End of August Weekend Activities

Hello again from the Olympus Boarding House!

The first week is over! And with the first week, the first weekend graces us with clear skies and cool breezes! Perfect weather for dragging ourselves outside and getting the blood flowing with a host of wonderful activities.

On Saturday, a good number of our boys went on the Nature Walk activity to get more acquainted with the rural surroundings of C.D.L, in order to discover the raw nature that steeps even this far down the Swiss mountains and clusters near the foot of the lake.

And speaking of the lake:

Another group of our newer boarders dug themselves out of their comfortable beds and paddled out onto the fine waters of Lake Geneva for our Paddle-Boarding and Kayak activity. Despite a rough start with a lot of regrets about venturing to the cold shores of Geneva’s pride so early, everyone ended up being thrilled with the sweeping mountain breezes, the warm morning sun and the slow, laid-back surf.

For our more sporting boarders, a trip out to play the King’s Game was in order. And we couldn’t have asked for a better morning to Golf. With consistent wind and clear lines of sight, the quiet morning complimented our players focus and led to an exemplary display of driving, novice or not.

Paired with these activities was of course a great deal of relaxation. As the week swings around again tomorrow. But re-energised, everyone at Olympus is looking forwards to tackle the new week feeding into the first days of September.

Wishing everyone the best, from Olympus Boarding House!


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