[RE-UPLOAD] The Happiest Place On Earth, Second Only To Olympus Boarding House

–The Weekend of October the 8th to the 10th, re-uploaded due to accidental deletion/accidental failure to upload–

Disney. Walt Disney. Walter Elias Disney. What man, second to Genghis Kahn could claim a name so ubiquitous. We all know him. We all love what he’s brought into the world. From Mickey Mouse, to Fantasia, to Snow White and The Seven Dwarves to those Dippy Dog cartoons that aren’t as well-remembered but you get the point, we know you know who Walt Disney is and over this weekend, a lucky couple of our boys were afforded the opportunity to journey into the physical manifestation of his work as Disneyland: Paris!


Above, we can see our very own Olympus boys Aoto and Ayu enjoying some sunlit time on the pavilion! Populated -in this autumn air- by some very non-threatening musical phantoms.


But despite some friendly spectres, Ayu has become the subject of a horrifying portrait that somehow retains the charm of someone having a very good time at Disneyland. Something that I think many can relate to.

And what is trawling around an amusement park without some snacks. Good friend of the Boarding House, Carlos can be seen here with Aoto, enjoying their comically large concession snacks to the fullest of their abilities.

All dreams must end. That’s the truth. But how would they be as sweet as they are if they don’t come to an end, some time. We’ll see Walt’s dreams come true once again some time soon, we’re sure of it. But goodbye for now.

Wishing everyone all the best from The Second Happiest Place on Earth.

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