Mayday: Weekend 29th of April to 1st of May

Rocketing out of April and into May! Spring is as beautiful as ever.

The running club enjoy the beautiful Sunday morning weather! Including our boy Tony (left)

Aleksei gives Spiderman a run for him money in the acrobatics department on the weekend trip to the climbing hall.

This weekend, the CDL Boy’s Volleyball team faced off against the Goats, our friendly highschool volleyball rivals! In the orange trainers, our very own Nikita goes in for a volley!

After a victorious first set, a disastrous second and an incredibly close third set, our CDL athletes brought us victory and a first second place in the tournament as a whole! A very big Well Done to our boys!

The third set we played turned out incredibly tight with us in a single solitary point lead. An incredible game!

To close out into the afternoon, the community service details cleaned up the CDL campus, joined by our boy Aleksei!

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