International Dinner: Spanish Dinner

It was unexpected for Olympus guys finding Spanish dinner as the second International Dinner. At the same time, it was a wonderful surprise to find paella and crema catalana.

From which country will the next international dinner be held? Olympus team is curious and ready for the next one.


Poster of the Spanish dinner

Presentation of the dinner and specific information about the ingredients and their quantities in the dishes.

Photo of paella

Photo of crema catalana

House Competition

The highly anticipated Boarding House Competition got off to a flying start today being The Sports Competition!!!!

Well done to ALL the Olympus boys. It was fantastic to see everyone working hard as a team with smiles all round!!

Nikita was on fire scoring lots of points for the House

Nikolai and Jean participated in the musical chairs.

Temur very focused during the egg and spoon race.

Azamat also focused during the race.

Aoto nice and relaxed taking his time.

Lael was on fire scoring all of his shots during the Basketball shooting.

The boys working hard and putting in lots of effort during the tug of war!!

Weekend Fun

Christiaan enjoyed playing Beach Volleyball

Lael and Azamat joined Mr.Rob’s running club. It was a great start to Saturday morning.

Jean had a great time water-skiing. Adi was taking it all in before his turn.

One of Imanali’s photos he took during the photography activity.

Wellbeing Programme

This year we continue with our Wellbeing Programme. Each year this had grown with success as we find the best way to educate the students on these important topics.

The Wellbeing Pillars are;

Healthy Body, Healthy Minds
Respecting Diversity and Protecting Against Bullying
Building Positive Friendships
Online Safety
Making Safe and Responsible Choices

Each Pillar is led by an advocate who has a passion for sharing and guiding us on these topics.


🚀☀️Full Speed into Summer! 🚤💦

We started the weekend on the lake enjoying water activities.

Christian took part on the biking group.

Bruno and Rayan volunteered on Samedi du Partage collecting donations for the poorest.

We closed the weekend with the End of the Year Party at Concha

Our students enjoyed a beautiful afternoon full of games such as Laser Tag

Water war

and many other acrobatics.