States of Water: Weekend of the 3rd to the 5th of December 2021

The water cycle. Down from the sky it comes, in great big sheets. Dripping down the mountains and slipping into our soil and our lakes and then back up it goes into the clouds, all to come on back down again. And boy did we feel it this weekend at C.D.L.

It snowed and it rained. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Because we were all out in the rain, you see.

A lovely sight from the Nature Walk activity this weekend! The rivers are full and flowing thanks to the snow and rain over the past few days!

Our boy Tony fights the elements in the Running Club. Battling his way forwards through the deluge for another record-setting lap. We assume. He doesn’t keep track. But he always makes it back to the house sooner and sooner.


It isn’t just nature that controls water’s states of matter. It’s also man. And this weekend, we had the privilege of visiting the skating rink in Vernets! Hockey-rink by day and hockey-rink by night, there’s nothing this hockey-rink can’t do!

And there’s nothing our Olympus boarders and staff can’t do when they put their minds to it!

Mr. Xavier and Murat are out on the slipping gallery! Skating up a storm! Crushing the ice! Dancing the Bladed Mambo! Having a good time!


And as much as it can change, that’s what makes it all so much fun. Because we’re all so often like water. Colder and more resistant, or warmer and letting our spirits float a little more freely than usual.

Either way, it was another successful weekend here at Olympus Boarding House! We sincerely hope yours was as wonderful as ours!

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