A Toast!: Boris cooks up his ‘Guacamole Toast’ for the gang.

You would think the passé Neo-Californian fad of avocado toast wouldn’t even register in a creative mind as cutting edge as Boris’. But this evening, he put his own spin on the dish to serve this evening for Bruno, Kevin and Mr. Jakob (who has provided these photographs).

(left to right) Boris and Bruno dig into the Guac, spreading it on lightly toasted bread for an imitably tangy crunch. The lot complimented by salt and pepper dispensed at ones own discretion. 

The onions were not skimped on. You might want to keep some mints handy but that doesn’t change the fact they make the mellow freshness of the avocado pop like nothing else.

Bruno and the bread.

(left to right, Boris & Bruno) Any and all adventures in the kitchen -no matter how successful- should only ever be capped off with a thorough clean-up. Whoever partakes in the food, must help with this. Judging by how popular Boris’ Guacamole Bread is, we’re done in no time.

As I’ve mentioned before, bringing your own skills to the community is what gives this communal living true meaning. Sharing skills and passions is true partnership and leads only to benefits. It sets the bar for others to match in the fun and growth that comes with sharing and honing skills that prioritise ‘giving’ and ‘sharing’.

Best of the best from The Olympus Boys!

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