🚴‍♀️ Boarders and Staff Take on a Charity Challenge for World Bicycle Relief 🏃‍♂️

Hello, Olympus Boarding House community! We are thrilled to share the incredible efforts and achievements of our boarders and staff as they took on a special charity challenge in support of World Bicycle Relief (WBR). With their determination and dedication, they have made a significant impact on the lives of students in the developing world. Let’s dive into the details!

World Bicycle Relief is a remarkable charity that aims to provide bicycles to students in the developing world. These bicycles serve as a practical solution, enabling students to overcome long and arduous journeys to school. By reducing absenteeism and improving accessibility, WBR’s efforts have a transformative effect on the lives of these students. If you are interested in donating money to this initiative, please follow the link: World Bicycle Relief.

In the spirit of supporting WBR and fostering a sense of camaraderie, we challenged our boarders and staff to run a week’s worth of commuting to school for the average recipient of a WBR bike. Additionally, Collège du Léman Athletics department challenged the boarding students to run a week’s worth of commuting to school for the average recipient of a WBR bike. In the time we took to do this as a relay team, Collège du Léman Athletics thought they could cycle all the way around Lac Léman (170 km).

In a thrilling turn of events, the runners emerged victorious in completing their challenge before the cyclists circled Lac Léman. The boarders and staff showcased their determination, teamwork, and commitment to making a difference.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the entire Boarding Community community for their incredible participation and support in this charity challenge. Your dedication and commitment have made a lasting impact on the lives of students in need, empowering them through the gift of bicycles.

We also extend a special thank you to Mr. Rob, who selflessly accompanied each and every one of our runners, ensuring their safety and motivation throughout the challenge. Your guidance and support were invaluable in making this event a resounding success.


Let’s continue to support meaningful causes and embrace opportunities to make a positive difference in the world. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.

Go, Olympus!

From the Olympus staff team: Gordon, Ronan, Ignacio, Rodrigo, Miguel, Rogerio, Roberto and David.


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