😋 Journey to Singapore: A Flavorful Experience at Olympus’ International Dinner

The boarding community recently transported its students on a culinary voyage to the vibrant streets of Singapore through their Singapore International Dinner. The event showcased the diverse and tantalizing flavours of Singaporean cuisine, leaving everyone with a memorable dining experience.

The star of the evening was the mouthwatering chicken skewers in the sauce. Tender and marinated to perfection, these skewers were a delightful fusion of flavours. The succulent chicken, paired with a tantalizing sauce, created a harmonious balance of sweet, savoury, and tangy notes that made every bite a burst of culinary delight.

Accompanying the chicken skewers were noodles with green beans, a popular and beloved dish in Singaporean cuisine. The tender noodles, tossed with vibrant green beans, created a delightful medley of textures and flavours. The aromatic spices and sauces added a delectable depth, taking students on a flavorful journey with every mouthful.

To complement the main dishes, students were offered a choice of salads. From refreshing green salads to vibrant potato and potato salad, the options provided a burst of freshness and added a healthy touch to the meal. These salads added a colourful and nutritious element to the dinner, ensuring a well-rounded dining experience for all.

The Singapore International Dinner concluded on a sweet note with a delightful fruit salad. Bursting with the vibrant colours and flavours of tropical fruits, the salad provided a refreshing and light dessert option. The medley of juicy fruits was a perfect ending to the feast, leaving students satisfied and refreshed.

Beyond the culinary experience, the Singapore International Dinner immersed students in the vibrant culture of Singapore. The decorations, music, and ambience transported them to the bustling streets and hawker centres of Singapore, creating an immersive experience that celebrated the country’s rich heritage.

The Singapore International Dinner at Olympus High School offered students a tantalizing taste of the flavours and cultural vibrancy of Singapore. From the succulent chicken skewers and flavorful noodles to the refreshing salads and fruity dessert, every element of the meal was carefully curated to create an authentic experience.

As the evening came to a close, students left with satisfied palates and a deeper appreciation for the diverse culinary world. The Singapore International Dinner not only provided a delicious feast but also fostered cultural understanding and curiosity about the global tapestry of flavours.

Until the next international culinary adventure, let’s continue to explore the world one bite at a time. Bon appétit!

From the Olympus staff team: Gordon, Ronan, Ignacio, Rodrigo, Miguel and David.

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