Pillar 2 – Protecting Against Bullying and Promoting Diversity – Takeaway 2

The 2nd takeaway point for this Pillar is;

Noticing differences is normal but there are many ways to be an ally.

When we first meet someone it is very easy to first focus on the differences – their ethnicity, what they are wearing, how animated they are, their speech, their physicality, their presence etc. We all have an unconscious bias that then forms an unfair first impression. This can be a positive or negative preconception.

It is only when we get to know the person, that we truly understand the similarities between us. Whether that is liking the same music, or sports club, or food or views.

Starting from the basics we are all human, all want to be loved and all want to be treated kindly. We should start with the thought that we should treat others how we wish to be treated, irrelative of first impressions or prejudgements.

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