Happy Halloween

This evening we had a great Halloween where the students enjoyed some great food, dressed up and went Trick or Treating.

Olympus team ready for trick or treaters



Weekend Fun 😁

Richard enjoyed Bootcamp this morning.

Our best Chess players, Artem and Christiaan challenged on another during Chess Club today.

Aleksei improving his climbing each week during the climbing club.

The sun was out today leaving it perfect for Golf. Adi had a great time!!

Maksim is also getting stronger each week with the climbing club.

This weekend some of the students signed up to visit the beautiful city of Fribourg. They enjoyed some time in city and the local history and art museum.

Louis was fresh and ready for his tennis class Saturday morning.


Pillar 1- Reflective Question

We have now reached the end of Pillar 1.

We focused on the two takeaway points of;

Discovering how we can use sport and our hobbies to maintain a healthy mental balance

The importance of a healthy balanced diet for sports and everyday life

As we reflect back on what we have learnt over this Pillar we asked the boys to think about the following question

How have my Friends Helped me in Achieving a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle?

We asked the boys to think about this and then write down their responses so we could make it into a picture collage.