.worldbicyclerelief.org/Olympuscycles/challenge


Arsenii rose the earliest for his turn, and beat the student record of 30 minutes on the bike: 17.8 kilometers ! He is quite proud of his achievement.


Our house tutor Mr Rodrigo was next, quickly getting into the top 4. Quite an accomplishment for 8.30 in the morning !!!


Later this morning, Ilya M. rode the bike to a technical inconvenience — the chain fell off! We fixed it immediately , but Ilya had lost some steam. Never took his mask off; a genuinely responsible young adult.


Fran rode to some excellent results, and on the day of his very birthday ! We are very proud of Fran.


Ryunosuke rides as Said watches on. He did quite well, slipping into the top 5. Well done, Ryunosuke.


Toma tries his own thirty minutes… apparently in a coat! It looks like he has recovered from being unwell and is ready for some serious exercise.


Albion rides solo! Eyes on the prize: getting into the top 10.


And who is this impromptu boarder ! Mr Usher showed support for our charity project by riding a few minutes. Cycling is not his strength, but he was a great sport.

Akihiro did well… being assisted by Mr Usher and Mr Xavier! It was great to see so many of our boys participate, even if cycling is not their cup of tea. It was for a good cause, after all.



Here she is: the ride report for the sum total of participants today. Excellent work, boys. Expect this again next year — better and revamped ! Thanks again to Mr Tom, Mr Xavier & Mr Rodrigo for overseeing today’s activity. We are still waiting to see Mr Tom’s results !!

The Ride before the Big Day….! 🚲 🚲 🚲 🔥

And so the day before our big bike challenge, some of our boy ventured into the woods to timber.. I mean, limber up! Bike, bike, bike, boys! Don’t let the rain or shine stop you.

Mr George with our very own Hanwen, Tony, Ryunosuke and Aoto. Shiny happy people. Picture credits to Mr Rodrigo.


Arsenii rides a long and winding road. He’s got a ticket to ride !


This happened to be the group with the longer bike journey, some 16 km. Hamza and David did not disappoint ! A little less conversation, a little more action.

Tour de Olympus…. for charity. Stage 1 ! 🚲 💪

And we have finally set up our community service project: cycling as much as possible, raising funds for World Bicycle Relief, an NGO that takes bicycles to under developed populations in Africa in need of easy long-distance transport. Watch the boys cycle for a good cause !

Francisco was our brave first cyclist, he didn’t even break a sweat ! A modern day Hercules


Albion was our second next hero. An Achilles without the pesky foot !!


Boris cycled quite fast in such a short span. Getting too close to the sun aren’t you Daedalus !!


Max struggled quite a lot after his 2 minutes on the bike. Looks like our Odysseus needs some more training before reaching Ithaca.


Iyewona proves that slow and steady… is sometimes only slow and steady. Careful Pheidippides will speed past you , blink and you’ll miss it !


A Room With A View, 2020.


Panorama of our very own Mt Olympus. Even the heroes of ancient Greece need a well deserved break. Well done, boys !

Chess Mate!

The chess competition is now well underway, with students meeting every Monday at 7.30pm to play.

Max is the self appointed oversea-er of the games, looking out for any wrong moves.