Good Share Day: Cooking with and for Friends

A lot of things change. Our hairstyles, our fashion choices. The media we so enjoy shifts and morphs with every passing year into something different. Change is ironically the thing that really doesn’t. But something that never changes, is the joy in preparing and then sharing a good meal.

Michel, Nihad and Mirsadi all joined forces to prepare some Khinkali dumplings, a favourite in Azerbaijani cuisine and a recipe taught to Nihad by his grandmother.


Three of our boys knuckled down and prepared a favourite of theirs for the pleasure of our boarders and CDL community.

The ‘khinkali’ dumplings are knotted dough sacks stuffed with minced meat, vegetables and spices and then boiled to cook.

Nihad shows off a khinkali that’s ready to be cooked.


Michel fills the sacks with mince and spices and then binds them to seal them when cooking to retain the juices. While Mirsadi flattens and rolls out the dough for Michel. An efficient operation to say the least!


Nihad boils the khinkali to perfection!


And with hard work and dedication, Nihad, Michel and Mirsadi produced enough for the day after! Preserving them in the fridge for later consumption.

Leo enjoys some Khinkalis!


Mr. Xavier is thrilled at the opportunity to share some fine Azerbaijani cooking while Nihad adds the finishing touch to a delicious meal.


Cooking together and eating together. Since the dawn of time. The hottest hearth used to be the centre of our first villages. Where the fire is the warmest, so are the hearts. And if the kitchen in Olympus isn’t our heart, then we don’t know what is.

Boris gets in on the cooking by preparing a juicy pair of steaks for himself and for Mr. Xavier.


We’re proud to say that all of our boarders share food. If there’s somebody cooking on the stove, you bet they’re asking around if there’s anybody who wants some. And there almost always is. We don’t use the smaller pots and pans here at Olympus. Because we’re always ready to share.

Come on by and we’ll be sure to show you we mean business!

Best wishes and appetites from Olympus Boarding House!

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