Welcome Back !

We are very happy to reopen the doors of the Olympus boarding house. Although, we have not been completely closed as some of our boarders have been enjoying the ski week  during this February break and have stayed on campus.

We hope you all had a comforting break and those of you who spent time with your families, we hope you enjoyed it.

We look forward to continuing our experiences this year 2020/2021 and to seeing you back during this arrivals weekend.

Final House meeting before the break

Mr.Tom welcoming Imanali into the house.

Said was one of three boarder of the week. Said showed great maturity along with Gabriel and Mirsadi this week. Said pulled out 50 house points for Grade 9

Mirsadi pulled out 75 house points for Grade 11

Gabriel pulled out 75 house points for Grade 11


Ilya hosted the house competition tonight where Grade 10 came out victorious


Friendship keeps us Well-Beings!

As Pillar 3 now comes to an end we look back across the topic of friendship and what the House has been focusing on over the past 5 weeks. We have explored the topics of peer pressure and personal experiences of this. We have looked at the impacts of toxic friendships and how to avoid them, and also the differences between encouraging and pressuring. This has been a fantastic pillar that the boys have all shown great maturity while taking part. We all hope as a House the boys can learn from this and take these experiences on with them, as they move forward in CDL and there young lives.


As part of a combined individual project and a House project, each of the guys were asked to take a photo with their friends, and then describe their friends in 3 words on the back of the photo. It was nice to see the common theme of trustworthy and loyalty coming up. The boys also made a Friendship chain with what a friend meant to them written on the rings. The boys did a fantastic job with both of these projects and it is displayed proudly in the House.


Above is an example of Fransico and Vova’s Friendship photos. Vova is the house Prefect and sees Francisco as a trustworthy, respectful and funny. Well done boys, thank you for sharing this with us.

Ski and après-Ski

Today our kids enjoyed the 4th Ski day of the season organized by Collège du Léman and its Camps Department. Today our boys have had an amazing day with a fantastic weather for skiing and snowboarding: sunny , no clouds and lots of fresh snow !

We went to two different places: the advanced group went to La Tzoumaz in the Four Valleys and the Intermediate and Beginner group went to Les Crosets in Ports du Soleil.

Once back home our boys enjoyed a warm and delicious snack after so many hours in the snow.

Chinese New Year 🇨🇳 🏮🎊

Today in CdL we have celebrated a very special day for the Chinese community: The Chinese New Year. In Collège du Léman we want to guarantee, as part of our international environment, that all the different nationalities feel like at home and bring them part of their culture. Of course the Chinese New Year, the year of the Ox, was not going to be an exception.

The School, boarders and boarding staff and specially the kitchen staff have been working very hard to prepare a very special night with a wonderful decoration and a delicious food. All the boys and girls have really appreciated this evening. A big Thank you to all the people involved and Happy New Year to all the Chinese community !!











After this wonderful dinner our boys decided to burn some calories doing some sport. Football first and Volleybal later. Some of them, of course decide to do double session 😀


February Boarding Assembly

This month’s assembly has been mainly focused on closing Pillar 3 of the wellbeing programme which, as you know, has been focused on Building Friendships and managing different situations such as Peer Pressure. We have seen the different projects, both individual and group, that have been carried out at Collège du Léman by our Boarders, all of them very original and we are sure that we have all learnt a lot from them.

We have also seen the Solidarity Project “Change the World Action” carried out by Alex and Emma from Villa du Lac.

Finally, an interview with Loris (Grade 7) where he explained how he manages to combine his studies, where he is getting great grades, with his passion for Basketball where he is also getting great achievements as part of the Geneva Basketball Team, CdL Basketball Team and Versoix Basket.

P.S. Thank you Mr. Salva and Elisa for such a nice start of the assembly and also to Mr. Usher and the girls of Villa du Lac for such a great performance 😉

Its that time again.. Wednesday night is meeting night

A full house tonight

Gabriel receives boarder of the week and pulls out 50 house points for grade 11

Nihad always ready for a quick pic

Ilya provided us with a great game tonight for the house competition where grade 9 came out on top

Their was tension in the air tonight between Feliphe and Marnix. Marnix ended up winning the best of 3 after it going right to a black ball game


Sunday evening Volleyball

This evening she of the boys from the house went down to Olympus gym and had a good game of volleyball. It is becoming the houses wellbeing activity as we play it most evenings now.

Francisco about to serve a bullet, which landed an ace for his team

In these difficult times, its is great for our boys to get together and share these special times. The joy these little house events bring to the boys is apparent when they return to the house and the feeling of team spirit and positivity is clear for all to see after the game. We are very lucky to have these boys and the boys are very lucky to have each other.

Our Student of the week…….. Nico

This Sunday we wanted to highlight some of the amazing work done by one of our students Nihad (Nico) Rustami. Nico has shared some of his drawings with us over the weekend, and his school projects and I am sure you will agree they are very good. Nico has aspirations of being an architect in the future, and he looks to me as if he is on the right path to succeed.

This was another of Nico’s projects from the week, highlighting the times we live in, and the effects of wearing a mask on our perceptions. This is a very powerful project and I think you can agree it is a great piece of artwork.