R.E.S.P.E.C.T- Find out what it means to us

Continuing our actions on Pillar 2, we at Olympus have taken a closer look at what respect means in our community. We asked each of our boys to share their views on respect. To emphasise the diversity within Olympus, we encouraged them to express themselves in their native languages.

The responses were varied and insightful, reflecting different cultural understandings of respect. We selected a few of these to display in our lobby. This not only highlights the diversity of our group but also offers a glimpse into how respect is perceived differently by each individual.

This initiative is part of our effort to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives within Olympus.

Wellbeing Pillar 2 – Actions!

At CDL, we believe in fostering an environment where every student feels valued and respected. This half-semester, we’ve taken significant steps under the second Pillar of our Well-being Programme, focusing on ‘Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity.’

Celebrating Race and Ethnicity

We kicked off with an insightful challenge centered on Race and Ethnicity. Understanding that diversity is our strength, we asked our boys to explore and celebrate the similarities they share with their roommates. This exercise went beyond mere discussions – students recorded videos and audio clips, sharing their reflections and insights. It was heartening to see how this activity brought them closer, highlighting that beneath the surface, we have more in common than what might separate us.

Addressing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

The following week, we delved into a more sensitive yet equally important topic: sexual orientation and gender identity. Recognising the complexities and personal nature of these subjects, we introduced an innovative approach. Our advocates set up a platform for anonymous inquiries, allowing students to express their doubts, fears, or questions without any embarrassment or judgment. This initiative has been instrumental in fostering an environment of understanding and empathy.

Fostering Inclusivity for People with Disabilities

We turned our focus to inclusivity for people with disabilities. The boys were challenged to think about how they could make our boarding house more accessible for a disabled peer. Their innovative ideas addressed various needs, including enhancements for individuals with reduced mobility, visual impairments, and hearing difficulties. This exercise not only sparked creativity but also deepened our understanding of the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities. It was inspiring to see our students engage so thoughtfully with this important issue.

Smashing the Marmite for l’Escalade

Our students this week took part and celebrated one of Geneva’s most significant days. The night of the 11th of December is an important occasion because it celebrates the successful defence of the city from the Savoyards in 1602. The city defended itself against the warriors climbing up its walls, hence the name “l’Escalade” which means “the climb” in French. The breach of the city started at 4:30 am in the morning of the 12th and men and women went out on the streets with the soldiers and the militia to fight. Smashing a chocolate cauldron is important because it reminds people of the courage of la Mère Royaume who scalded a Savoyard soldier with her pot of soup. The defence ended up successful and we recounted its story together before the oldest and the youngest of our students smashed the cauldron.

We had Andrè who always likes telling us his stories recite the story about l’Escalade, which our students listened to with interest.

“Ainsi périssent les ennemis de la République!”  the oldest and the youngest person in the room, have to say as they smash the cauldron.

Gala of Unity: Unforgettable Moments at the CDL Winter Ball

The CDL Winter Ball, was an evening where the pleasures of a sumptuous feast, the allure of dancing, and the palpable sense of togetherness took centre stage. The night commenced with a delightful dinner that tantalized taste buds and fostered convivial conversations among guests. As the clock ticked, the dance floor beckoned, and attendees embraced the joy of movement, swaying to melodies that echoed unity and celebration. But beyond the culinary delights and rhythmic beats, it was the prevailing spirit of togetherness that truly defined the occasion. Students, faculty, and esteemed guests, amidst the revelry, forged connections weaving a tapestry of camaraderie that illuminated the essence of the CDL community.

CDL Olympus: A Weekend Tapestry of Adventure and Celebration

At CDL Olympus, this weekend was one of excitement and camaraderie as residents dove into an array of activities. Scaling walls during an exhilarating climbing expedition, venturing on a refreshing morning run, and immersing themselves in a cinematic experience set the stage for the pinnacle event: the festive winter ball on Saturday evening. Dressed in their finest, the community transformed the venue into a winter wonderland, dancing and twirling to lively music while forging bonds and creating cherished memories.



Gingerbread House Competition

Our students gave it their all and made a gingerbread house to take part in the boarding competition. It was a challenge as our gingerbread cookies had all been broken by the time we managed to start making them. Yet still they persevered and tried their best to connect all the pieces and make it stand proving that when you try enough everything is possible.

It may not have been the biggest house or the most flamboyant decorated but it shows proudly the student’s efforts and that makes it the best one in our eyes. Congratulations to the Olympus boarders that tried and succeded on making it stand proud.

The Escalade Run

This weekend Geneva was home to the Course of the Escalade, a big event in Geneva. One of our boarders Jamil, had been training the whole school year for it, and he was extremely excited when he ran in it this Sunday. Congrats to Jamil, may his passion for running carry him far in life.

Another weekend full of fun and activities in Olympus


This weekend, as usual, our students engaged in a variety of enjoyable activities. They participated in horse riding, rock climbing, chess, history club, and tennis, all of which were a hit with our boarders. A major highlight was our trip to Montreux, where the students explored the stunning Swiss Riviera city, its festive Christmas market, and its rich musical heritage.

Additionally, two of our students proudly represented our school. One in a fencing tournament and another in the Escalade race.

Christmas concert

Wednesday night was full of Christmas cheer as students and staff alike performed magnificently and sang Christmas songs for the boarding community. Congratulations to all the students who took part in it.