Mr. Le Cam’s birthday

Wednesday is usually the day of the weekly house assembly, however, today Olympus had a bit more to celebrate.

In order to mark the occasion of Mr Le Cam’s birthday, the residents of House Olympus did a little collection and brought the best house parent a birthday present!

A very special thank you to Madame Le Cam who put together some tasty treats to mark the occasion.

Rumor has it Mr Le Cam is looking forward to donning his new tie and socks at breakfast tomorrow!

Olympus representing CDL

Earlier today the Olympus boys represented CDL at a regional golf tournament in Neuchatel. They left early in the morning and returned victorious with a first place medal.

Many congratulations to Justin and Yohei for putting on an incredible show.

Another weekend in Paradise

Another weekend in the Olympus House draws to a close.

It was a beautifully sunny late September weekend which allowed for a range of different activities to be undertaken. From tennis, to golf, to the banana boat, to fruit collecting, to badminton – there was a little bit of something for everyone.


On Saturday afternoon we also had some individuals who along with Mr. Le Cam made some chicken wings.


?Chamonix Day Outing and weekend?

There was no school on Thursday due to a local Swiss Holiday so we decided to go up to Chamonix, explore an Ice Cave and have some free time in town. It was a beautiful day and a nice break from School.

We also had a beautiful weekend biking, cooking and golfing!

Meet our Activity Leaders!

We are very lucky to have Jonathan and Miguel every evening from Monday to Friday. They offer great activities such as chess, running, football, dodgeball etc! Welcome and thank you!

Dear all, my name is Miguel Ribeiro. I come from Portugal and I have a degree in Physical Education. I am very energetic and my main passion in life is Sport. I am very happy to have the opportunity to offer various activities here at CDL!

Hello, I am Jonathan and I am French. I studied History and Accounting. I love History because I think it is important to know where we come from to understand our future better. I have been working in schools in France for 5 years and I am very glad to be here at CDL now!