Mr Ronan against all odds ! !

The boys play a few games of badminton and pool against Mr Ronan. It’s a slice of wellbeing!

Aoto and Mr Ronan face each other on the court

And it’s a point for Aoto !

Boris and Albion play Mr Ronan at pool. Boris debuts his 90s bleached looks. It’s the talk of the boarding town.

It’s a win for Boris !

Its the Well-Being Wall!!

This is the Wall of Diversity in Olympus. As you enter Olympus you are now greeted by a wall celebrating the diverse Countries and Cultures we have within our Boarding House. The boys have each made posters to represent each of their countries and have been adding flags and items over the weeks that best represent their countries.

Omar, Karim, Boris, Aoto and Nihad create the posters for the presentations on their respective countries. Model UN!

Mr Rodrigo oversees the process of poster making. We discussed American foreign policy in light of Nigel’s poster, as he is from California.

Happy Birthday Mirsadi

Happy Birthday Mirsadi……today we celebrated Mirsadi’s 17th birthday.

Mirsadi celebrated with a delivery of Homemade cupcakes for all the boys in the House.

The House all come together to sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy

Can you riddle me this: What rhymes with agreeing❓

It’s Wellbeing! Thursday at Olympus is a round of the Pillars for grade 12 with Mr Tom and grade 9 with Mr Rodrigo. Agreeing could almost be a synonym for diversity: we agree to respect each other despite our differences. After their respective activities, we had a planner check with our students. Hands up and show us your homework! It’s the planner police. We hope they haven’t been too busy watching The Crown to write down their homework…!

Mr Tom prepared an activity revolving around a Kahoot quiz with the group of grade 12. It gets the debate starting around questions of diversity and the boys’ wellbeing. The boys are on their phones in order to play the quiz.

Mr Tom unveils the results of the Kahoot. Wide grins !

At the end of Mr Rodrigo’s activity everyone got their planners out. Some have used them quite a lot.

And that’s a wrap! Planners back in their schoolbags and boys back in their rooms ready for bedtime. It’s the remains of the day.



Olympus has Fallen…. the Big Jenga edition 😂 💯

Wednesday evening means house meeting. We gather around Tom, as if the warm hearth, and he gives us the good and ill news. For this occasion we discussed our new system of house points…. a healthy dose of competition does wonders to the boys’ well-beings. Wednesday brings as well another nugget of joy: the house competition. On this evening we had a boy of each grade represent their group at jenga. Watch the pieces of Olympus come crashing down: things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.

A grand panoramic of the house meeting. Revel at the enormous common area…!

Mr Tom shared his presentation with all the key points of the evening. Courtesy of Prezi.

We watched a video about knitting for charity. Tis the time to be charitable! Twas the Night before Christmas…..

Boris goes for…. what might it be?

It’s 50 house points! Boris is boarder of the week.

Mirsadi unveils the night’s challenge. Ilya watches in awe. The stars are aligned ! May the odds ever be in your favour.

Gabriel smiles at the camera’s candid eye. Ilya attempts his chance at success. Referees take pictures and encourage the players. They surround the almighty Jenga tower. Babel can shrink in comparison.

Mr Ronan is responsible for this great low perspective shot. Mirsadi tries his best at balance. Said watches on, probably hoping for it all to come crumbling down!


All victorious on the Western Front: Sasha smiles at his victory, Ilya stands proud as second in the game. The flag of Switzerland watches us always!


And an update on our house points mountain board. Mr Tom has enabled a system of magnets to slide the figures up and down hill. Grade 12 are back in the lead ! See you next for more competition, and Wellbeing. It’s a good night from us ! Over and out.

Determination and Discipline; excellent ingredients for the Well-being of our students.

It’s a pleasure to share so many moments with Boris. Every weekend, Boris delights us not only with his company but also with details of his culture and family.

This weekend he shared with us a Kiwi cake recipe.

He followed step by step his mother instructions.

And his cake represented Olympus house at the Bake Off competition. We are still awaiting for the results, however the cake tastes incredible. yummy!


We also admire the discipline and determination that Boris has with his physical condition as he trains almost daily.

And what can we say about his companionship and solidarity with the little ones. Very happy to have you with us Boris.

Tour du Canton

Mr Rodrigo and Mr George, from the house of Léman ,took the biking group into the canton of Vaud. Sounds like a far away idea but in fact… it is only a 5 minute bike ride away ! However the rules change from one canton to the other: in that of Geneva we had to be split into two groups, whilst in Vaud we could rejoin as a group of nine. Borders — what are they good for?

Aoto and Ryunosuke somewhere in the frontier between Geneve and Vaud


A pause on the way


Just… a scene of Wellbeing


A candid picture on our return to CDL