Valeria’s trip to Annecy

On Saturday, Valeria went to Annecy with a few students from other houses. They were very lucky with the weather; it was a beautiful day in one of the most beautiful city of France!

Her smile speaks for itself 🙂

Montreux Christmas Market

This weekend was very busy on Campus with a lot of activities and excursions. Today Etoile went for the day trip to Montreux Christmas Market and the weather was amazing!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…



After Etoile’s show, we had dinner in a sushi restaurant. The girls love Japanese food.

Also, we were so lucky to pass by the art museum and see a beautiful show of lights organized by the city of Geneva.

Etoile’s dance performance

Last night we had the chance to go watch Etoile’s dance performance in Geneva.

Her and her partner created the whole choreography themselves! It was very impressive. We all loved it!

Congratulations Etoile 🙂